Monday, October 18th, 2010

My Life is about ME

Im lazy and i live in the body of a half fat girl with a very fat heart and soul.

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Saturday, September 04th, 2010

E.N.F.G Bobby Shakes/Hotsauce

Flo simples tells Natalie to go and fuck herself and we got it on film.

Hotsauce Ent in collaboration with has decided to team up and provide New-England with candid footage of Boston’s Night Life… Stay Tuned for more interviews from people Just Like YOU!!!

It’s Only Just begun!!

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Wednesday, September 01st, 2010

Business Cards = (ME) Important

I try to be a socialite but I think im way to lazy to be everywhere and go everywhere, don’t get me wrong since I haven’t been working, I’m out more often then i used to be and that’s because i like to network. Networking is FUN! and now that i have business cards *pause for dramatic effect* i feel like i’m even more big time. I have to give them out because i have like 1million of them and i have no idea what to do with all of them. Which leads me to a random point: If I have 1000 (1 million) business cards and I give them all out… that means that 1000 (1million) people will eventually have my number. Granted that many people may already have it, but that’s an extra million people running around the world with my phone number and email address. In this day and age where there are creeps running around sucking your brains out of your ears and wearing your face as a hat it’s hard to know who’s a maniac killer and who’s a nice person just wanting to get to know me and network with me. i completely went left on what this post was originally supposed to be with but i feel like i had that thought on my mind and i need to release it.

I guess the bottom line is… I have my own business cards and i’m important

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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

STRESSED… 5 tips to PREVENT slitting your wrist

My locks started out curly and after pulling at my hair all day they are completely straight.  Why am i stressed one might ask, because i think too much about the dumb shit that i shouldn’t be thinking about. I guess i’m just really big on communication and when i don’t get any from people that I have enlisted to help me in my journey, i just get really frustrated. From Big business professionals to small business owners, to friends that are just good at certain things. Im so tired of the not returned phone calls, the ignored emails, and the dismissed facebook inbox msgs. How do i get a hold of you people???

I just feel like it’s rude. I feel like in working with other people that lack proper communication skills, it’s almost like being an an emotionally abusive relationship and not being able to get out of it because you vow to make it work out. Especially after you have put money into your cause you just feel like at this point…. someone needs to pay attention.

I guess i just needed to vent because my mind runs faster then my body moves. I usually think about the next step before my body starts the prior one. I jump to goal number 5 before i properly execute goal number 2. Im always ahead of myself. I need to settle down. How? no idea. I guess until then i just have to kinda get over it and do some woosahh exercises. Breath in Breath out. So in thinking about ways to de-stress i came up with 5 common sense tips that i use to calm down when i realize that there is nothing i can do.

How To Not Slit your Wrist when stressed

1. SCREAM into a pillow… it helps to release the tension in your throat

2. Blog is out.. write something, let go and just write, it doesn’t have to be organized it just need to be  your thoughts. When your down either publish it or erase it

3. Eat a burger… they say not to eat when your stressed because you body will start to depend on food in the time of aggyness, but i say to hell with that Eat something that you love! comfort yourself and just enjoy some time not thinking about why your stressed

4. Go to sleep… When your mind won’t stop mentally cussing everyone out, get in your bed, read a book until you fall asleep, when you wake up you’ll be so lazy that nothing else really matter, tackle all the shit tomorrow.

5.Pray… Ask God to just help you get though one of the prior suggestions and thank him in advance for making you feel better

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Monday, August 23rd, 2010

I’m A Business Owner

About 3 months ago I was terminated from my corporate prison cubicle and set free in the untamed world of foolishness, overly priced fruits and vegetables, and the eye opening realization that money does not grow on trees. I vowed to use my government saving until i could find a job that would make me happy or to give my own ideas a chance to flourish and strive. The latter of which I created and am now watching grow into a lunch money making business. She goes by the name “Sauce-New England” An entertainment site dedicated to easing the thousands of daily invites regarding events going on in Boston and the surrounding areas. So long are the days when handing on fliers and posting banners about the fun unique event their having, instead facebook and its users are being harasses and stalked by promoters offering the same party that they had the week before but with a differnt theme and a different invitation.

So, what I did was come up with a concept that many of done before but have failed because I obviously don’t know about them. Not to say that i don’t have some stiff competition out there somewhere but i’m almost positive that i have this in the bag due to the adorable success that I have gotten so far. Basically what I did was create a network for people to find out what is going on around town in one spot, one website, one place… something that you can just go to and click on the date and find out all that is happening around New england on that day. You don’t have to sit down and watch 5 minutes of video to get to one event, you can just skim it, rsvp to it, get on the guest list and move on from there.

No doubt I have found it challenging to get people involved, it’s also very tiresome and stressful to try to make sure that the website stays up to date with all the latest and greatest. Because i’m such a business minded person i find it hard to ask someone for help with out being able to off them some kind of incentive. When starting a small business you soon begin to realize that this is your baby. This is what you do, this is your own personal seed that you are trying to nourish and feed and watch grow into something lucrative and successful.

Often times i want to reach out to people that have like minded concepts but i get scared that someone will try and turn my vision into something that it wasn’t created to be. i often feel like if i sweat and strive by myself that i can get more accomplished and stay on the right track. What I need to realize is that it okay to ask for help, it is okay to delegate, just as long as you stay on the right path and stay focused.

i’ll be updating you guys on the process and my life as a business owner/socialite step by step, so stay tuned…. the Fun has only just begun

IN the mean time Log on, Become a member and stay in the know….

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Friday, July 16th, 2010

Switching Things Up

Im so bored with doing celebrity gossip, and im too lazy to write my own things but I think that’s the road I have decided to venture down. I’ll still update this blog with what’s happening in Boston but i’ll put my own flare and twist on things, make them a little more personal.

After all… i am a socialite so i’ll use this blog to highlight my adventure outside in the world. The people I meet and see, the drinks i drink and vomit. The men i deny and the ones that i try to flirt with, with out disrespecting my commited relationship (giggles)

I’ll take pics so you can see what im talking about…. if you want to know all the happenings in Boston, hit up my social network log on a become a member and don’t forget to add your events if you don’t see them there

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Monday, June 28th, 2010

BET 2010 Live Performances!!

I don’t have time to post every performance, but these are the ones i thought were the most fun… im not gonna comment on all of them cause i’m lazy…. but make sure to tell me what you think. Especially about the Chris Brown Performance


Chris Brown


Prince Tribute

My chick Bad w/mad people

Dirty Money

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Friday, June 11th, 2010

Erykah Badu:Out of My Mind, Just in Time

I have only heard from other people that I am weird, I have yet to notice it myself. But Erykah Badu definitely is weird. At least that is what i thought until I got a chance to meet with her back stage. Before we get to that, The concert was wonderful. Jonelle Monae opened up the night with her soulful oldies feel music. Not to be outdone by Erykah because Jonelle had her own following, by following I say there were people there dressed in her signature white full sleeved, puffy shouldered collard shite, black slacks, and little dancing shoes. Yes, there was a whole group of them just dancing and singing along to her music. Her music was a little much for me, but there was a point where she stood on top of a stool and sang a love ballad that gave me goosebumps. After a brief intermission Erykah Baduwas introduced to the stage and the soulfulness of her being surrounded the orpheum theatre. Or maybe it was the 24 oz beer that I forced myself to drink and enjoy. Needless to say she didn’t get naked. No window seat for us.

After the show, she held a meet and greet and we met in the basement of the Orpheum. As Erykah ate veggie patties and lettuce off of a platter along side Jonelle Monae. She spoke to her small audience about her album, her life, and her inspiration. It was at this small informal meeting that I realized that unlike a lot of other artist, Erykah was genuinely NOT full of shit. She is weird because she believes in what she says and she stands by her decisions and works through them, She’s real and spoke to us like we were old friends. It was a moving experience, and I’m happy to say I got to be a part of it

pics by: TOMMY

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Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Summer Jam

Yes People, Boston Does have a summer Jam, and if you listen to Jamn 94.5 you probably tried and had many failed attempts at trying to win tickets. I must admit I tried 3 exact times to win and I didn’t even make it through to the ring tone. So since I wasn’t there I stole some pics from from the Jamn website and posted them here for you reading and watching convenience. I heard Nicki, Drake and Lupe Fiasco (who was not scheduled to be there) and Trey songs really put it down. Luda went last, but I didn’t hear anything fancy about him OH WELL!!

Also on set were: B.O.B, Serani, Sam Adams, Kevin Rudolf, Clinton Sparks, Taio Cruz, and other randoms

No, this one was not as interesting and drama filled like Hot97 (ny) summer jam. But, HEY WYF do you want from us??? you can go on to see video’s and interviews HERE

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Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Lloyd Banks at Roxy Wochester

Lloyd Banks did his thing at The Roxy in Worchester, right outside of Boston. I’m hearing that a lot of drama surrounded this event, but every one is being kinda hush hush about it.  once i get into the heart and pants or find a suitable groupie to suck the information out of the promoters and bookers I’ll start informing you on the juicy details.

Pics: Tommy

I came across a leaked song by Lloyd Banks, and i figured i would share it with you. didn’t have the patience to listen to it, but let me know what you think, based on your responses i’ll judge weather or not it’s listening material

“Yous a Hoe”

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