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Who looked the foolest: Raven or the Hair broad

I was surfing NB page when my heart stood still in mid beat, and I had to squeeze out a fart just so someone would could come save me….. I don’t really have anymore to say except: Who looked the foolest (this one is a hard one)

The ghetto Rapunzel w/belt set


Raven Damn Simone: looking like they opened the door to the padded room too wide to give her her meds and she escaped, she sort of reminds me of that scene in Ace ventura, I think raven got her outfit idea from that (see video below)


Happy Burday Fanny

Fantasia celebrated her 14th birthday and that peach ballerina cake dress that’s making me giggle as i type this. In true Fanny fashion she kicked off her shoes and performed an old church anthem including catching the spirit and falling out on stage (maybe I’m making that up) Her booboo Young Dro, was there to accompany her in a matching men wear house peach linen suit.

The chicks from Xcape came out to support there ghetto friend, not to be outdone by all the foolish fashion that was surrounded her Tiny managed to not be outdone. she and her smug nose came to the party with gold azz leggings and an over sized suitcase for a bag.


Little BoPoop

Really what can i say…I can’t even begin to get into the concept behind lil Manma’s outfits anymore. I feel like i have already invested too much energy and free mind space to continue to allow her to piss me off. So with that being said i will leave the scrutiny up to you

p.s- It’s about that time that she leave her little sister at home. That’s sweet and all but I’m sure that little girl has some coloring homework or numbers to write.


Gimme back my curtains

A-meri looked like a China doll that got all glammed out in her grandma’s curtains and turned it into a chic wedding dress. Maybe if it didn’t have the plunging neck like that looked like someone bunched together some toilet paper and draped it across her neck and gave it a little tuck at the waist line. the dress might have been stunning. or maybe I’m just hating.

What I’m not hating on it that tired azz bun she has piled atop her head. some cascading curls would have done just fine.


Poor Jennifer

I said it before but now I think i’ll have to pass around a petition to get her stylist fired effective NOW. leggings are cute but it seems like that’s all her stylist knows how to do. She always has on some combination of leggings, belt, and some ugly shoes. and on the rare occasion that she gets a a style change it is always something shiny (some type of metallic ensamble) Something has to be done now or this chile is doomed to a life of ugliness and shame.


And Your Out of here.

You ever wish that real life was a cartoon. In this cartoon as soon as Mimi released the ball a big gush of wind would come by and the ball would turn around and *SMASH* Hit her in the head and her head would split right open and her brain would spill out on the floor.

I love that cartoon I just made up….

Can someone tell me: WHAT THE HELL SHE HAS ON HER BODY????? this is not a game i want to know how someone SO rich has nothing but hooker whore clothing to wear. I have never once seen this girl look semi decent (except when she was little innocent mimi back in the day) since her return to the world of bimbo she has been a complete horror to look at. I know a lot of you are wondering wear Nicky boy is…you can hind him locked away in his dungeon waiting for Mimi to come home so he can paint her toenails and cry into her bosom.

I just don’t understand

Somone made a mistake

and should be punished.

and thought that his sh!t was funny. Mother need to be held accountable for the foolish appearance of there children, There is no reason why they #1 bought the dress in the first place and #2 allowed her to be scene out side in public with it on. So Sad!! I promise my un-thunk of child that I will never allow it to be humiliated in pubic but not giving a damn what it puts on.

pics via YBF


Jaslene never seems to get it right

hmmmmmmmm ummmmmm????????????????? Ever see something so “trash baggy” that you were at a lost for words, because I can’t think of anything to say about this… I’m going to change the subject and talk about my junior whopper that I had before I went to the party on Saturday…it was a really good whopper and to think that someone tried to grab my bag from the counter because he’s crackity self thought it was his. So i snatched it out of his hand was like “this is Mine thank you”…come to find it it wasn’t mine. So i rolled my eyes at him when he looked at me because i didn’t want him to know that i felt stupid.

In other words I bought the junior whopper for Jaslene…. and i still refuse to comment on her outfit so I’m leaving this one alone.


Who Looked the Foolest


I can’t decide. All i know is ALL these broads need to STOP NOW!!

Rhianna’s head has Competition

I can’t say that I love to look at Miss USA because many of you know that i have a pet peeve for people that have gynormous heads. It makes me feel unsafe….like they know what I’m thinking or that they are aliens from out of space here to take me back to the mother ship and make human stew out of me. As with the case with Miss USA. I think she won because while being on stage at the pageant she was sending out secret messages to the judges to pick her. Which led to her being crowned. And I;m sure they had to go to the crown store and buy another crown that would fit her massive head.

Second she should have to give up her title to the first runner up because she disgraced the crown by having the worst weave ever and wearing the ridiculous laced onsie.

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