Tuesday, May 04th, 2010

Diddy’s Mayweather/Mosley Afterparty

The party must go on…

After Mosley got whiplash and beaten like a project kid that didn’t come home when the streets light came on by his DADDY Mayweather, the party still had to go on. Who else parties better then Diddy? In true Diddy fashion he started off by getting the crowd hyped up, advertising and promoting for his liquor CIROC (which is a damn good vodka by the way) the music got all the way TURNT up and celebs (TI, Gabby Union, Swizz and i forget who else I saw) and groupies alike got there drink and dance on. In this exclusive video by DJ Playtime of hot97boston we capture a nice little inside look at Diddy’s after party @ club Eve (Eva Longoria’s night club)

Shouts to DJ Playtime (don’t hurt em’)

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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Hip Hop Cash Kings!!! Where is my share?

Every Year Forbes puts out their list of the TOP TEN earners for the year. Even in the times of this great recession, when I’m scraping for change to pay the parking meter and put $2.56 (one full exact gallon) of gas in my car these m’fers still manage to do this shet!

1. Jay-Z – $35 Million
2. Diddy – $30 Million
3. Kanye West – $25 Million
4. 50 Cent – $20 Million
5. Akon – $20 Million
6. Lil’ Wayne – $18 Million
7. Timbaland – $17 Million
8. Pharrell Williams – $16 Million
9. T-Pain – $15 Million
10. Eminem – $14 Million
Well bottoms up to them… cause I can only afford a glass of water.

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Money Money Money Money

If your a Gray’s Anatomy feign like me then you would have had a gut feeling that Isaiah Washington was going to have something to say about his picture being used. Now he is suing for failure to receive consent to use his image in the show that he was FIRED from….I guess you have to make your money where you can. He is filming a movie now, so money is not a problem but money is money. And ABC better have his money. they should have known that this man is still bitter after being fried. Hell i would be too. It’s the damn principle
Isaiah Washington has filed a complaint with the Screen Actors Guild over ABC’s use of his picture in an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

The mug of Washington’s Dr. Preston Burke was featured in a “newspaper article” about the character receiving a prestigious surgeon’s award in an episode that first aired May 9.

But Washington, who left the show in 2007 amid controversy over his allegedly referring to castmate T.R. Knight with a homophobic slur, claims the producers failed to get consent for the use of the picture.

His attorney, Peter Nelson, sent notices to ABC and SAG indicating the alleged inappropriate use of Washington’s image, the actor’s manager, Howard Bragman, said.

“They have the rights of the character to advance the story, but not the image,” he said, adding that what he expects for his client is a “financial settlement.” -source

Not sure but this looks have been the picture they used on the show.

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Friday, May 02nd, 2008

Above all else…he’s an actor

I can really feel the raw emotion…. This will be an excellent movie. I’m sure Weezy “WTF” baby will deliver excellent script execution and memorization. I hope they have a pitcher full of SiZZZirup in his trailer for break time. I heard those types of withdrawals can really kill production.

*”Lollipop” rapper Lil’ Wayne has been added to the cast of director Tim Story’s upcoming film “The Patriots.”

Forest Whitaker stars as a high school basketball coach whose team consisted of players hailing from five different schools that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Lil’ Wayne plays the character Lamont, a student at Al Collins High School who is a skeptic of the newly-assembled team.

The movie from the Weinstein Co. began filming in New Orleans this week. -source

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Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Is that Whoopi’s hair?

Giving that Eva is a Top Model and I know she has gigs lined up. I fail to understand what the hell that thing is on top her head, and why she said “yes” when asked to wear it?? and then to my dismay……..Low and behold….Whoopi!!!

Eva is promoting the Whoopi look. I get it I get it….

I sometimes laugh at my own damn self..I made a funny….ROFLMAO!!

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Wednesday, March 05th, 2008

Whitney is making that Money

Whitney Houston is set to earn £1.4 million ($3 million) to perform at a London charity event.
The troubled star has been lined up by billionaire philanthropist John Caudwell to give a rare one-hour performance at the Cauldwell Children Legends Ball at London’s Battersea Evolution arena on May 8.

A source said: “Mr. Caudwell thinks it is important to raise the profile of the Cauldwell Children charity and stars such as Whitney Houston are the sort of people he’s hoping to attract.”

Whitney – who has battled an addiction to drink and drugs – has made few public appearances in recent years and also has a reputation for failing to turn up for shows. -source

If her ex-crackhead self knows what’s good for her she will make damn sure that she is there to sing her heart out at that show. 3 million for one damn hour….hell I would even throw in a little vagina monologue and a cupid shuffle, and story time segment for the kiddies

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Monday, March 03rd, 2008

Saaphyri’s Lip Chap Commercial

I have to give Saaphyri her props for not becoming a loser and settle down with her 50K. She’s out there still being ghetto as hell but at least doing what she has to do to maintain. You go girl!!

Lip Chap commercial. I don’t really understand the concept of the azz in the air and the sexiness but……….whatever…..

spotted @ dlisted

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Friday, February 22nd, 2008

America’s Best Dance Crew: BOSTON

Boston’s own Status Quo is holding it down for The Bean. I have seen this group perform here in Boston a couple of times and i must say with out bias that they will take this thing home. If they don’t there will be at least second place (I’m not America).
Last night’s performance was crazy especially with the crew’s leader “E-knock” having a really bad injury to his ankle. Despite his pain he gave the performance 110% and it saved them from being eliminated. I been voting for them all day so i hope they come out on top next week. If your from the Boston Area and you want to show your support CLICK HERE to vote for Status Quo. Peek the Clip down below.
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CLICK HERE if your having trouble viewing the video

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Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Madea goes to cartoon land

Oprah, Tyra, The Chinese people, and now Tyler Perry hustle their way to super rich status. Tyler Perry better hope that I never meet him because I swear for God i’m getting pregnant. This man never stops; he just keeps going and going and going……. I mean damn.

Perry has teamed up with animation company Exodus Film Group for the untitled series, which will be produced entirely up front before shopping to a network or releasing on DVD – or both.

“After receiving thousands of letters from parents telling me how much their kids love Madea and realizing that a lot of the plays were not kid friendly,” said Perry, “I wanted to do something more appropriate, and this seems to be it. A ‘Madea’ animation looks like the best way.”

The playwright-turned-filmmaker will create, write and executive produce an undetermined number of 22-minute standalone episodes and also provide the voice of Mabel “Madea” Simmons. -source

I can’t knock a hustle I respect his drive and passion to succeed. Yo Go boy!!

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

I loves Kelly

Her head is big but she is absolutely beautiful (so what she don’t shave her pits)…..To bad she got the Knowles family voodoo tearing down her career. I love me some Kelly!!

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