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Ashanti: "That Good Good"

I doubt it, I’m sure the only good good she has is what she can do with her mouth. I heard her say something about her good good at the BET awards and I wanted to jump through the TV and punch her in the face because nobody knew what the hell she was talking about. Now this broad has a video and i hate it, and i hate the song. The best things that came from this is seeing Nelly and imagining that he was coming home to me for some good good….What the hell is a good good anyway?? I hate it. I going to send Ashanti one of her own death-o-grams…


This is the problem with Kelly

Kelly is too busy fake laughing at all of Beyonce’s Jokes and Kissing her azz that she can’t focus on her own career. Instead of trying to defend Beyonce honor all the time she need to start talking sh!t about her and get her name out there. the entertainment world has no room for the sweet and sensitive you have to be willing to get grimy and do what you have to do. if i were Kelly I would have been like “Hell yea that b!tch is pregnant and that’s the reason her fat azz had to go out and get married” Don’t get me wrong I love me some Kelly but in this world it’s every man for themselves and the Knowles clan continues to prove that.

It’s called survival of the fittest Ms. Kelly

*Kelly Rowland was asked recently to address rampant rumors that Beyonce and her husband Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter are expecting.

“You know what’s funny about this, all three of us (Destiny’s Child members) have been pregnant at one time,” she said, according to WENN. “We were on stage and supposedly we looked pregnant!

“I think that it happens, people say that all the time and there are so many rumors about a wedding, so many rumors about so much stuff that it (Beyonce being pregnant) is probably next in line.

“I mean, even before (there were) the wedding rumors (there) were baby rumors; before the wedding rumors there were wedding rumors, you know what I mean? So, no, there’s no truth to that.’” -source

I agree with WTF Baby *GASP*

It Just seems fitting that while these elections are going Absolutely NO WHERE. That someone should have allowed Weezy “WTF” Baby to lend some sizzurp slurping insight as to what we thinks about the election and the world. In general. this quote will most likely replace David banner’s quote to Al Sharpton in my side bar.

That’s Not Hott endorses WEEZY for President

Who do you want to take the White House?

Barack, I guess, but I can’t make a real opinion. I ain’t watching no debates. I just want my people to understand that Hillary and Barack are not running for president–they running to be able to run for president. There’s a Republican party, too–we ain’t about to win, fool! A woman or a black man versus an old white dude? Fcuk no! They gonna be like, This black-ass nigga trying to come in my Oval Office? Fcuuuuuk no. The world about to end in 2012 anyway. ‘Cause the Mayans made calendars, and they stop at 2012. I got encyclopedias on the bus. The world is gonna end as we know it. You can see it already. A planet doesn’t exist: There’s no more Pluto. Planes are flying into buildings–and not just the Twin Towers, but dudes who play baseball are flying planes into buildings. Mosquitoes bite you and you die. And a black man and a woman are running for president!-source

celeb-blitz for the rest of the interview

I Blame Tyra!!

A woman was brutally stabbed last Wednesday because she wouldn’t stop talking during an episode of “America’s Next Top Model.” The 42-year-old was watching the program with a group of friends at a Columbia City apartment near Seattle, WA.

Another woman told the victim to stop talking, but got a refusal according to She then opened the apartment door and demanded that the talker leave – a move that escalated the situation into a physical altercation. At some point during the fight the woman retrieved a paring knife from a nearby table and began stabbing the talker in the chest. Others in the group then pulled the knife away and the assailant ran off, according to police reports.

Medics were called and the victim was rushed to Harborview Medical Center, where donor blood was needed because the stab wounds were so severe, said police spokesman Jeff Kappel.

Police found a clump of hair that was snatched out during the fight in a garbage can, but did not find a weapon. The suspect is still at large.-source

After reading this story I can’t really blame the chick that stabbed up the other one. There are certain shows that i watch that i just don’t allow talking around. When i watch TV I’m in the zone. any noise, any outside chatter really pisses me off. I understand exactly how that stabber felt. like really lady….”Please STFU” but the lady wouldn’t be quite so the stabber did the only thing she could…Stabbed the Sh!t out of her, made sure her show was being taped and took off. The End. I think probation would be justifiable.


B!tch Please guess again

I just don’t understand prisoners anymore.

Rapper Foxy Brown is calling on her fans to give her a rapturous greeting when she leaves New York’s Riker’s Island Prison on Friday.

The star, whose real name is Inga Marchand, has served eight months of a 12-month sentence for violating her probation by manhandling two manicurists.

She will be set free this week and wants fans waving banners and wearing Foxy Brown T-shirts to be waiting for her in the parking lot of the notorious correctional facility.

Marchand plans to capture the scenes on film, to use in her forthcoming reality VH1 TV show, which will show her adjusting to life as a free woman. -source

Update: The prison people said the parking lot if to small to have a bunch of black people out side shouting and screaming for a chick that goes upside peoples heads with cell phones. Why should she be rewarded for being a belligerent a-hole

Basket ball Money is a Helluva DRUG

As I’m sure you all have heard Carmelo Anthony was arrested the other day for drunk driving…It wasn’t until today that I read reports (gossip) that LaLa refused to pick her baby’s father up from the popo station. So I guess today she felt the need to clarify her stance on the subject at hand: (below)

Basketball star Carmelo Anthony and his fiancée LaLa Vazquez are speaking out to PEOPLE about his DUI arrest – denying Internet reports she was unsupportive and wouldn’t pick him up from the police station.

“I want to make sure the public understands that I fully support my fiancé, Carmelo Anthony, and stand by him through this ordeal,” Vazquez, a former MTV veejay, says in a statement to PEOPLE on Tuesday. “I will always have his back and never refused to pick him up from the police station. In fact, they offered to bring him to me.” -source
I say she outta keep her mouth shut…Nobody really cares about you and what you do or didn’t do, and you would be dumb as hell not stand by his side over a damn DUI. HE is your mortgage, your lace front, your fingernails, your baby provider. Boo you really had no choice but to stand by your man. Second of all…why the HELL ain’t y’all married yet???

To Good To Be True

Beyonce retiring!! “Ghedafugouttahere”

second of all I don’t know if this picture is actually Beyonce but the Google search said it was. it doesn’t have anything to do with the post but I found it knee slappingly funny and decided to post it. Maybe I should have named this post “Beyonce finally lays the f*ck down”

The diva is currently working on a new album, but her cousin Angelica Knowles tells our source that it will be her last. Instead, Beyonce plans to spend her days scouting talent for new hubby Jay-Z’s upcoming label, The Carter Music Group.

Beyonce’s first protege is rumored to be an R&B artist named Chelsea Thomas. Her reps couldn’t be reached for comment. -source

YAYAYAYAY!!! I will throw her the biggest retirement party a girl could ever want. I can’t wait until the best of Beyonce CD’s start coming out. I’ll getting all 16 copies and the backups. Let me stop WE ALL KNOW that Beyonce ain’t going to where. Matthew Knowles would rather cut off his left testicle then allow Beyonce to retire in the middle of her prime. She is not ready to be a baby making machine. so until beyonce is the age of Tina Turner. we should just continue loving her or hating her.


Obama Got the KKK giving him money???

After smoking all day and trying to read things on the internet I’m guessing that Snoop should probably STFU and take a lil nap. never talk to the media when your HIGH (PIMP rule #36)

Snoop Says:

“The KKK gave Obama money. They was (sic) one of his biggest supporters… Why wouldn’t they be? The media won’t tell you that. They don’t want you to know that. They just want you to know that this n**ger befriended this other n**ger who be (sic) threatening your values. “But we all know all presidents lie to get into f**king office. That’s they (sic) job.” But Dogg insists Obama will still emerge victorious in the October (08) elections. He adds, “In America’s eyes, that muthaf**ker’s gonna be president ‘cos (John) MCCain can’t f**k with him. Hillary (Clinton) can’t f**k with him. He’s winning over white people, white ladies.” -source

Hmmm I wonder if he got this Idea from THIS (which was an obvious joke)

Snopp looks like he’s one of those old white ladies that Obama is winning over.

Sue them or Shoot them

Gabrielle is suing two Georgia men for invasion of privacy(they used her name on a false ad for a personal assistant), If you ask me this seems like a lame attempt to make money for herself, She said she can’t let the men get away with what they did by putting woman in danger so she’s suing them for 100K? girl please!

safety for women, and there’s a trust in that,” said Union,

“What happens when these people who show up who knows where to interview for a job that doesn’t exist?”

The suit seeks punitive damages in excess of $100,000.

Mulrain said the suit, which sought an injunction for the defendants to cease the alleged action, was filed because “Gabrielle was concerned about the safety of women. We don’t know what the end game was. Was it to lure women to a particular location or to use sensitive information, including Social Security numbers for identity theft? At this point we can only surmise.”

Union said she felt compelled to act with a suit.

“It’s not enough for me to sit back and hope women are OK,” she said. “I will not stand by and see people be victimized. “


Selfish skank, I knew i couldn’t stand her. she might as well sue Craig’s list for allowing frauds to even type in her name. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!


I think it’s against Shar’s religion to sit her behind home and STFU. it’s like everything this little teeth skank says makes her sound as dumb as Sherrie Sheppard (Who by the way should die her hair blonde and drive a pink car) in the below statement from Shar while at the Cadillac) anyways I think Shar only says dumb ish like this to get at Britney, only she doesn’t the secret that everyone else does. Britney is a psycho and doesn’t even know her own name.

“You know, he can’t worry about what’s going on outside his household,” continued Jackson, 31, the mother of two of Federline’s four children. “That’s the only way you can stay sane and stay focused. You just can’t worry about the stuff that’s going on outside your house. You have to just protect everybody inside your home and stay focused on that.”

“I’ve always said he’s an amazing father … it’s just now people decide they want to listen. He’s an awesome dude. He makes mistakes – people do that. It’s part of life.”

“He’s like my best friend.” -source

And your a dumb azz!!

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