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First of all this is not a picture from that night… Second I just want you to focus on the video.

While in the middle of what seems like a hell of a performance, A fight breaks out in the crowd. It doesn’t seem to stop Waka Flocka from bouncing around and talking his special language. Apparently someones wig gets snatched off and Waka Flocka gets a hold of it and decides that he will just wear it… Who cares right a wig is wig and good wigs are hard to find.

What struck me is NOT, the fact that he put on someone’s nasty ass sweaty wig, but the actual sweat that was pouring from the bodies of him and his people on stage is what had me in shock and horror. I can’t imagine the stench and stickiness of that whole party situation. His body is literally wet with sweat and that club looks like it’s a fire hazard to life. Call me uppity but I hate the feeling of someones wet body rubbing up against me in a dingy ass club. UNLESS it’s a soca party (small disclaimer)

But, OOOHHH LE DOOOO IT *shrugs*

I wonder if Kim really feels in her heart that she is sexy, I wonder if she looks in the mirror and says “damn I’m a sexy b!tch” because if she does then I’ll pour out some Hennessy in remembrance of her brain. Anyways Lil Kim recently performed a whole bunch of yelling, screaming, and touching her titties at the “Way Out West Festival in Sweden” FUN FUN FUN

Her stomach looks like dough that is being kneaded to make a loaf of bread. a loaf of bread that ultimately will have to much yeast and blow up in the oven. then you would shape that blown up dough into something that looks like all of the pictures below.

Look at that….. ewwww!!!


Oh Nelly PLEASE your killing me

Have Mercy on me dear Father… I have stared at this pictures for so long that…. I think I’m going to be a mommy… Nelly and I will go on to live happily ever after, until death do HIM part.

All I need is ONE NIGHT

I love Nelly But…

This t-shirt that he has on it totally gay. I love JIZZ?? really? Maybe to a less perverted freak then me there might be a different meaning, but I’m not that mature and all I see is I LOVE JIZZ and where i come from that’s not something sexy for a man to love. Call me a pervert but… (actually you can just call me a pervert)

He wore this gay shirt for a video he is doing with Jermain Dupree called “Stepped on My J’s” Whatever…the shirt should have been spelled with a “s” instead of the sound it makes when it’s spelled with a “z”

p.s- Nelly is super HOTT

pic source NB

You should get that checked out

Amy Winehouse goes jogging *crikets crikets crikets*
There is just so much that I have to say but all that comes out is tears….What a waste of a talented woman.

Dammit i said “Crack is WHACK”

Lil Kim knows how to Work the middle

Kerrin Steffans has made a whole army of little book writing sluts. Power after hours DJ Golden Girl has just released her tell all book which happened to include a whole sexy porno story of her and Lil Kim getting there sensual seduction on.

Golden Girl says:

Anyway, there I was, in a position I had never been in, laying in bed with the Queen Bee, ready to eat her p*ssy. We were in some exquisitely designed bedroom, where she was dressed in a thong…period. We were drinking Cristal, and I couldn’t believe I was about to have sex with a chick. I felt a little weird, although I do chix with chix parties, and have a series of chix with chix DVD’s. I have seen it in person at clubs, and have been asked by chicks to have it done, but I have never done it, or had it done to me by a chick.

But all that shit aside, Lil Kim and I were touching, rubbing, and before I knew it, we were playing in each other’s p*ssy with our fingers. Her a*s was so soft, I kept touching and grabbing it. I’d never felt anybody’s a*s as soft as mine, and her t*tties were huge and pretty. Her nipples got hard instantly as I licked all over them. She was rubbing my cl*t and grabbing my a*s.

Read More at {C+D}

Update:see Nicolebitchie for the story behind this excerpt and how lil Kim responds

Is this what a Bust-it-baby does?

Watch closely
Notice: the chick with the gold bathing suit top, screaming at the top of her damn lungs
I’m sure Plies is looking for his Bust-it-baby in the audience, wait he has spotted gold bra top…
Yes your eyes have not deceived you
Yes she is about to give her fingers some brain
Yes his fingers are in her his mouth

What a nasty hoe, I’m 100% certain that the last time Plies went to the bathroom he did not wash his hands. Even if he did by the time she started sucking on his fingers his hands were probably laced with so much piss, feces, and spit that i can be sure that her mouth fell off when she got home. I can almost guarantee what she eats Azz..nasty SOB…..


Gary Coleman Married and still a virgin

No SEX in the bedroom, and Gary says: You can’t make it do it.

I think it is written somewhere in the marriage handbook that you must have sex with your spouse. The fact that Gary has been married for two months now and has not given that girl any of him little chocolate love stick should be punishable with a stint in the federal prison. Okay okay, i’m pretty sure she’s not complaining seriously I think she’s a little over-joyed that she doesn’t have to succumb her self to that amount of torture. Sex with Gary is bond to leave you filled with terror and nightmares. Damn it i’m scared my self and all I have is the morbid visual.
God be with her.

Tyra that is not the toilet

Blogger Fabian Basabe reported about his experience just before interviewing Tyra:

Tyra Banks messed herself and needed to change. Now, let’s break this down: messing oneself should not happen if you are older that 5 or younger than 90. if it happens and in fact you are older than 5 or younger that 90, then it should be one, single, very unfortunate episode which will bound you to be made fun of forever and you can’t complain about it. Now I would like to bring to your attention that Tyra’s people carried a change of clothes for her at NYC fashion week. Hmmmh… could it be that Tyra messed herself before? or just that her entourage is so organized that in case tyra would ever, maybe, possibly mess herself that one time, they have a change of clothes?

I’m pretty sure that while Tyra was pooping in her panties that she popped a squat just like in the picture above. we all know that Tyra didn’t poopie her self *cough cough* but for the sake of entertainment and extreem gossip I’m going to run with it and from now call her Tyra “doodoo head” Banks. On a not so stinky tip…Top model startes on the 20th YAY?!?


Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick:I’m sorry 2008

The people of Detroit aren’t too happy about the scandalous scandal that the mayor has brought to there city. With T-shits and Posters they protest and demand that he step down from his position as mayor. I mean damn he cheated, if he’s wife ain’t mad everybody else need to shut the hell up…..With all the other nasty things that people are doing in the world, people need to relax and get out of those people business.

This is a picture of the home wrecking skank that was creeping with the mayor. She ain’t ever going to live this one down. Damn shame, she looks like such a promising gal.

To find out the back groud of the story if you havn’t heard already CLICK HERE

Ruben couldn’t have said it better

Taken out of the Bill and Hillary Clinton “show em how it’s done” vault…Stand by your man girl!! Him sorry!! If it were me he would have had to let me kick him in the nasty balls a few times but i’m married until death do HIM part.

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