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Kobe is America’s SweetTart/heart

To all you Kobe fans…. Come get your boy….!

(he may need to stay out of his wife’s closet #imjustsaying)


PIMPS up HOES down

Pimp T and his Bottom b!tch Coco attended the 1 millionth annual Playa’s ball…yes they won!!

No one can’t beat this dynamic couple. what i would really like to understand is how in the world does Coco manage to get those baby dresses over her body, and then how the hell she gets them off, he must keep a pair of scissors next to this night table to cut them off, i also wonder if her vajayjay is allergic to panties cause she never seems to have any on, but then again how could she….all another piece of material like panties would do is cause friction therefore starting a small fire, then again that wouldn’t be so bad

the thing that gets me about these two is that they have been together for a while and has single handily discredited the saying that a man wants a freak in the sheets but a lady in the streets. They have proved that your lady can be a freak both in and out of the bedroom and your marriage can still last. That is what true love is all about. So all of you ladies out there trying to be respectable and still losing your husband. take a page out of Ice T and Coco’s book and start slutting it up everywhere you go. Don’t say i never gave you sound advice

she is the definition of class and elegance.


Yippy Kiyae Mo’fo

Like a Gangsta Cowboy. Snoop Doggy Dog found himself attending the Country Music awards dressed in full country regalia. I’m unsure of how he managed to look like a cowbow yet never for one minute dropping his PIMP persona. Snoop is what Alica Keys would call an original Gangsta not influenced by sed government.

Take note young cats…snoop is the TRU-F

When Keeping it real Goes WRONG

Stop all the damn Drama, and sh!t like thins won’t be happening to you. This Fierce broad really needs to learn how to relax, and get out of the habit of “Keeping it real” cause sometimes “keeping it real” Goes tooooooo far. Now this heffa can’t even fly no more, she’s like the new Binladin

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been banned from traveling with British Airways after she spat in a policeman’s face.

The 37-year-old catwalk queen has pleaded with the company to change their minds.

“Naomi has been flying with BA for nearly 30 years and has been a good customer. She hopes this can be resolved amicably,” her rep said.

But the airline is adamant they will not allow Naomi to board one of their flights after she lost her temper in a row over a bag. A source said: “Banning her will send out a worldwide signal that such behavior is totally unacceptable.”

Rival airline Virgin Atlantic said she is welcome to fly with them. But insisted that, “Any decision regarding her future travel with us would depend on the outcome of any court proceedings.” Naomi was not charged but released on police bail until May over the incident on the Heathrow flight bound for LA last Thursday.

“When keeping it real” goes


PIMPS up HOES down

Bishop really has on green dress socks.

and a bejeweled cell phone hanging from his neck…Don Juan is nothing short of A Hot MESS


M! m! good

Campbell’s chicken noodle… possibilities

She looks like a young Eartha Kitt, booble head edition

It’s a nice dress only because of the cause. BTW I hope all you ladies are wearing red today. keep your heart strong and yout pimp hand stronger.


I need to Vent

And so does Coco’s Vag….

Now what I’m about to say may get a little un-classy but…I don’t GAF…..Coco’s vagina is dry as hell you want to know how I know…ALL of us ladies have experienced a time or two when the wedgie is not in the back but it actually found it’s self some wear in our twats…that sh!t ain’t cool, it’s not fun it don’t feel nice and all it does it dry you out. You know when a woman is dry because she will walk, stop, look around and spread her legs apart a take a dip (a slight drop down and get your eagle on) , hoping that the invasive pantie will somehow release it’s self from your love spot….if that didn’t work no doubt the next step is the bathroom where you will run your drying vejayjay self into the nearest stall to release your cotton brief from your now dried out catspot….LOL..

Coco’s whole entire spandex long pantie is lodged so deep down inside her Vag that I know her stomach lining is dry……Who really lives like that. Camel toes went out with Elvis….


Trey knows how to Proceed with the show

Who beats some one’s azz and then get back on stage to sing a love song. I guess that’s what you call “Keeping the PIMP hand strong”

Apparently someone was trowing Ice at Trey Songz and his goons on stage, and when he found out who it was they all jumped off stage, tore into his behind and then proceeded on with the show. That’s what you call professionalism.

You don’t have to watch his whole prefornce unless you want to hear a bunch of sex crazed woman singing along at the top of their longs.


Bag of belts please???

Raz-B needs a beating(lies or not) he sounds like a little scared pussy cat: If I started writing exactly how I felt my mother would cry when you reads the disturbing words that will emerge from my mouth and into my fingertips. So on that note I’ll allow you to watch the video and then form your own opinion….

SMH!!! The venom is being spewed all over this keyboard. I don’t know what to say…today I’ll talk the I believe everything everybody says side and say that they were all blazing each other out, and not somebody is mad at somebody and leaking ish, and somebody is marked for death and someone (chris) is nasty….and everybody needs to go sit the hell down and pray… I feel so used

Yesterday I asked where was Omarion was in all of this recently he came out to say:

I want to be on the record as saying that ‘Raz B’ Thorton and Ricardo Thorton are lying regarding Chris Stokes,” Omarion said via statement. “Chris is a father figure to myself, and many others in the industry. He’s guided us, helped raise us and is nothing more than an inspiration and someone I respect and look up to.

“I have spent countless hours, days, weeks and months with the man since the age of 5 and have never once seen him behave inappropriately,” he added. “He’s married to my aunt and I know this man very well. I stand behind him with no question whatsoever.”
Omarion said the accusations are damaging not only to Stokes but to Omarion himself because of the pair’s close relationship.

“I have grown up around Chris and this is crazy to me,” he said. “These people have damaged me and my reputation, and I won’t stand silent and will do all within my means to speak the truth about this matter.” -source

This boy is traumatized…i think his little bung hole still has vivid visions of playing “tell me where it hurts” with uncle Chris.

I’m done with this story….EWWWW, shame one everyone involved


All Pimps Go to Heaven: R.I.P Ike Turner


TMZ has confirmed that music legend Ike Turner. He was 76. Turner apparently died in his home in San Marcos, Calif., just outside of San Diego.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ he may have died in his sleep.

The Recording Academy issued the following the statement about Turner’s passing: “There is no doubt that Ike Turner was one of rock and roll’s great architects with his genre-defying sound as an instrumentalist and bandleader … As a two-time GRAMMY® Award winner and recipient of The Recording Academy’s 2004 Heroes Award, Ike’s legacy as a groundbreaking pioneer in the music industry will never be forgotten.”

Ike I’ll See you amongst the Pimp Slapping and Cake Eating Angels

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