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"She’s a Rump Shaker in a bunch of videos"

*DEAD* she gets kicked right off air…. CLASSIC

The whole interview speaks for it’s self. Karrin Steffans can not expect to get respected with her past being so ugly and her attitude always on the defensive


Vixin Manual: How to be and stay a slut

SuperHead Steffans is at it again… Now with a manual on how to seduce and keep and suck off the man that you want. it would be benefiting to her readers if she had a graphic display tutorial on how to get a nick name such as superhead. I bet that’s the most of what she can teach someone on how to keep a man. With all the people that she has slept with and sucked down why is it that she couldn’t keep not one of them?? That’s just one of those questions that make you go hmmmm…. if one of my friends buy the book I’ll borrow it, but I’m damn sure that she won’t be getting my hard earned pesos!! no mam.

“‘The Vixen Manual’ is completely different because the first two books were a set of memoirs and what I wanted to do with the memoirs was to get all of me out and done so there would be nothing new that anyone could come up with. I wanted to move forward from the life I had. I released those and let the skeletons out of the closet so that I could be lighter and freer in my walk. I went back to a book that I actually started in 2004 before I ever wrote ‘Confessions’ or ‘Diaries. As I was writing it in 2004 and early 2005, that’s when Harper Collins came to me and asked me to write ‘Confessions of a Video Vixen.’ I stopped writing this book to write ‘Confessions.’ I kept adding to it over the years and I would find myself going back and rereading and fixing things because I kept learning things about relationships and whatnot,” -souce
Blah blah blah… the book came out yesterday July 13th and you can purchase it HERE at YAY

Karrine: You need more people

And so this sad story continues…She slapped me…I tried to run over her with my car….She’s a psycho Killer…he put me in the sleeper hold and said “sleep B!tch Sleep” (which is hilarious) ….YAWN….Like my cousin just said, soon we will be seeing a reality show starring them two slamming each other on cars in a parking lot by the end of the summer. It’s also comforting to know that they both have kids and they both are acting like Loonies towards each other in front of those kids. We all know that Karrine’s son is scarred and messed up for the rest of his life, and that he should have been taken away from her long time ago but hey…what can we do. Maybe all this publicity she has going on will make her new book fly off the shelves. He whole life if one big sad mess….she showed be spayed and put to sleep.

In a restraining order filed against Karrine, Darius says he didn’t hit her with his car — she “jumped on the trunk of my car and then the roof of my car. She started beating my vehicle and windows.” It says she then attempted to get into the car by breaking the windows “with her fist.”

It doesn’t stop there.

In another incident, Darius claims Karrine “slapped me so hard that she hit a bystander.”

Other claims: multiple accounts of stalking, damage to property to the tune of $3,500 — and more physical and verbal abuse.

CLICK HERE FOR TERRIBLE ACTING she goes into detail about her abusive relationship..get this…she even cries a little (but no tears AMAZING)

Steffans tells us “I love Darius and no matter what he does or says, my feelings remain the same. I will only discuss issues to which I have legal documents and witnesses and refuse to attack Darius or his son the way he has attacked me and mine. His accusations are unfounded, undocumented and unbelievable, yet, common when coming from a man on the defensive. Still, he is a part of our lives and hearts and all we ask of him is to seek counseling to repair his own personal pains, as I am, and join my son and I in repairing our broken bond and trust. After seeing what a cycle of abusive manifested into for women like Nicole Brown-Simpson, I am at peace with my decision to make these events public but I prefer to focus more so on the healing than on the hurt from this point forward and I implore Darius to do the same as the legal process in this case takes its natural course.” -source


Ohh Paaaahhllleeeezzzzz

So Karrine is getting run down by her man and instead of calling the POPO she text Perez Hilton at 4 in the AM.

Bravo!!!! She’s the smartest….I hope the car scraped up her heels.

“It’s Karrine. U have to help me. My boyfriend just tried to run over me with his car. [I] Just made a police report. In August, he placed me in a choke hold at a strip club on my birthday. There’s a report and photos of that. There was another choking I never reported but is now being investigated. I lied to the city attny to save his ass but I’m DONE. He’ll kill me if I go on with this. YES…Eddie Winslow from Family Matters! I have to give you this story. Pls!”


Someone please Kill me right now…disclaimer: I in no way believe in or agree with domestic abuse. But this is not the case…If your man or woman is trying to RUN OVER YOU with their car..WHY in the hell would you text the biggest gossip site in the world to come to your rescue. PEREZ Damn Hilton are you kidding me Your phone don’t know how to call damn 911??? For that “Eddy Winslow” ought beat her azz for real. i don’t care what nobody says That is grounds for a beat down. If he wasn’t such a Pu$$y he should sue her skeezy azz for defamation.

This is all on the heels of her recent promotion for her book “how to give super head”. Necolebitche reported yesterday that Some book company is offering her a 6 figure deal to write 6 more books on how to be a freak in the street and sheets.


Look who I found:

My favorite Jizz disposal: at the Essence Pre-Oscar party

She must be doing a free book give away on her KNEES, I heard this like to have free give aways at these kinds of things, and who else to give away some dignity then Ms. Superhead herself.

Pics via

Irv Ghotti vs. Superhead

(pic jacked from bossip)

Irv discussing Super head with Karen G

If I was a man I would want Superhead to suck my cock too, but I’ll threaten to kill her if she ever put my name in one of her books. and I’ll make sure to walk with a digi cam to tape her swallowing my unborn children


Elise Gets into Character

I guess being superhead is a hard blow job…Elise is channeling her inner vixen for the November issue of KING mag.

Three Part Series to Hott Whoreville

How to be a Slut 101: Immune to AIDS


‘I want women to be more passionate about their sexuality. You’ve been taught for so long to be ashamed of it, you’re afraid to be a whore with your husband. Let him get that butthole, girl. Don’t be scared, or your husband’s going to leave you for the next little slut-bucket that does.’


I’m about tho start the Karrine Steffans Fan club because I’m obsessed with Ignorance, she’ll be like my Ignorant slutty MUSE (yes I got that from the GAME)


Hoe into a Housewife

They ain’t engaged and he’s a bitter fool. Any man that knowingly gets in bed with a walking petri-dish of venereal disease is a f*cking idiot. The cover picture tells one story but his words in the interview are passive aggressive feeling of his hate for her and what he allowed her stankin a$$ to do. To summarize this interview she’s a skank whore and he knowingly slept with the mother Aids virus (the one that keeps mutating)

“Karrine’s not a passive girl. She’s a sweetheart. She is. But she’s very aggressive when it comes to her business. So she’s a balanced woman. And she keeps a clean house. She keeps an incredibly clean house. Everything is in order. Her son is very well-mannered. He’s a really, really fine young man. Karrine is outside of all the bullshit that people hype up about the whole ‘Superhead’ thing. She really is a cool chick to kick it with. She can cook. A couple of nights I was out, and I’d come back. And when I came in dinner was waiting on me; she’s seriously a homemaker. She’s very accommodating. Whatever arouses a man, she’ll figure it out. She’ll find it and she’ll master that. If you’re into watching dirty movies, you can sit up and watch dirty movies with her. If you’re gonna turn a ho into a housewife, that’s the one to get.”

Click HERE to read more of this stupid interview

SuperProstitute part 16

Listen to Jamie and his crew interview SuperSkank. She’s more of a dumb a$$ then I knew in my heart she was. LISTEN, it’s pretty long, but just click it, minimize the screen, and listen while you sit there and pretend that you are working on something very important for your boss or teacher. Show them that your focused and don’t want to be interrupted, and before you know it work will be over. You’ll laugh and chuckle and pee a little at how stupid one little prostitute can act on a radio interview and you’ll be impressed by Jamie’s candor, and foolism as he continuously makes her look like a raging, rabid cock sucker.

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