Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Summer Jam

Yes People, Boston Does have a summer Jam, and if you listen to Jamn 94.5 you probably tried and had many failed attempts at trying to win tickets. I must admit I tried 3 exact times to win and I didn’t even make it through to the ring tone. So since I wasn’t there I stole some pics from from the Jamn website and posted them here for you reading and watching convenience. I heard Nicki, Drake and Lupe Fiasco (who was not scheduled to be there) and Trey songs really put it down. Luda went last, but I didn’t hear anything fancy about him OH WELL!!

Also on set were: B.O.B, Serani, Sam Adams, Kevin Rudolf, Clinton Sparks, Taio Cruz, and other randoms

No, this one was not as interesting and drama filled like Hot97 (ny) summer jam. But, HEY WYF do you want from us??? you can go on to see video’s and interviews HERE


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