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Today I found out that one of my girls started her blog after posting all her topical notes on facebook for the longest time.  I was so happy that she now has a real outlet to express her thoughts that I was inspired to take more interest in my own personal blog, and get back into letting off some steam. So I logged unto my account,  I had my topics of discussion ready and thennnnn i visited to catch up on some news right quick and BAM! I saw the shoes of my life. Some sexy stilettos that LIGHT UP!! yes im talking about LA Lights but the grown ass woman edition.  These are Jimmy Choo’s that are priced at $2,495.00 *clears throat* So I clicked off and vowed never to look at Jimmy Choo again…

I can’t deny that these are some bad ass shoes, and although i am rather simple when it comes to dressing up, i do tend to value a sexy ass different looking shoe, and if the local dots or forever 21 decides to replicate said shoe, best believe that I will have them. Until then ill continue to admire them from a distance.


The Black Sex in the City/Girlfriends

Look at what we have here…

A new Sex in the City/Girlfriends is in the works, but with a twist.  The networks seem to hate lady bonding shows, and want to keep playing us on weather or not “Girlfriends” will be picked up, or even if they would be ever so kind as to bring back “The Game”. At this point it seems like we won’t need them. Thanks to Queen Latifa, who is coming out with a scripted show “Single Ladies” with Stacy Dash, Lisa Ray McCoy, and Lauren London …. (source)

Stacy Dash’s Characheter: “My character is very similar to my own life because I’ve never been single. Literally, since I’ve been 17 years old. She’s never been married, the character than I’m playing, whereas I’ve been married three times, so that’s the difference,” Dash says. “It’s a really good script.”

Lisa Ray’s Charachter: “She doesn’t have one of anything nor does she believe in having one man. She believes in dating and being able to explore her possibilities. She’s much like Samantha of Sex in the City,” explains the Player’s Club star. “Very straight up and honest. She’s the one that has that spunk, I’d like to say that she’s the slut of the three.”

Lauren London: plays a younger, semi-shy character married to an NBA player. Although London will be a recurring character in the show, her rep confirms that the role is small.

I have high hopes for this show… I’m rather tired of watching reality shows, seeing people acting the fool and it being the real them… I want to see some fake trash. Something to give me hope that not everyone in the world is a real life piece of shit. Right now all we know about the show “Single Ladies” is that 4 day rehearsals begin this week in Atlanta, and as of right now there is no known official start date.


Kobe is America’s SweetTart/heart

To all you Kobe fans…. Come get your boy….!

(he may need to stay out of his wife’s closet #imjustsaying)


Usher acting like a lil B!tch (what’s new)

Usher’s pre-taped, edited performance for tonight’s Dancing with the Stars finale may look seamless, but what happened behind the scenes at the singer’s May 13 taping left host Tom Bergeron and company scratching their heads–and scrambling to set up for the live show.

First, the 29-year-old singer arrived late, throwing the entire production behind schedule. Then, while appearing to lip-synch two songs—”Yeah!” and “Love in This Club”—he fell out of step with his choreography, turning the wrong way once and losing his mic a second time. With each mistake he walked offstage.

The performance then went further off-course when the singer took a long break to get a drink. “He was ridiculous,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Such a diva.” -source

They should have called him Biaach

I Blame Ushers husband for this… She was supposed to let him have his balls back for the performance but left them home on the night table. So usher had no choice but to act like a lil diva b!tch…how you posed to be a man with no balls.


Burn baby Burn

Tyra had a Buring of the Bra’s session on her show the other day

I don’t know why Tyra gets to wear a coat while all the other audience members are standing out there in there bra’s and mom jeans, in the cold air of NY. I guess that’s not the point. I have no idea why all of these women were burning their bra’s prob some type of female empowerment mambo jumbo, but regardless it’s freaking cold outside. I’m going to burn one of my training bra’s that I need to stop wearing. It’s time I graduate to big girl bra’s from Target (they got some nice bra’s aaaannnndddd they cheap)


Amy goes blond

I think she thinks she’s sexier now…I know that when I dye my locks I always have an extra pep in my step. maybe hair dye and an an eight ball makes her feel pretty and beautiful…

Amy- go on with your bad self !! FIERCE!!

I freaking want that “Cry Baby” shirt…That by far is one of my favorite movies!



Cute kid but………
IS THAT YOUR BABY MOMMA!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!

I hope it’s some stalker chick because if that’s your baby momma i’m not happy, No sir I frown!


My has my baby grown

I remember when this baby was just a child with ashy knees and a runny noes, Now she is every bit of a little woman *tears flow endlessly down my cheek bones*

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