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Please Shut the hell up!!

“Damn i wish he would shut up”

” it’s really not that funny”

” I wonder what would happen if i smash this glass over my own head”

Channel Iman wants what’s his face to get the hell out of hers. rumor has it that he’s trying to recruit her to be the next Kimora Lee since she has gone and had a complete sex change and walks around with balls swinging under her dresses.
The point is i love the body language, she just wants her food (one rice and a leaf of lettuce) to come so that he would stop talking.


You know your too skinny when….

1. Your belt wraps around your waist 3-4 times

2. When you skinny jeans are baggy

3. When the cartoon character on your shirt has way more body then you do.

4. When you just look like you can’t hold up your own head

5. Dammit, when everybody is always offering you a damn sammich


Jaslene never seems to get it right

hmmmmmmmm ummmmmm????????????????? Ever see something so “trash baggy” that you were at a lost for words, because I can’t think of anything to say about this… I’m going to change the subject and talk about my junior whopper that I had before I went to the party on Saturday…it was a really good whopper and to think that someone tried to grab my bag from the counter because he’s crackity self thought it was his. So i snatched it out of his hand was like “this is Mine thank you”…come to find it it wasn’t mine. So i rolled my eyes at him when he looked at me because i didn’t want him to know that i felt stupid.

In other words I bought the junior whopper for Jaslene…. and i still refuse to comment on her outfit so I’m leaving this one alone.


You should get that checked out

Amy Winehouse goes jogging *crikets crikets crikets*
There is just so much that I have to say but all that comes out is tears….What a waste of a talented woman.

Dammit i said “Crack is WHACK”

It’s Time for an intervention

Cause this chile needs to be infused with cake, biscuits, muffins, pies, and donuts. It is unlawful and dangerous to be that skinny. She so skinny she looks like she stinks. Like her pored are filled with caca (I just threw up in my mouth a lil bit)

Look at those lil legs. I’m sure she has back problem because the weight of her shoes no doubt weigh more then she actually does. WHO’S WITH ME!!


Arn’t you starving?

Is food not a requirement in being healthy? He dress would be cute if she had a body. Skin and bones has never been the poster child for SEXY….I think and intervention is needed. it’s not natural for a Puerto Rican not to eat…Spanish people thrive on carbs and grease. Something is wrong here, what’s the number to the Puerto Rican board of healthy eating.


Them PETA people are vicious

Looks like PETA has had enough with the Olsen twins (better known as the Trollsens) and have decided to launch a hate campaign in lue of there blatant disrespect for animals.

Check out PETA’s website dedicated to the Olsen twins HERE it’s a damn funny shame

I don’t know which one is which but them skanks look like cracked out HICKS especially the one with the mouth shaped like a duck

This picture is PRICELESS, throw paint on them hoes

Want to play a game of Dress up the Trollsons CLICK HERE


Crack is Whack: K-Ci

K-Ci from Jodeci channeled his inner M-jack and got feaking deeky in front of the chirren at his performance at the Apolo

AHH writes: K-Ci started to sing but the brothers’ suggestive actions were inappropriate for the little children in the audience. He allegedly started to grope himself in a sexual manner so my boy Castle started booing K-Ci as loud as he could! The whole crowd followed suit! On top of it all, K-Ci decides it’s a good idea to take off his shirt. Somebody else told me he looked like he was “starving for a Nutriment or some type of supplement drink.”

Oh Hell No!!…if he ain’t a prime candidate for TNHOTT: Crack is Whack, then I’m out of a hobby. This man has all the way lost his scruples. I think he was catching feeling for himself, hence the touching of his privates. He need to stop singing and eat burgers, french fries, and cake to get his weight up. he looks like he’s two snorts of crack short of anorexia.

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