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Vixin Manual: How to be and stay a slut

SuperHead Steffans is at it again… Now with a manual on how to seduce and keep and suck off the man that you want. it would be benefiting to her readers if she had a graphic display tutorial on how to get a nick name such as superhead. I bet that’s the most of what she can teach someone on how to keep a man. With all the people that she has slept with and sucked down why is it that she couldn’t keep not one of them?? That’s just one of those questions that make you go hmmmm…. if one of my friends buy the book I’ll borrow it, but I’m damn sure that she won’t be getting my hard earned pesos!! no mam.

“‘The Vixen Manual’ is completely different because the first two books were a set of memoirs and what I wanted to do with the memoirs was to get all of me out and done so there would be nothing new that anyone could come up with. I wanted to move forward from the life I had. I released those and let the skeletons out of the closet so that I could be lighter and freer in my walk. I went back to a book that I actually started in 2004 before I ever wrote ‘Confessions’ or ‘Diaries. As I was writing it in 2004 and early 2005, that’s when Harper Collins came to me and asked me to write ‘Confessions of a Video Vixen.’ I stopped writing this book to write ‘Confessions.’ I kept adding to it over the years and I would find myself going back and rereading and fixing things because I kept learning things about relationships and whatnot,” -souce
Blah blah blah… the book came out yesterday July 13th and you can purchase it HERE at YAY

Reports from the co-writer of Bobby Brown’s book (Derrick Handspike) lends some insight as to why Bobby has put out this book and a little sneak peak at what really happened in the picture of Bobby lying in a hospital room looking like a drugged out male prostitute.

I find myself very fascinated with this Bobby Brown fella cause he is PURE unadulterated entertainment. I wasn’t going to buy his book because I didn’t want to put my hard earned change in his pocket but according to this report…he’s already rich so…I’m buying it. The question is….WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO TO???

When asked the motive behind dishing dirt on ex-wife Whitney Houston, Handspike answered: “We are very wealthy from this already.” Handspike intimated that there are “investors,” adding, “It’s a joint-venture kind of thing.”

In addition to chapters about his cocaine use, which were excerpted in New York newspapers last week, Handspike says that Brown has also overdosed on heroin.

“No one knows that,” he told Friedman. “He had a stroke. They said he had a heart attack but he had a stroke.”

In the book, Brown says his heart stopped three times and he had to be revived with shock paddles.

According to Handspike, Brown also admits to hitting Houston. “He considered it horse play,” he said. “The reason Whitney called the police was that he laughed at her and then left. She said, ‘You think you’re going to just walk away from this?’ Then she called the police.”

Brown’s publicists are said to have adopted an aggressive game plan to promote the book.

“Brown’s press reps are approaching all the shows and made an inquiry to Oprah,” Friedman wrote in Sunday’s column. “The angle is gong to be that this is Brown’s way of telling his story, and that there’s very little about Whitney — at least not enough for which to sue him.”


Look at what I found….Ol’ BOBBAY done released his book cover. If I wasn’t excited yesterday about the book I am definitely excited now. Just look at the fierce look in his eyes. Already he has captivated his audience and is pulling us into the intoxicating (no pun intended) world of Bobby Brown. If the reality show didn’t make you am instant FAN then I’m sure this lovely book will win you over.

For your reading pleasure, I have include some more content from the book below:

He said, “By the time I reached my third single on the Don’t Be Cruel album, I was one of the biggest stars in the world. You know what that means. With success comes the women! A wise man once told me that. At this time, I probably had dated half of the industry including Madonna.”

“I met Madonna early in my career. She used to open up shows for New Edition in New York at the beginning of her career,” he continued, “so running back into her and getting to know her better at the height of my success was like a reunion. The list goes on from the who’s who to the flavor of the month.”-source


Readers Send the Darnest Things

To all of you out there that love to read (I know because you read my blog all the time) One of my favorite bloggers IVENT is having a special person visit her blog and will be giving away 5 free books to the first five commenter’s. CLICK HERE for more information and to read a snippet of the book.


I couldn’t find your email addy, so I’m posting..asking that u help spread the word. Author Cheryl Robinson is visiting my blog tomorrow and is giving away 5 books to first 5 posters tomorrow. can u let everyone know?? thanks

You only have 4 more chances cause you know, since i’m the president of the “Read a Damn Book Campaighn” I already won my free book (1 down 4 to go). HOLLA!!


Hog Head Cheese (Book Club)

A while ago I suggested we start up a book club, some people ran with it, some ignored it, some could care less either way. For those us that love gossip, yet still yern to curl up next to the oven sipping hot coco with a splash of cognac(yak), all the while enjoying a good book, then you have come to the right blog

Invisible Woman and That’s Not Hott, have teamed up to form the book club:

Hog Head Cheese

For those who are interested in the book club we will start reading: The Wifey series by Kiki Swinson (3 books total)

The official start date of the book club will be November 15.

more information will be giving on the website.

A link for Amazon will also be listed on the site.

make sure you have the first book by the 15th so that you can follow along.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest books to read please email us at


Pop Lock and Drop the HELL out of him

See what happens when there is an absents of a Male role model in a Young man’s life. They have too much damn time on there hands, instead of throwing around a ball or making car noises while they play with toy cars they are in front of the TV watching BET and mimicking video hoes…and then taping them selves popping, locking, and dropping it. Funny yet oh so sad!

pop lock & drop it

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lets open this up for discussion…..what is wrong with this here video clip….I’m about to get up from my cube take my ipod into the bathroom and see if i can do exactly what this boy has just done………NOPE i can’t I’m not that limber…….Can YOU???

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