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"I love Money" reality show Confirmed

So it’s been confirmed that VH1 will have a reality show called “I love Money” that I will watch and Tivo faithfully every week, and the cast promo pics are being revealed everyday over at I wanted to post these two pics because I was wondering if anyone else thinks that Brooke “pumkin” slutmore is about 57 years old? she says she’s only in her low 20 somethings but I’m seriously thinking that she pay have a few more decades under her belt

And this one Nibbles or nipples whatever you preference looks like the stereotypical dirty crack whole stripper hoe at the corner tits and bits of the dirtiest bus station in the hood (Dudley for you Bostonians, although it is getting better) I wouldn’t let her tangy folds slide down my wooden porch steps let alone give her some of my hard earned cash money.

I Love Money is a new reality show coming this summer that pits cast members of Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and I Love New York against each other in the pursuit of a $250,000 grand prize.


Okay Someone take the mic away

Black Men never know when it quit while there ahead: I actually don’t feel sorry for him anymore, because at this point he’s making himself seem ignorant and DRUNK!!

“There is no rehab for homophobia – that was just some crap being put out by the network,” Washington, 43, tells Newsweek of the treatment he received after using a homophobic slur during an argument with Grey’s costar Patrick Dempsey. “I went into an executive counseling program which many people in this industry know about and go to. They knew what the program was but chose to call it what they wanted to fit their agenda. And more importantly, I volunteered for it because I wanted to understand my fight with Patrick and how it got out of hand like that.” Washington says he even paid half the fee for his treatment, and adds: “I thought [ABC] sending me meant they actually wanted me to succeed and come out on the other end.” The network declined to comment for the story. The actor also describes race as a factor in his downfall. During his fight with Dempsey, he says, “Someone heard the booming voice of a black man and got really scared and that was the beginning of the end for me.”

Whatcha lookin for Paris? dig a little deeper your almost there. ewwww!!!

Shesus Khrist
Lets all Kneel down and pray over the destruction of our youth, and “role models” who feel that this is appropriate behavior. I’m appalled and ashamed and afraid for the soul of this young Whore!!

This in Jayonce’s love child

It has it’s daddy’s lips and it’s mama’s mustache, I don’t know if it’s boy or a girl, but it’s UGLY

Any body getting married on 7/7/07 (LUCKY)

Well hurry up cause it’s just around the corner:

Some random couple met: seven years ago, went on their first date on September 7, and then found out they and Hardy’s daughter, Kelli, all share the same birthday — July 7.

“He pulled out his driver’s license because I didn’t believe him,” said Hardy, 40.
They live at an elevation above 7,000 feet in Mammoth, California, and their post office box number is numbered in the 70s.
So it was not a stretch when they settled on a wedding date and a lucky place to get married — July 7, 2007, in Las Vegas.
“The odds of it happening just are phenomenal,” said Allison, 28.
The couple is among the thousands looking to get lucky in love who are expected to flock to Las Vegas to tie the knot on a very propitious date — 7-7-07 — which comes along only once a century.

Nationwide, marriage planners report an overwhelming demand by couples to say their vows on July 7. Churches are booked, limos in short supply and cake makers expect to be very busy.
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Why ain’t no body tell me
That this chick got a reality show on air….called “Hey Paula” come on people FLIP ME A BONE, this is getting ridiculous….Has anybody watched it??? I hate it and I’ve never even seen it
update: I found a clip of the show from

Nick and Melissa are boning it up, Get it Nick!!!, Get it!!!! In the top right pic…is that a foot???? Really is that comfortable??

Supadupa Head, is sucking off once again,
“I thought he was too young, and I just always thought he was ugly. That’s real talk. I thought he looked like a tree monkey…” - I thought so too but i would still HIT IT!!

You know the world is coming to and end when people get famous for digesting large amounts of bodily fluids, and then making not ONE but TWO books telling of her scandalous whorecapades
As for the book, I’ll borrow it from the library but the biach ain’t getting my money.
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