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Make Love in dis Boat

All I can say is you go girl…when you find someone that doesn’t mind that you have less hair then he does, AND he’s a billionaire. I say Kudos to you and well wishes to your future. I’m sure they have nasty sweaty sexy time on a bed of $20 bills…. aside from everything else i don’t know if it’s his money but he’s pretty Hott!! look how he lets her eat his lip off in the second picture. YUM!!

The pair’s relationship has become increasingly serious after Naomi introduced Doronin to 12 of her most trusted friends at a dinner party in the South of France last month.

With an estimated £1.5billion fortune, the 46-year-old a property tycoon has a penchant for high-living and beautiful women that has earned him the nickname of Moscow’s Donald Trump.

Naomi, 38, met him at the Cannes Film Festival in May, shortly after the outburst on a British Airways flight that led to her arrest, and they have been inseparable ever since.
One of Naomi’s guests, Brazilian writer Bruno Astuto, said: ‘She said it was love at first sight and he is completely in love with her. Watching them look deeply into each other’s eyes, it was obvious that this is a very serious affair.


Naomi done gone and did it now…

Because of all the mess that Miss Nana has gotten herself into in the last couple of years/months Mandela himself has taken her off his roaster for his 90th birthday party. They say that him and her have been close for over 10 years but her recent out of control by getting arrested off the air plan (while wearing a hat for Mandela’s charity) has just turned every ones stomachs, maybe something like this happening will help her to start to get over herself.

A source close to the event said: ‘The man himself intervened and she was pulled off the list. He was disappointed with her recent arrest – particularly as she was wearing a 46664 baseball cap at the time.’Naomi and Mandela share a bond, but her recent arrest really disappointed him.’The organisers felt that this type of negative publicity goes against everything Mandela stands for and didn’t want her arrest to be associated with the charity concert.’Everyone hopes this may teach her a lesson as the concert means so much to her.’

This was Mr Mandela’s prison number-during his 27-year sentence and now promotes his AIDS awareness campaign.

‘Naomi was on the list to play quite an integral role, such as introducing acts on stage. But all plans were scrapped when pictures emerged of her being arrested wearing the baseball cap with the Mandela number on it. She will be allowed to sit in the grandstand and watch the performances, but that is as far as it goes.’ -source


Retreat Says the Hairline

I would be pissed and out of control too if my hair line was retreating to the back of my head. I don’t blame Naomi for being so angry, she is going through some really hard times trying very hard to convince her hairline that it should stay with her, and that they can live happily ever after. As you can see she is having No luck…The battle is almost over (it is over) and she has no grounds to compromise. So get angry my friend you need to let it all out because at this point there is nothing you can do.

Everyone the Search is over, TNHOTT search team with cease efforts on finding Naynay’s hair line….please send condolences and gifts to me.. I’m SAD

At least there is still hope for us Finding Ushers balls.

Naomi Campbell’s stint in anger management therapy has reportedly proved unsuccessful after the supermodel was seen shouting in a rage after a night out on Monday (17Jun08).

But her pleasant demeanor quickly dissipated when she suddenly began shouting and gesturing angrily, before inexplicably hurrying back into the Mayfair eatery.

An onlooker tells The London Paper, “Suddenly Naomi flipped and started swinging her arms about manically. No one could work out what was wrong with her.”She was shouting and screaming as her friends desperately tried to get her into the car. She was ranting incomprehensibly.

But the catwalk queen’s erratic behavior didn’t end there. Moments later, she emerged apparently restrained by three pals, who led her into her car as she seemed to wriggle out of their firm grasp.


Everybody at the club get tipsy

And fall over in the parkinglot whule being potoged…then and have someone from your camp come out a couple of days later and say you were playing a game of trust (WHILE DRUNK) HA!!

you can tell from the first pics that she has the glazed over ” I’m totally wasted” look on her face…and the rest of the pictures tell the rest of the story…. I’m sure she woke up in the morning saying “I’ll never drink again” we have all had those mornings…LMAO!!!

SUPERMODEL NAOMI CAMPBELL looks like she is falling over drunk — but she insisted she was just playing a game.

Naomi, 38, slumped in the street after a night out. Her eyes glazed over and her limbs went limp as she fell into the arms of a girl on the Italian isle of Capri. A mystery man clubbing with her tried to grab her arm.

But the catwalk queen — facing possible jail if convicted on air rage charges next Friday — said she was NOT drunk.

Her agent told The Sun: “It was just a bit of fun and not down to drink. Naomi was playing this trust game, where you fall into a friend’s arms.

“It’s very hot there, so that could also have had something to do with it.” <--- Yeah sure

Yeah the hell right!!! Tell me anything

So as you know I have launched a TNHOTT World Wide search for Naomi’s hair line and some other missing things that i won’t get into now.

Just today my team has has recieved some compelling leads as to the wear-a-bouts of sed hairline. Looks to me like this search is almost a lost cause. I will keep on pressing on to really dig deeper and uncover the truth, maybe I’ll have to turn this issue over to the TNHOTT crime scene investigation (looks like a murder). read below for the tip I got this morning.

Naomi Campbell is going bald, a friend says.

The fiesty supermodel, 38, started losing her hair 15 years ago, fashion photographer Huggy Ragnarsson told Britain’s The Sun newspaper. And her flowing locks are to blame.

Campbell’s tresses began falling out after years of having hair extensions, Ragnarsson says. She was reportedly warned about the risks, but chose to ignore them.

The model, who was charged last week for alleged assault on an airline, appeared to have a receeding hairline as she left a London police station on May 29.

“That’s been happening for a while,” Ragnarsson said. “The hair stylist Sam McKnight said to me in the ’90s, ‘She’d better be careful with those weaves, she’s going to lose her hair.’” -source

TNHOTT has launched it’s second world wide search (Sound the Hotsauce Alarm and symbol next to the batman one)…This time we are on the look out for Naomi Campbell’s hair line. This is just as important as Usher missing his balls so I urge you to take this seriously and check everywhere….hair salons, nail shops, pizza stores, airplanes, cell phone shops, anger management centers….

Any tips or further information leading up to the safe return of NayNay’s hair line with received an award. (something shiny)


Naomi with a BAT!!

Naomi was on set of “Ugly Betty” filming for her upcoming role on the season finale. BUT that’s not what I’m hear to talk about today…I want to point out the the little detail of Naomi’s shoe game. I’m certain that that is the closet thing to a sneaker that she has in her whole entire wardrobe. I’m sure that her feet won’t even know how to work in some sneakers. they might just go limp and start to melt.

Second it’s a pretty dangerous situation when a known serial Diva B!tch has a bat in her hands. The Camera guy behind her should watch is balls because they ate liable to connect with that bat in some form or fashion.

Those tho orange people are my favorite actors on “Ugly Betty” I would stalk the blog of Amanda. she’s a high quality ultra b!tch


I’m not a B!tch…I’m just misunderstood

Naynay explains it all:

“‘I travel a lot. I love traveling. It’s peaceful in the air. Nobody can get me there.’ She says she’s had therapy because inside her flamboyant outbursts is a scared deserted child and: ‘What I hate is people who, because you are in the public eye, try to take advantage of you, blackmail you. Unfortunately what happens is that lawyers become your best friend . . . What has been written about me is out of the hemisphere. Just wrong . . . I don’t care if they call me a bitch. A bitch is someone defending their rights . . . I’m a fighter.’ But ‘I’ve learned to meditate, to give myself some breaks during the day. I’ve rediscovered my good humor.’”

Those heels and out of control. Only a true diva to the word can pull off some suicide missions like those. i feel my knees buckling already


When Keeping it real Goes WRONG

Stop all the damn Drama, and sh!t like thins won’t be happening to you. This Fierce broad really needs to learn how to relax, and get out of the habit of “Keeping it real” cause sometimes “keeping it real” Goes tooooooo far. Now this heffa can’t even fly no more, she’s like the new Binladin

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been banned from traveling with British Airways after she spat in a policeman’s face.

The 37-year-old catwalk queen has pleaded with the company to change their minds.

“Naomi has been flying with BA for nearly 30 years and has been a good customer. She hopes this can be resolved amicably,” her rep said.

But the airline is adamant they will not allow Naomi to board one of their flights after she lost her temper in a row over a bag. A source said: “Banning her will send out a worldwide signal that such behavior is totally unacceptable.”

Rival airline Virgin Atlantic said she is welcome to fly with them. But insisted that, “Any decision regarding her future travel with us would depend on the outcome of any court proceedings.” Naomi was not charged but released on police bail until May over the incident on the Heathrow flight bound for LA last Thursday.

“When keeping it real” goes


Naomi Strikes (literally) again

I hope she coped her some new jail house stilettos cause NO ONE HITS AND SPITS ON THE COPS. In some states actions such as those can get you 73 bullets in the gut. she’s so lucky. She need to check her anger management issues and learn to re-freaking-lax

NAOMI Campbell was arrested at Heathrow Airport this afternoon after allegedly SPITTING at a police officer.

The supermodel was hauled away “ranting and screaming” from her flight at Terminal Five after a row over a lost bag.

Naomi first kicked off in BA’s first class lounge after being told that one of her three bags had not made it onto the flight.

Despite apologies and assurances she would be reunited with her luggage, the temperamental supermodel flew into a rage.

She began harassing airline staff who called cops as the flight was called and Naomi walked onto the plane.

She was still yelling at boarding card staff as she took her seat.

Three officers from the MET’s SO18 Aviation security branch then came onto the plane.

They tried to calm the model down, but she is alleged to have reacted by spitting at an officer and then laying into him with her fists.

Frenzied Naomi was bought under control after a struggle and then physically hauled off the plane.

Cops were called and she was heard screaming “get off me, leave me alone” before she attacked one and was taken away to Heathrow police station. -source

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