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Rajon Rondo Is So Ambitious

I don’t do these things on purpose. I do try to find you people as much entertainment as possible, but sometimes people make it so hard for me. I try to be nice, but sometimes i get a little pissed off when i try to support something and i only find ONE DAMN PICTURE!!! ONE PICTURE #comonson… i guess the fact that Rondo was there was good enough. I didn’t go to the event because it was on a work night and I’m too old to go out on the weeknight. that’s a lie but non the less from the looks of the other pics it was a good night

update: I was informed that management for Rajon Rondo didn’t allow the photographers to snap pics of Rondo, so this ONE PIC is the diamond in the rough.

This is the one and only pic of Rondo that I could find

pics courtesy of SOG Entertainment


The Tournament: OchoCinco

Who could turn down a face like this??? Well here is your chance, you could possibly be one of 85 woman chosen to stick your tongue all down his throat, and eventually make adorable little animal like babies.

VH1 strikes again with giving another random person, this time Cincinnati Bengals Chad OchoCinco formally Chad Johnson, a reality love show. Now black people can have another reason to be ashamed. More then likely when the show airs I will watch it religiously because I love to be entertained by mindless foolishness. Ain’t none of these people ever serious

I’m not sure when it’s supposed to air but I’ll keep you updated

Weird thing is he is actually a really sexy black man… I might just apply… wish me luck

“The Tournament” will start with Ochocinco finding 85 women interested in dating him. Then, during the first of 10 episodes, Ochocinco will narrow the playing field down to 16 — four from each region of the country. That’s when the real competition begins.

“Ochocinco is one of the most electrifying individuals in sports today. His bigger-than-life personality on- and off-the-field and his notorious skills as a social networker, connecting daily with his fans, makes him a perfect fit for VH1,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of VH1, in a statement. “This show will not only give viewers a look inside his professional life, but also reveal his softer more romantic side when playing a very different kind of game.” -source

If You want to give Love a chance CLICK HERE for application


Stop Calling My PHONE!!

*sad face*

Iverson’s wife filed for divorce in Fulton County Superior Court, according to a report in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The petition was filed on the same day that the sixers announced that Iverson would not return to the team this season.

According to Media Take Out AKA THE TRUTH *rme* they say the real reason for the divorce as told to them by an “insider” is that a band of home wreckers kept calling Iverson’s house and telling his wife that “Allen is their man and blah blah blah.” The “insider” also said that he/she knows that Iverson did his dirt but that the story seems to not be true, Because Iverson wouldn’t go out like that and that he/she doesn’t think that Iverson actually had a relationship with any of the women. I don’t know how much of this is truth neither do I care but it brings me to my point

The couple was married for over eight years, and in the filing, Tawana Iverson said the marriage was “irretrievably broken,” while requesting custody of their five children, along with alimony and child support in an unspecified dollar amount. (source)

Jump off’s need to know there place. If you are a jump off and you know that you are a jump off, “Don’t call my phone I’ll call you.” Now a days these side woman are getting more bold and demanding more then just the unspoken covenant of just having sex. Now they want to go to eat, go to the movies, be respected, ect . If men wanted to do all of that they would take their wives and girlfriends. Why would they need you for JUST sex if you want to do all the extra respectable shit. Know your place, stay in your lane, because chances are… EVEN IF he breaks up with his MAIN chick, he still won’t want you. Which in turn leads to the bitter woman syndrome of “if i can’t have you no one can” and that is another post all in it self.


The Email Break up: Richard Jefferson

I’m not sure if you all have heard this story, It’s about 2 weeks old but it’s nosey news that will start discussions amongst your email and facebook friends so I’ll tell you the story. Okay kids this is what happened…

Former net star Richard Jefferson was supposed to marry his girlfriend of 5 years. Two days before the wedding he sends her an email saying that THE WEDDING IS OFF… okay you say “damn he broke up with her on an email?” technically yea but little did the world report is that they had been going through some ish and at the last minute he made the decision to call off the wedding. He told his family prior to him breaking it off maybe that same day of the email, but because a lot of her family and guest were already in pursuit of the wedding, she decided to just hold a dinner party so that she can be among family and friends.

“There was a lot of stress and tension in the relationship. We’ve been through a lot — but we just couldn’t continue,” said Jefferson, sounding upset during a telephone interview.

This was not as bad as it seemed she got a nice 6 figure severance lump some$$$$$$$$, he said it was for her to be able to start her life over and move on. To read the whole story CLICK HERE

MY TWO Cents: In this day and age when people are getting married because it’s the new cool thing to do, I feel good that he/they had the sense to walk away from their toxic relationship. Some people are good by themselves but together they are toxic to each other. without properly getting their lives in order and clearing up past issues that are important they are going ahead and jumping the gun. Think before you make life long decisions. You can always love someone and remember the things that you did for each other and have gone through together, but if it’s not meant for you to be together then don’t do it. it’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to that other person. Jefferson made a decision that must have killed him, the guilt that he must have felt to have to tell someone you love that you can’t be together. No doubt, I can even begin to imagine how she must have felt. Woman always feel like they can make things work with the man they love. Sometimes trying to glue back something that is too far broken on leads to an ugly mess in the end.

Because he loved her he even hit her off with a good sum of money. he didn’t have to do that. she wasn’t entitled to anything, but he did. Sometimes you just need to cut your losses and GO SHOPPING with the ring that you got from pawning in you ring.


Lebron gets dunked on!

This video is going around of a young 20 year old boy that ultimately makes Lebron James his ballsy B!tch by dunken on him. In the slow motion part at the end of the video you can see it clearly that something cool happened… I have to admit, I don’t really know the true essence of being dunked on. I thought it was supposed be like the dunkEE was clearly underneath the dunkER, this one looks like Lebron was off to the side when he got “dunked on”

You be the judge…

I don’t know what I’m looking at?? help me out guys


A gold medal in Sexy time

Puffy get real and talks about sport, and the Olympics. When asked what he thinks that he might be able to win a gold medal in he said:

“Who could have sex the longest, I think that’s an event I can do well in. And probably who could stay up the longest. Just so you know, that’s supposed to be funny. Even though I am serious.”

But who would be his competitors?

“Whoever’s up for the challenge.” -source


sorry your disqualified….

Lil Romeo is a real life celeb

Rapper Lil Romeo has passed up a starring role in new movie “Sweetwater,” so he doesn’t lose his college basketball eligibility. The son of music mogul Percy “Master P” Miller, Romeo Miller, this year begins playing for the University of Southern California, where he’ll have to abide by strict college athlete rules.

The school’s directives require that the 18-year-old has to be a full-time student and can not accept hand-outs or cash favours from potential sponsors, agents or professionals. In “Sweetwater” Miller was set to portray the first African American player signed by America’s National Basketball Association, according the WENN News.

“Romeo has agreed to abide by all NCAA regulations, but I think a lot of their rules will need to be updated to take into account a person of his magnitude and his past accomplishments,” the rapper’s father said.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my son’s decision to choose education and athletics over money. Being a student athlete takes a lot of hard work and discipline.”

Lil’ Romeo says that Master P – his dad – always insisting that he learn as well as play in school: “Being raised in poverty-stricken New Orleans, I know first hand what it’s like to have nothing, and to see what my dad has done with his education, goals, and opportunities has really opened my eyes.

“Now I’m grown up and I’m setting my own goals and with the right education, I know there’s no limit.”


This is the reason WHY i will fill my gas tank with gas and drive 3 days to USC so that i can be his college sweetheart, have his baby, and live happily ever after as a Miller. I commend him as a celebrity and Man because he’s not all into the hoopla of just making money and buying dumb sh!t and sleeping with video hoes just to look like “he got it like that”. This young man understands the importance of a education and working hard for what he has. Maybe if little Bow Wow had done something other then running his mouth all the time he wouldn’t be always getting accused of being a lil fag, but than again not everyone is that bright. I’m really proud of Romeo for thinking with his head and taking time to be a young adult first…he has time and I’m confident that he will make it very far in this world and go on to do great things.


Nappy Headed Brawl

remind me never to mess with a baller b!tch, because those are some hard blows that they were giving each other on the court. i don’t know the technical words for basketball and stuff but from watching the video Lisa Leslie swung at some other chick when that chick ran by… somehow she knocked Lisa to the groud, and all hell broke out….IDK…all I know was that those nappy headed hoes were out there throwing blows and getting all football locker room with each other…

What ever happened to the days when chicks shadow slapped until someone’s hair got pulled. now there out there doing mixed martial arts on each other and acting all un-lady like. SMH!!

Click Here to read details

It warms my heart to see my dear home town Celtics players out with their beautiful black wives, all freshly permed and smelling good. You don’t know the joy I’m feeling to be a part of such a great team… I’m their manager.
anyways the Celtics along with other athletes walked the red carpet at the 2008 ESPY awards looking all tall and fabulous. as I don’t really care who won what I’m conclude this post NOW!!

You Have to Be here to Understand


I hope the Boss realizes that tomorrow I’m a No SHOW cause I’m off to the parade!!

BOSTON (AP) — A blizzard of green-and-white confetti was in the forecast, a shiny trophy was being readied for its trip to the center of the parquet floor and T-shirts and caps were hurriedly handed out to the rest of the new NBA champions.

First, though, a final, fitting bow.

The clock said 4:01 left, and the scoreboard read: Boston 116, Los Angeles 81.

It was time for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to come out — together.

“I thought, they came in as a group, and I thought we should take them out as a group,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said.

The Big Three walked off as one, and into history. -source

BEANTOWNS FINEST (I’m talking about me *wink*)

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