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I hope the Boss realizes that tomorrow I’m a No SHOW cause I’m off to the parade!!

BOSTON (AP) — A blizzard of green-and-white confetti was in the forecast, a shiny trophy was being readied for its trip to the center of the parquet floor and T-shirts and caps were hurriedly handed out to the rest of the new NBA champions.

First, though, a final, fitting bow.

The clock said 4:01 left, and the scoreboard read: Boston 116, Los Angeles 81.

It was time for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to come out — together.

“I thought, they came in as a group, and I thought we should take them out as a group,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said.

The Big Three walked off as one, and into history. -source

BEANTOWNS FINEST (I’m talking about me *wink*)


Congratulations Celtics!!!


But BOOOO!!! to Paul Peirce in this picture. I know that ain’t his baby momma looking the got damn fool, so I will not condole the messtivity that is taking place in this here photo. I also don’t know when this picture was taken but past or present it is a complete stupid mess.

I’m actually surprised that this hussy ain’t on all fours crawling around the club making cat noises and licking her leather bustier


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FYI: Boston Peeps

Ice cream chain Cold Stone Creamery said it will give away a special Patriots Day treat today at 22 of its stores in Massachusetts and New Hampshire while supplies last.
The free three-ounce offering is named the “Patriots Day Creation,” and its ingredients include cake batter ice cream, brownies, and fudge as well as red, white, and blue sprinkles, the chain said.
As always, conditions apply. There’s a limit of one per customer, and the “Patriots Day Creation” is an in-store only deal and cannot be packaged to go, the chain said.

More info or click the link above

The C’s

With football season gone till August we could pay a little more attention to the NBA season in progress. Going into the season we knew the Boston Celtics would be a good team to watch with the addition of KG and Ray Allen. But what most NBA fans didn’t expect was the dominance the C’s bring to court every night. By far you can say the Boston Celtics has proven to be the best team during the first half of the season. The C’s currently hold the best record in the NBA with 41 wins and 9 loses. With the intensity of Kevin Garnett on the court the men in green are ranked number one defensively. Boston also leads the league in some interesting categories; when they score more than 100 plus points they are 22 and 4. After leading the game by 10 points or more they are 26 and 1.The most intriguing record they have is against the western conference, the big three has lead the C’s to the perfect west coast battle.

After achieving sixteen victories over the west coast the Boston Celtics have proved that they can win in any arena. Eight of those sixteen wins came from championship contenders from last year’s playoff tournament, which includes the world champion the San Antonio Spurs. Kevin Garnett has faced a mild abdominal strain injury that has kept him off the court. The team has managed to keep the winning sensation alive without their big man on the court. Rajon Rando has stepped up with Kevin Garnett out by averaging about eighteen points a game. When they faced the San Antonio Spurs Rando had a great game without scoring the basketball. The sensational second year point guard had twelve assist and eleven rebounds to help Paul Pierce lead the way to victory against the Spurs. Boston ended the fist half of their season on a good note against the New York Knicks. After the All Star Weekend we will see how the Celtics adjust to the remaining schedule that stand ahead of them. The C’s will be the team to look for heading to the playoffs.



Lawrence Maroney: The X Factor

The Road to Perfection: Super Bowl XLII (Feburary 3, 2008)

For the Patriots the passing game has paved their way into the Super Bowl, but the X factor will be Lawrence Maroney against the Giants defensive rush. A rematch between Tom Brady and Eli Manning will be an intriguing match up where both quarter backs will display their talents to win the Super Bowl. Throughout the postseason Eli Manning has attempted 85 passes and completed 53 passes with no turnovers. Tom Brady had a near perfect game against Jacksonville throwing 28 passes and completing 26 passes for 262 yards. The AFC championship game against the Chargers Brady threw for 209 yards and had three interceptions with two touchdowns passes. Brady then turn to running back Lawrence Maroney to set up the rush attack to win the AFC title.

Bill Belichick and his coaching staff will look to use Lawrence Maroney more effectively to set up the passing game. The Giants will do everything in their power to disrupt Tom Brady in the pocket. During the first 14 weeks Maroney was not a factor to the Pats success, he only rushed for a total of 529 yards in 14 weeks. As the season came to an end Maroney gained his confidences and rushed over 100 yards in both week 15 and 16. Going into the postseason Maroney ran all over the Jacksonville Jags with 22 carries for 122 yards and a rushing touchdown to defeat the Jags. Look for the Patriots to establish their rushing game with Lawrence Maroney in a double tight end set. By establishing the run attack this will set up the play action pass from Tom Brady to Randy Moss. If the Maroney gains positive yards on the ground and score at least one touchdown the Giants are in trouble. My prediction for Super Bowl 42 is 35 – 24 Patriots, Maroney will rush for 80 yard or more and scoring one touchdown. Tom Brady will pass for about 300 yards and will throw four touchdowns passes (two of them to Randy Moss). Eli Manning will throw for about 230 yards with 3 touchdown passes. The Giants will rush for under 75 yard and they will not score a rushing touchdown.



That’s Not Hott: Sports News….

Who are you rooting for????
That’s Not Hott says: 18-0 and one more to go!!!!

For the fourth time in seven years Tom Brady has lead the Patriots to the Super Bowl. What makes this Super Bowl different and special from previous Super Bowls? Well the difference between this Super Bowl verses the past three bowls is the respect from the NFL community. The Pats respect level went from t “they are an okay team” to “they’re one of the greatest team in NFL history. When the Patriots played the St. Louis Rams, Carolina Panthers and the Philadelphia Eagles they were consider the underdogs. Many people didn’t believe that Tom Brady was a deadly weapon who could march up to the enemy’s territory and strike at any time. Until this season many Americans saw the best quarter back in the NFL and it wasn’t Payton Manning. Tom Brady brings the total package to the quarter back position. Mr. Brady doesn’t only win games he orchestrates his victories. I have a new name for the great one Tom “Total Package” Brady. When you put up number like 50 touchdown passes, 100 careers wins out of 126 NFL starts you deserve respect. Football fans across the globe may dislike Patriots, but you have to respect the perfection they bring to the football field. That is why entering the super bowl this year is very special.

The word special is defined in many ways; distinguished by some unusual quality or being in some way superior. When you look at the New England Patriots heading to Arizona to face the New York Giants you must like their chances of winning. Three years ago if someone said that the Pats would enter the Super Bowl undefeated, you would look at them as if they had the Holy Ghost. Little did we know what should have been a dream turned into reality. After the first game against the New York Jets football fans knew that Tom Brady’s new weapon will be dangerous for any one who faces the Pats. By demolishing every opponent they faced the mighty Patriots became the team to beat. Unfortunately for all the teams who tried to derail the Patriots off the route to perfection failed. 18 games 18 victories, no other team in NFL history has accomplished that milestone. The special part about going 18 and 0 is having an opportunity to climb up the mountain top a stand alone unbeaten. Move over Mercury Morris and 1972 Dolphins there is a new king about to be crowned on February 3rd in Arizona.

Click HERE for highlights of Pats v.s Giants in week 17

And you say she’s just a friend

A temporary domestic restraining order has been issued against Patriots receiver Randy Moss, after a Florida woman alleged he battered her and then refused to allow her to seek medical attention on Jan. 6, according to court documents….

I ain’t say she’s a gold digger…but she knew what she was doing cause he’s ain’t a broke Nicca (I’m funny). these chicks these days kill me..right before the biggest game (besides the super bowl) is when she wants to come out with this trash…I love it. everyone knows I’m a stickler for juicy gossip….he said this broad wants 6 figures…hell, me the hell too. If she wasn’t trying to mimic one of his catches while getting the peen then she wouldn’t have gotten hurt..

She doesn’t want to be a friend any more she want to be the mother of your 15th child….She wants your Becky to move over and make some room for her in the dairy farm….it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. I just hope that he knows this is a bunch of baloney, and keeps his head clear for the game. New England doesn’t have time for this petty BULL.

here’s what he has to say:

“All I want to say is they’re false allegations,” Moss said. “It’s something I’ve been battling for the last couple days, threats of going public if I didn’t pay X amount of dollars. Before people rush quick to judgment, I think you need to find out the facts about what’s going on.”

“All I know is, it’s a friend of mine, a young lady, and it was an accident where she hurt herself to where they called me, called my attorneys trying to get X amount of dollars out of me and if we don’t give X amount of dollars to her, (they’re) going to go to the press before the (Jacksonville) game . . . so I just want to get out to the people I am aware of what’s going on, and I don’t really want people to rush quick to judgment and not know the facts.”-source

Look for the details and a more organized post about the scadel later from RON the sports man!!

Boston Honors The Kings

Mayor Thomas M. Menino, with Martin Luther King III at his side, this
morning announced that the city to build a statue commemorating King’s
parents, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King.

“This is a tremendously special honor to have this statue in a city
where my father was educated and met my mother, and where the romance
began,” King said before addressing a packed Twelfth Baptist Church in
Roxbury, where his father once preached.

Menino said a committee will choose an artist and explore potential
locations for the statue. He said the city plans to raise money from
private donors. He did not say when it would be unveiled.

The Kings were both educated in Boston in the early 1950s. Martin Luther
King Jr. was a doctoral student at Boston University. Coretta Scott King
studied voice and violin at the New England Conservatory.

King, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, fought for civil rights and has
been credited with helping to end legalized racial segregation in the
United States. He was assasinated in 1968.

I am so pleased that Boston, despite our set backs in the community will do something so wonderful. Across the US so many places, streets, and other venues have honored Martin but like someone pointed out to me this morning, those places are usually in the ghetto and the statues or streets are laced with bullets, teddy bears, 40 oz bottles, and candles dedicated to the people who have died. I hope that when Boston puts up this statue in Honor of the kings that it would be in a place that can be respected and set a tone for the struggle that MLK had to get us to the place that we are in today… LET FREEDOM RING!!

That’s Not Hott: Sports News….

It’s not everyday that I let someone else write for That’s Not Hott, But because I know I have readers that like a little bit of everything I have invited my friend Ron to give me a sports buff view on what’s going on with the Crazy Hott! Boston Sports teams. We will be working on a sports blog for more of Ron’s writing, but for right now That’s Not Hott doesn’t mind sharing some space to support another black writer. Show Ron some love and leave a comment, even if it’s just a hi.

When you put three all stars together on one roster to win one championship you don’t know what to expect. For Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge this was a make or break move by placing sharp shooter Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett along side with Paul Pierce.

So far so good with one of the best starts in NBA history the Celtics are on pace to a great season. With leadership coming from the starting five to the bench players Doc Rivers job as a coach has become fairly easy. When you have three guys who could pick up the slack at any time during a game you become a very dangerous team. We have seen Paul take over out west against the Utah Jazz, he had 37 points to carry the C’s to a win. Ray Allen hitting the buzzer beater three ball to snatch the victory away from the Raptors. Of course the big man KG leading the way down the stretch against the Rockets to retain the lead and victory.

Having the best record in the NBA does not guarantee you will be playing for a ring in the middle of June. Despite winning 27 games out of 30 there are many more areas the Celtics need to improve if they are going to be a contender.

The point guard position can be the reason why the Celtics won’t see gold in the promise land of the post season. Rajon Rondo has been spectacular supporting the big three night in and night out. The problem lies with the back up who tries to set the same tempo as Rondo brings when he is on the floor. Eddie House is a very special player in his own merry way, but he cannot run the C’s offence under pressure. Go back to the Detroit Pistons game where Rondo was in foul trouble and Eddie House was the point guard running the offence. The Detroit defense forced House to make costly turnovers which lead to a Detroit win. Now the key to avoid critical situations like this again is to recruit a veteran point guard like Sam Cassell or Gary Payton who can deal with the pressure.

- Ron Raymond

Stay tuned for more from Ron on That’s Not Hott: Sports News

Congratulations to the 07′ world Champions

Boston Red Sox!!

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