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Today I found out that one of my girls started her blog after posting all her topical notes on facebook for the longest time.  I was so happy that she now has a real outlet to express her thoughts that I was inspired to take more interest in my own personal blog, and get back into letting off some steam. So I logged unto my account,  I had my topics of discussion ready and thennnnn i visited to catch up on some news right quick and BAM! I saw the shoes of my life. Some sexy stilettos that LIGHT UP!! yes im talking about LA Lights but the grown ass woman edition.  These are Jimmy Choo’s that are priced at $2,495.00 *clears throat* So I clicked off and vowed never to look at Jimmy Choo again…

I can’t deny that these are some bad ass shoes, and although i am rather simple when it comes to dressing up, i do tend to value a sexy ass different looking shoe, and if the local dots or forever 21 decides to replicate said shoe, best believe that I will have them. Until then ill continue to admire them from a distance.


Rumors: Nicki Minaj Kicked off Tour, but Joins Gaga

This is what I’m hearing around town. Nicki Minaj was supposed to Join Rihanna and some other chick names Kesha on Rihanna’s world tour “Last Broad Standing” apparently Rhi was really jealous of Nicki’s success and figured that Nicki would steal her shine. Rumor has it that Nicki was added in the first place to boost ticket sales. All of this is according to Media Take out which is not the most reliable source

Anyways, when Nicki left the tour it was said that she put out a statement that she wasn’t going to do the tour because she wanted to work on her own album. At the same time someone from Nicki’s camp (an insider) said that when Nicki heard that she was being let go from the tour she called Rhi and ripped her a new one.

But here is when things get fishy… If Nicki was so focused on working on her own album that she didn’t want to go on tour. Tell me WHYYYY is she alleged to be going a tour with lady Gaga???

Other rumors surfaced that Nicki’s camp was saying that Nicki was too big of a star to be opening for someone like Rhianna, that she deserved her own shine *shrugs shoulders, and goes to sleep*

And the world turns hmmmmm…..


Nia Long speaks out

In the July issue of the UK magazine “Pride” Nia long talks about the quality of black actresses in Hollywood and directly jabs at Beyonce in “obsessed”This is definitely not about hating this is the full blown factual truth… she says:

“If you’re a singer not an actress, you should sing. If you’re a rapper, you should rap,”

when asked, what she thought about Beyonce Knowles’ performance in ‘Obsessed.’ she says:

“I didn’t see ‘Obsessed,’ so I can’t comment, but it’s just not about how talented you are anymore. It’s about, ‘How much box-office revenue will this person generate?’ When you see certain people – we won’t name names – they just don’t have the skill, and no one in their team has said, ‘You need acting classes,’” Long replied.

“If you take time to develop your craft, God bless you. Jamie Foxx is an example of both [actor and singer],” she added. -mz.virgo

I agree with her 100% I saw the commercials for “obsessed” and i was highly appalled. I was mad that such a good remake of a movie would be starring someone like Beyonce. No one can deny that Beyonce can SANG… but when it comes to acting she needs to go sit down and read a book. the producers and directors of the movie should have seen that in “dream girls” all of her lines are chopped up and she’s sounds like she’s practicing in front of a mirror while trying to remember to give some “attitude” i guess it doesn’t matter about the quality as song as the movie is bring in money. but I’m sure that movie would have made a lot more money if people didn’t leave the theater and say… “girl, do not go see that movie, Beyonce was THE WORST”

Beyonce: “” *rolls neck, flips hair*…AND SCENE!!!


Oh to be a Hood Rat

My friend sent me this video, and all i could do was laugh, cry, and shake my head

One step back for Black Americans

Now lets talk about it… This girl… ummm forgot what she said her name was (i could care less) just got the piss knocked out of her, yet bounces back up and has enough facial structure left to talk sh!t in front of a camera.

My topic of discussion here is not domestic violence because that’s a touchy subject i would like to discuss… my favorite topic which is “ME hating black people who go on record proving to the world that we are nothing more then porch monkeys still willing to pick cotton, all in the name of being a rapper”. We now have a black president in office yet we have people like Gucchi Mane and his project hoe bouncing around on the Internet speaking ugly English and talking about “doing what they gotta do”

There is something really wrong with the male/female ghetto relationship. What ever happened to a man uplifting his woman and a woman standing by her man ( i think it’s referred to as being a ride of die b!tch). As evident in this display of f*ckery neither one of them care about the image that hey are setting for their fans, their family or friends. You don’t have to be a complete mess to be a successful rapper. something that I think rappers truly believe to be the key to stardom. I mean look at Jay-Z, look at Kanye…. although they have problems of there own Jay-z (at least acts like a decent human being) Kanye still has a lot of work to do on his attitude (and he should attempt to button his shirts all the way, all the time), but that’s not the point. We have young rappers out there like Soulja boy acting the fool and paying millions of dollars for tacky jewelry when he could be setting up scholarships for his local high school. the one he obviously didn’t bother to go to.

What the hell happened to speaking proper English.. I have no idea what the broad in this video (MAC BREEZY) was saying because all i heard was a plethora oh “know what I’m saying” NO B!TCH i don’t know what your saying.. maybe if you go pick up a school book and read it, and learn proper sentence structure I would then know what your saying. It’s no longer a geek thing to be able to carry on a normal conversation. No one will ever hate you for it. No one will ever call you out on being smart. It bothers me to see these young girls out and about on the streets and on TV/Internet looking a hot azz mess. Mac Breezy needs to go sit down somewhere and tend the the many bullet holes i know she has strategically place on her body… i can’t stand hood rats.

What are we going to do about this?

Horrible dates sometimes end in bloodshed.

Life Sucks and then you Die. Yes I may seem a bit morbid today, and that because I do believe that a dark cloud follows me around all day everyday.. sometimes it lets the sun come out for a couple of hours but from my knowledge I do see that cloud everyday.

Which brings my attention this video that seems to bring sunshine to my day. I’m sure many of you have seen this before, at the same time I’m sure that you all have laughed at it, or at least sat there with your eyes glued to the screen with your mouth hitting the your computer desk and wondering WTF! all the while scrolling back to the beginning and watching it at least 5 times. yes 5 count them.

Today me and my home girls were having or daily email conversations, and the topic: “Is there a person of the opposite sex that makes you feel like you want to totally push your femininity/gentlemaness to the side and just F*CK Them UP?! (topic slightly changed to fit all genders) Now the video clip makes sense huh? sometimes your just sitting there minding your own business and all of a sudden something pisses you off so bad that the only thing you want to do is maul the mess out of the person.

It’s story time…

Imagine your going on a date, after someone begs and pleads to see you. So you go to pick them up, and from the time you put your key in the ignition to go on this date your mind is telling you.. DON’T GO. but because your under the nice person guise, and you want to stop the phone calls from coming in you say “hey, what the hell one date, then it will be over.” So you go to pick up him or her and you have to wait for them to get dressed after you told them you were on the way.. dammit you live 25 min away, that’s more then enough time to get ready… So as your sitting there waiting for them, after 10 min you start to inch your car forward because…hmmm maybe I should just go back home and get in my bed.

Finally the person comes out smelling all good looking all good, but as you sit there and ride to your destination you realize that they sprayed on a lil too much and your starting to get nauseous. so you crack the window “Wooo it’s hot in here *wink*” you get to where your going and the only thing you want to do is read the menu order and hightail it out of there.

You order your food they orders theirs then you watch as they order fancy drinks. In your head your like dang they must got money. you eat, your done you have small talk, and then ladies you sit there and wait for the man to grab the check… men you grab the check, who ever ask whoever out should pay. right? HA! It’s a game of will as you wait and watch as no one picks up the check… so you being already pissed and ready to go, pick up the check… in the back of your head your saying… maybe I should leave, or maybe I should reach across the table and claw them out like the bear above did…so you pay, YOUR PISSED.

In the silent car ride home this person, this stupid stupid person decides that they would like to put the moves on you. so you look at them like; “Nicca are you stupid” … they don’t get it so you stop your car in the middle of the road turn to them real slow, and say… “I will kill you if you put your hands on me one more time, SMILE and continue to drive. You get back home and for some flickering moment you get the impression or maybe cause they asked that they want you to come in… for…. sexy time? Muahahahaha!!!!!

the night air fills with the ugly sound of rubber hitting the icy pavement like a thief in the night.

my point was… I don’t know… I guess i want you to tell me one of your horrible date experiences.

Still Not sexy!!

Okay maybe she is just a little bit, but for some reason she still doesn’t do it for me. I think it’s because I will always picture her as little Ashly Banks from the Fresh Prince. She gets bare assed for this months issue of KING mag. I don’t know about all the rest of you but…. if i ever make it big my first goal is to get on the cover of KING because King either makes or break you….and no sah i just want to show some booty for the cam, That’s All!! back to Tatiyana, No matter what she does or how much clothes she takes off she will always be Carlton’s baby sister



Nappy Headed Brawl

remind me never to mess with a baller b!tch, because those are some hard blows that they were giving each other on the court. i don’t know the technical words for basketball and stuff but from watching the video Lisa Leslie swung at some other chick when that chick ran by… somehow she knocked Lisa to the groud, and all hell broke out….IDK…all I know was that those nappy headed hoes were out there throwing blows and getting all football locker room with each other…

What ever happened to the days when chicks shadow slapped until someone’s hair got pulled. now there out there doing mixed martial arts on each other and acting all un-lady like. SMH!!

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