Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Chris Says i’m Sorry! Finally

I will leave my thoughts out of this but I will say this. Better late then never. He apologised to her before over and over and now that he has the okay he has now apologised to his fans and the people that look up to him. No one knows what happened that day. Nothing is right about the situation. So lets see how the world moves on and insures that this never happens again. Fell free to drop your thoughts in the comments section.

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“Since February my attorney has advised me not to speak out, even though since the incident I wanted to publicily express my deepest regret and accept full responsibility…I felt it was time you heard directly from me that I am sorry. I have tried to live my life which can make those around me proud of me and until recently I think I was doing a pretty good job. I wish I had the chance to live those few moments again, but unfortunately I can’t. I cannot go into what happened and most importantly I’m not going to sit here and make any excuses. I take great pride in me being to excercise self-control and what I did was inexcuseable. I am very sad and very ashamed of what I’ve done…I have told Rihanna countless times and I’m telling you today that I am truly, truly sorry and that I wasn’t able to handle the situation both differently and better….I have let a lot of people down…and noone is more disappointed in me than I am. As many of you know, I grew up in a home where there was domestic violence and I saw first hand what uncontrolled rage can do. I have sought and am continuing to seek help to ensure what occured in February cannot ever happen again. And as I sit here today I can tell you that I will do everything in my power to make sure that it never happens again and I promise that. What I did was unacceptable, 100%. I can only ask and pray that you forgive me please. I hope that others learn from my mistake. I intend to live my life, so that I’m truly worthy of term role model. Thank you.”

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Tuesday, July 01st, 2008

Eddie might be throwing in the towel

And I agree, he’s pretty annoying and I wish he would get over the children movies and get back into the cussing and sexy movies. I was watching boomerang the other day… you know the part that he was digging out Big Head Givens, and besides from the fool azz faces he was making i almost got a little tingle inside. but that soon faded when i paid attention to how creepy his mouth is, he looks like he makes a living out of yamming cookies. any who he is thinking about retiring from movie making and going back to stand up… I don’t think that would be a bad move. after all he is a tad bit funny.

all in favor say “I”

“I have close to fifty movies and it’s like, why am I in the movies?” he said, adding, “I’ve done that part now. I’ll go back to the stage and do standup.”

Murphy, 47, said that while a “Beverly Hills Cop 4″ flick was in the works, he didn’t want to do it, because “the movie wasn’t ready to be done.” Murphy said he agreed to do “Cop 3″ because of the large fee he was offered. “They said this is how much we’re going to pay you. I said, ‘let’s go shoot it! I don’t care if the script ain’t right.” -source

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Friday, June 13th, 2008

Weezy vs. Al Sharpy

Fight Fight Fight, looks like my God-father Al Shapy has gotten into another “who’s balls is bigger” battle with another member of the Rap family, This time Weezy “wtf” baby has lashed out on Al Sharpy in one of his songs “Misunderstood” saying:

“You see, you are no MLK/ You are no Jesse Jackson/ You are nobody to me/ You’re just another Don King with a perm/ Just a little more political/ And that just means you a little more un-human/ Than us humans/ And now let me be human by saying/ F**k Al Sharpton and anyone like him”

Then someone from Shapy’s camp probably the same person that came back with this witty response for David Banners rant (which I have to say was funny funny stuff) The Only thing I have to disagree with in the response is that 50% is not a very good percentage when were talking about supporters. All that mean is that just as many people hate you that love you, and that 50% of love could just be from people who think your funny and find it hilarious when you speak (i’m a part of that %age)

Sharpton’s camp contacted Current TV’s blog The Daily Fix with a response:

“While some of the rappers don’t like the fact that Rev. Sharpton has been leading marches against the degradation of women in music, a Gallup poll released last week revealed that Rev. Sharpton has a 50% approval rate among African-Americans. So why dignify a response to one rap artist who doesn’t even say anything substantive,” a Sharpton rep said. -source

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Day 26 Lame "pops the question"

I have no idea which Day 26 lame this is or who is girl is but i do know that the mess she has on is killing me softly. I would like you all to take a moment and really study “what not to wear” I have highlighted 3 important points of reference

1) A yellow dress and white Bra???? NOPE!!
2) A bright pink panty??? NOPE!!
3) HER?? NOPE!!
see more pics @ the ybf

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Tuesday, April 08th, 2008

Crack Makes your Titties Bigger

Tell me I’m wrong. Whitney was on the MOST crack and now look at her boobies all full and juicy looking….In every single picture all you see is breast. Kid Fury suggest that she’s pregnant, which could be the reason for the full melons. I hope she doesn’t have a lil crack baby who’s addicted to drinking crack milk from ex-cracked tatas (I was trying to use different words for her rack)

This might be fun…”what are some other words to describe a woman’s JUGS?”

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Thursday, April 03rd, 2008

Alter Ego by Derek Blanks

Derek showcased his exhibit last night. I’m thinking about breaking out my piggy bank and selling my small intestine so that he can take totally awesome pics of me. here are some of the ones that I could snag. To see pictures of the actual people at the exhibit visit my homie over at C&D I’m only interested in the art work. Holla!!

What say You??

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Thursday, March 13th, 2008


Over at Dlisted they are still awaiting PETA respose:

lat night when I was watching top model I didn’t understand why the hell meat would make for a groovy fashion statement… and….. I still don’t. I guess this is one of those things that I’ll always wonder about.
Click HERE to see more


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Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Amy is on the road to recovery

Amy performed at the Brit Awards and she didn’t do to bad. I still think that you can see the effects of de-toxing in some of her moves shucking and jiving moves. Hell, you got to start somewhere. She should smoke weed to calm her nerves. It really helps. (So they say) Soon i’m going to have to stop calling her Amy crackhouse, and call her something more appropriate like “Amy re-formed crackhouse”

Check out her performance
What say You??

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Can you guess what i’m about to say

When Beyonce and Tina Turner hit the Grammy stage for their high-octane duet on Sunday, most observers were left in awe. But the woman known as the “Queen of Soul” was left in a state of dismay over Beyoncé’s introducing Turner as “the Queen.” Clearly offended, Aretha Franklin says in a statement,

“I am not sure of whose toes I may have stepped on or whose ego I may have bruised between the Grammy writers and Beyoncé, however I dismissed it as a cheap shot for controversy. In addition to that, I thank the Grammys and the voting academy for my 20th Grammy and love to Beyoncé anyway.”
Everybody knows that Beyonce don’t got ONE OUNCE of sense and that 97.9% of time she has no idea what she’s even saying. So for Aretha to get mad about something that idiot azz Beyonce said, makes her just as much as an idiot. Besides, Aretha should concentrate on the fat in her big throat then who is borrowing her title as the Queen of Soul. Only thing she is right now is the Queen of Ham Hocks and Fat Backs

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Wayne speaks out against all his trouble

Wayne hit the stage more than three hours late for the sold-out gig, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, strolling out just before midnight after promoters said his private plane was delayed leaving Arizona and had to be rerouted.

The 3,500 fans sat through several hours of what the paper described as “middling rappers, radio station DJs spinning popular urban tunes and hosts Fat Kat and Honey B, who basically kept telling the audience to ‘Make some noiiiiiiiiiise.’ “

I hate that “makes some noise” Bullsh!t. If I wanted to make some damn noise I wouldn’t need you to tell me to do so. I wish people would stop with that non-sense. The audiance should have thrown bottles and chairs up on stage at the host, and then they should have all pulled down there pants and did a collective mooning.

I have no idea what Weezy said, but he said it….

“I just flew in not even 10 minutes ago. I just had to deal with a whole lot of bullsh– today, but I guess you know that. … I want you to know that none of y’all up in this building have nothing to do with the attitude that I have right now. I’m not the happiest man right now. When your friends tell you one thing and they’re gonna be there for you and then when you get to that point … I just want all the mother—-ers that been with me that ain’t never gonna be with me to note, I did it for y’all. To the ones that ain’t gonna be with me no more, die.

A junkie can’t do what the f— I do. I try to tell them. I am the ultimate high, understand? I am my drug, you understand me? Why don’t you do me one favor, I ain’t gonna tell you who we talking to, let’s just look this way [as he turned toward the stage], and on the count of three say, ‘F— you.’ “ -source


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