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Two toned Body color

Is this chick black on the belly and yellow in the face? because I don’t think that’s okay. with the spread on skin cancer going around these skanks need to stay out of the damn tanning booth before their cats start to wake up and start meowing. Ain’t it time that the Pussy Town Girls to go sit themselves down somewhere??? but for serious….being two colors on purpose is not cute. maybe it’s the lighting but from right here it looks plain silly.


WTF PT16: Mariah Carey

because what in the good heavenly world of Zanzibar or you wearing…..It bothers me that celebs NO Mariah thinks they can wear whatever she want to and it will just be okay…It’s Not and it’s not fair, and it looks stupid.

What is is hand doing there….what a slut.

Oh and it has on Mary Jane stilettos???? GRRRR!!!

and I decided to throw lil Manma in this post just for good measure. You can NEVER go wrong with stone washed green azz pants. NEVER


Ohh Chudney WHY??

It’s almost like her eyes give the power of growth to her teeth which in turn prevents her mouth from closing. There should be no reason why this girl always has that look of SUPRISE!! every time she is photographed. I hate to look at her. I feel like I’d have the fate of Lot’s wife (read the bible) and turn into a pillar of salt.


I’m Sure she’s a nice girl BUT

Janelle Monae pisses me off a lil bit. call me mainstream but I think she’s to damn grown for the foolishness that she wears. I have to be honest and say that i haven’t heard any of her music (at least I don’t think I have) but she’s just so cute to be playing that “I need more attention” role. I mean she might as well put on a poodle skirt and a cardigan and do the sock hop. but who am i to judge WHAT DO I KNOW about fashion (except that what she wears is not it)

Diddy had some kind words for her:

“Over the years, I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most influential artists in modern music – from Jodeci to Mary J. to Biggie – and there is no doubt in my mind that Janelle is the kind of artist that changes the game. She is a true visionary, with an original sound and a mesmerizing presence. I can’t wait to watch the future unfold for Janelle.”

Hated it!!


What in the GREAT F?

Now you see what y’all made me do. Just yesterday i got all over D.woods back for her foolish outfit ensemble and then TODAY while making my rounds on the Internet I came across these lovely photos. Someone PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME…..What the hell Aubry has on…..

It truly looks like someone went to the fabric store found all the mesh Easter basket lining and glued it together propped a cloth flower on the top part and told Aubry that it was the new hot sh!t to hit the red carpet. They were wrong in the explanation because it’s just Hot Sh!t nothing more, but could be less

p.s her shoes are amazing!!


WTF PT 12: Beyonce is a Puppet

While making my rounds in the United Blog of America I visited the country of RBTF and came across the foolishness…i always new that Beyawnce was a freaking puppet mannequin (no body is that perfect). I bet she melts if you throw water at her. Yawnce’s body reminds me of the woman with a 15 inch waist that sh!t is disgusting.
To see more pics of CLICK HERE

WTF PT 11: Christina Million

Just when I was really getting into my lady crush on on Christina she goes and bust out some old Count Dracula sh!t like this. You see why I can’t let my guard down with these celebs… they always disappoint me. it’s like they purposely dress like this to see what I have to say, and I always take the bait. I need to learn to let things go and not let leather, hooded, skinny, legging, spandex, suits bother me.

seriously WTF??


Nope Guess Again!!!: Tichina Arnold

Why black people always got to mess up a good thing. At fashion week PAM thought it was a good idea to dress like a Roman CFO of Pinstripe Corp. Who ever designed those open toe lace up boots should be kicked in the face 5 time. One for each sigh I made.


Sherri Shepherd needs to STFU

There is a picture of me with Shirley Caesar, who is like the black Patti LaBelle,” bragged Shepherd.

There was a second of stunned silence before her co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and even Barbara Walters piled on. “Patti LaBelle is black!” said Golberg.

“It’s a good thing you’re not running for office,” said Walters. “Because you’d be considered bigoted right now.”

“I’d be in so much trouble,” squeaked an embarrassed Shepherd. -source

Sherri is starting to crawl under my skin…the other day I was watching the view and I wanted to throw something at the TV and scream WTF??? she’s just always talking…I think I should have been the first pick as one of the views co-hosts. I’m funny as hell and I got MADDDDDD opinions……Whoopi should put them dreads in a pony tail cause they look like they stink…


Mariah is plastic

Mariah at BET 106 and foolishness

Can I see a show of hands of all those that think Mariah looks like a blow up doll* with high heels on. ME ME ME *goes the masses*. In the face she has a lot of squirrel like features (maybe she’s related to Alvin and the chipmunks, but body wise…blow up doll Say’s it all

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