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Sounds like POSTPARTUM Depression

I’m not a doctor but it sounds to me like Jenny for the block is figthing a lil postpartum. If what the “source” is saying is true and Jenny is overly obsessed and stressed out with being a good Mommy then they might need to get her some help or call the Scientology folks to come work their voodoo on her. PPD is not something they want to mess with. having twins is hard enough with out having to worry about a mentally unstable mommy too. Skeletor is really going to need to untuck his balls and help his lady lover.

Jennifer Lopez is seeking constant re-assurance from husband Marc Anthony because she fears she’s failing as a mother.

A source close to the couple tells British magazine Closer, “Jennifer wants to be the perfect mother, but she crumbles if any normal little thing goes wrong. If the twins cry, she thinks it’s because she’s a bad mom, and bursts into tears herself. Marc had to sit her down and make her understand that she’s a good mom and it’s normal for babies to cry.”

The source adds, “Jen is a total perfectionist, and she’s treating motherhood the same way she goes about her career — it’s all or nothing. Marc is concerned that she’s not eating properly or sleeping because she’s obsessed with looking after the twins. If she leaves them with her own mother for a couple of hours to have some time off, she beats herself up about it and feels guilty.
Marc has forced Jen to take some time off and have a massage to unwind, but she even struggled to relax during that. He wants her to stop worrying abut the kind of mother she’s being and just enjoy it.”


Now this is how you….

Smile with your eyes…

Jennifer Lopez is such a FRAUD….

Reality Show: J-Lo and Fam

anything to make a little CASH MONEY…. Who wants to see this weird family in a reality show. I waste enough of my time watching Flavor of Love 1-7 reruns, Why in all of Camelot would i waste my time even channel surfing pass this show. I hope it never airs.
Second it’s almost a remarkable comparison as to how much this picture looks like the actual cover of the magazine. I have to get it out now(or I’ll burst)…Those babies are NOT the beautifulest things in the world (they were cursed with their father’s look). There I said it *WHEW*
pic via circus hour
Jennifer Lopez is about the open her personal life for a new television series on TLC, the cable channel announced Wednesday.

The singer and new mom to twins will co-executive produce, co-create and star in the “docu-series,” which focuses on how Lopez juggles her career — including launching a new fragrance — with motherhood.

“I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting journey together,” said Lopez.

“Jennifer is unbelievably passionate about life and will be an incredible role model for our audience,” TLC President, Angela Shapiro-Mathes said in a statement.

The series is currently in production. No air date has been revealed. -source


Nope Guess Again!!!

Jennifer sweetheart just because your huge doesn’t mean that you should be allowed to rock a satin moomoo out in public….that thing looks like a Puerto Rican window curtain tailored BADLY into a dress.

Did her stylist just about give up? It’s almost over girl….Just hold on or stay in the house. Just don’t make these bad pregnancy fashion moves again…The damn shame is….she was going to a fashion show. So sad, I hang my head and cry.


She looks like Miss Piggy

Now I love to see a glow on a pregnant woman, because I think their big ol’ bellies is fun to rub on but J-Lo…. Not so much those twins are really doing a number on her. She looks like she’s going to pop at any minute. I’m wouldn’t be surprised if one of the babies feet was sticking out of her love box. If that’s the case she ought to see about that.

Damn it looks like it’s hard to breath. I have never been a baby momma so I don’t know what it feels to be pregnant but that ish looks like it hurts. I think i’m going to need for them to put me under and take it out and then wake me up when it’s done and they are clean…ewww!!

Baby mommas UNITE!!


Jenny thinks baby fat is Gross

“She is huge and freaking out. Her face has become really puffy from retaining a lot of water,” a source told international press.
The weight gain is enough to prompt Lopez to put her career on hold until her little one makes an appearance.
“She plans to do a Victoria Beckham now and hibernate for the last few months. You won’t be seeing much of her in public from now on.”-source
I always knew she was a little punk…can’t handle an extra couple of hundred pounds on that already fat azz. Man up Jenny!!

J-Lo and her little family (literally little)

is her face swelling already??

However did the make up on the pregnant chick…needs to be fired. she looks like a powdered donut, and i hate it. Skeletor scares the hell out of me, and Jenny should fair for her child’s well being. in the last picture it looks like he’s trying to squeeze it little jello like skull off.


J-lo lets the cat out the bag

No Duhh really?

“Marc and I are expecting a baby!” the glowing singer announced to a shocked audience.

Just as surprised? Husband (and fellow tour headliner) Marc Anthony, who shrugged his shoulders, caressed his wife’s stomach, then leaned over and kissed her belly. “I didn’t know she was going to talk,” he told the crowd.

“The whole arena went insane,” says one concert-goer. “It was awesome!”

what’s so freaking awesome about it…..unless you are that child who cares. That baby will be the richest Latino in the world. don’t Marc got like 7 of them already, why people always forgetting about their other kids(I could be wrong)


Boston don’t want you anyway

Jennifer Lopez is touring cities from Los Angeles to Miami to promote her latest CD, Brave. But there’s one city where she won’t be performing – Boston! “Jennifer has very bad memories of the city,” a friend tells Star. It’s where [ex-boyfriend] Ben Affleck proposed to her and where Ben is from.” Since their 2004 split, J.Lo and Ben “have not been friends,” adds the pal. “She’s mad that he continues to trash her and their relationship in the media.”

-scooped from celebitchy

This could all be rumors but as a gossip blog it’s my duty to spread truth and lies….and if it’s true, Boston don’t want her anyways, we got to many big things popping around here to have her pregnant a$$ try to play us, cause she can’t get over her ex-boo. Boston don’t have nothing to do with her failed relationship. B!TCH


Three Words….

Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice

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