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Summer Jam

Yes People, Boston Does have a summer Jam, and if you listen to Jamn 94.5 you probably tried and had many failed attempts at trying to win tickets. I must admit I tried 3 exact times to win and I didn’t even make it through to the ring tone. So since I wasn’t there I stole some pics from from the Jamn website and posted them here for you reading and watching convenience. I heard Nicki, Drake and Lupe Fiasco (who was not scheduled to be there) and Trey songs really put it down. Luda went last, but I didn’t hear anything fancy about him OH WELL!!

Also on set were: B.O.B, Serani, Sam Adams, Kevin Rudolf, Clinton Sparks, Taio Cruz, and other randoms

No, this one was not as interesting and drama filled like Hot97 (ny) summer jam. But, HEY WYF do you want from us??? you can go on to see video’s and interviews HERE

Boston’s Very own legend of Hip Hop Edo G performed along side Masta Ace  at Harpers Ferry this past Friday. Edo banging out all his hits like: “Be a Father to your child” “I got to have it” and “Wishing (feat Masta Ace)” a song that appeared on a Boondocks episode.

From Pics and comments on Edo’s facebook page, real hip fans came out to support and had a great time. When these two legends are in the building the fans come out  the wood works to see them. Edo G has a large Fan base in Boston and internationally and his shows are always sold out.

Now Hosting “Take it to the streets” with The Chief Rocka Moe D on where they do a show catering to local Boston artist and local talent.


Junior Rodigan Celebrates 23 years in the game

Junior Rodigan, One of Boston hottest reggae Dj’s celebrated 23 years in the music business. Rodigan being a house hold name here in Boston, each year does a big bashment. This year he presented legendary reggae Artist “Red Fox”. To the West Indians you would know him from his song “Dem a Murderer” “Pose Off” and ” Bashment Party” and music by one of Jamaica’s biggest sounds “Stone Love”

The party was a big hit with over 700 people in attendance, it took place at Boston’s newly improved/renovated “Club Royal” formally known as the ‘Roxy”. Definitely a good look. From what I heard it was one of the best parties in Boston. Mad I missed it but, next year I’ll definitely be there.

Happy Anniversary Junior Rodigan!!

Romain Virgo "The Love Doctor"

Since American Idol started 87 years ago, many American idol style competitions have popped up over the years. Including Kingston, Jamaica. In 2007 a 17 year old boy that goes by the name Romain Virgo won that competition, and Boston had the pleasure of welcoming him to Massachusetts. Now 20 years old Virgo has the soul of legendary lovers rock reggae artist, and a strong and powerful voice to back it up.

Hot97Boston hosted Romain Virgo and had him perform at The Roxy Red Room in the theater district. The show was nice, and Virgo did his thing. The Crowd thoroughly enjoyed him as he sang to the ladies and wasn’t afraid to leave the stage to serenade and get mobbed by badly dressed groupies on the dance floor. Virgo has a long journey ahead of him and from all the love and support he is receiving all over the world he’ll do just fine.

Virgo and Boston’s reggae sensation Mighty Mystic

Virgo poses with Paul Parara GM of Hot97boston

Virgo loves the beautiful ladies

For the past 3 Years give or take…. Dancehall Sensation/DJ Tony Matterhorn has been hosting One of his many birthday parties in Boston. This year it was held at Russell Auditorium. I heard the turn out was great as usual. The Ladies came out in full costume and the men ironed out their tightest jeans. Everybody had a great time bouncing and humping on the dance floor and went home either happy or pregnant. For more pics see (NSFW). Keep the thumbnails small if you can’t wait til you get home.


Ryan Leslie in Boston (Mantra Night Club)

American record producer, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, entrepreneur, and singer ( Ryan Leslie passed through Boston Last Friday. While here he did a little hosting and Album promotion at Mantra Night Club in Downtown Boston. Through out the night he had a few album give-aways of his debut CD self-entitled “Ryan Leslie.” His Album hit the market in February and seems to be doing pretty well.

::::::::::THE CITY IS MINE:::::::::


pics via: and

Last week Thursday 3/11 Boston Opened up it’s New “Pandora Thursdays” Night at Felt Night Club. To Kick off the grown and sexy night, Rosa Acosta Hip Hop Video Model Hosted. You might remember Rosa from videos like ummmm I actually don’t know what videos she is in… *shuggs shoulders” Anyways she hosted the event, and posed for pics with the party goers (she’s HOTT) I heard it was a great event. People who attended ranted and raved about it a whole one day later.

Rosa wasn’t the only celebrity at the party… “Never leave me” Singer Lumidee also came through to show some love to “Felt Boston” Since her famous song that included the catching lyrics “OOOOOHHooooohhhh” Lumidee has lost tons of weight and looks really good. She has a new song out “End of Time” that is smashing the airs waves. I wish her all the luck

******Pandora Thursdays******
Each & Every Thursday
Come see what Pandora has in Store

4 Floors of Sexy Entertainment
Top40/R&B/Reggae & Much More

533 Washington Street
Boston, MA
(Downtown Crossing)

pics provided by


Black Ryno Brings "Drama" to the Bean

Formally of the Empire Gaza, Black Ryno Graced the stage of a Boston Night club… but it’s not as simple as that… Here’s the story…..

so they say…

The Flyer says that Black Ryno was supposed to be here Friday night 3/12. It was pushed by all the radio stations and despite negative thoughts about it being a flop, come Friday night the club was packed to capacity. Show time… No Ryno… What had happen was on his flight into Boston from NY the plane doors got stuck and they had Ryno and his crew memebers stuck on the plane for three hours, and Everybody knows that when ANYTHING is wrong with the plane they will hold your ass on that plane until the problem is fixed. Needless to say the masses were heated. I received calls at 2:00 in the damn morning of people saying that Ryno was a no show… Normally that night club is no more then $20 on this particular night, tickets were being sold for $25 (because it’s a live show) and at the door it was $40 dollars to party.

So you can understand why the show goers were a little disgruntle (pissed off to be exact)….Rumor has it that the upset was so bad the the promoter took the cash and dipped out early from the club…*rumor*

Fast Forward to Sunday night. Around the 7:30pm hour… Tweets and FaceBook status msgs were popping up all over the place that Hot97Boston would come to the rescue for the people and Bring Black Ryno the the club to do a make up performance. A first for the patrons of Boston. To build the trust, Black Ryno was in the Hot97Boston Studios doing interviews and answering calls from the listeners.

NO NO NO…the Drama does not stop there… Black Ryno did do his make up show for a $5 charge to anybody that wasn’t too pissed off to give it one more try… after the show… while signing autographs and poseing for pictures… some where near by (outside) gun shots were fired (someone got shot, unrelated to the event) and Ryno was escorted out of the building by multiple security. There were lots of speculation that someone tried to rob him, but after careful investigation i found out those rumors wern’t true. In the hustle and bustle of hearing the gun shorts the first priority was getting Ryno safely out the building.

… Rumor has it that since his brake with Vibes Kartel and the Empire Gaza that he has a lot of enemies, so all precautions were necessary.

pics courtesy of Trick Starr (on facebook)


Serani Hits the Stage @ X&O

Serani at X&O ultra lounge in MASS

I have had the pleasure of seeing Serani are more then one occasion. To be honest, he is not my favorite performer and I wouldn’t pay to go see him for FREE… He graced the stage of X&O ultra lounge a hot spot on the outskirts of Boston, MA where I’m sure he preformed all of his hits like “No Games” and others. No doubt Serani has a lot of nice songs, but his stage presence is not the most amazing. I would listen to his album all day, but going to see him is not on the top of my agenda

He seems to have a way with the people, so I respect his hustle, maybe with a little practice he could be great.

pics courtesy of the name written big as shit on the photos….idk


This Is It: Alison Hinds Meets Machel Montano

This Past Friday Lion Entertainment Presented “THIS Is IT” Alison Hinds Meets Machel Montano ON ONE STAGE! It was a highly anticipated event that had Boston, MA in Frenzy. Looking for last minute tickets and raiding the clothing stores for a cute yet comfortable outfit. For Performers like Machel and Alison you have to be ready to sweat and do what the Caribbean community affectionately calls “wuk up” (a bajan term) but we all use it because it’s the perfect word to describe the kind of “wutless” (worthless) and “no Behavior” that we all so dearly love.

Machel Montano an International Soca Super star is known as the King of Soca and Ms. Alison Native of Barbados we call the Queen of Soca. Seeing them on one stage was a treat and the most fun I have had in a long time.

below are a few pics of THIS IS IT!!

When two people get on stage and put on a dynamic show for fans it’s the best feeling in the world. Not to mention that amount of liquor that was circulating through everyone’s veins made it all the more better

during a battle of the countries….A native of Haiti represented and showed the crowd how to roll it… the bumper that is!!

note: the imprint *wink*

Machel Definitely has a humorous, perverted personality, that pulls everyone into his performance … seeing this man in action is amazing, his energy is out of control and he captivates his audience with every move and every word that come out his mouth. He is so big in the Caribbean community that he once performed to a SOLD OUT crowd at Madison Square garden in New York.

Alison’s beauty, ridiculously sexy body and voice makes her a crowd favorite. She comes from Barbados the same place as Rhianna and she is more then successful, unlike Rhianna she sticks to her routes and represents for her people while still being versatile enough to work with any genre of music. You probably know her by her song “Roll it Gyal”

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