Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Kays Beauty Salon: Bad Weaves get you PAID

It’s crazy how emails travel and land in the hands of a blogger. This story is crazy….

Kay’s Beauty Salon (located on Blue Hill Ave) is on the chopping block, because of a faulty weave job. The victim who eventually lost all of her hair and is now subject to wear wigs for the rest of her life *que dramatic music*, has been awarded $500,000 when her stylist neglected to glue her weave cap unto her head properly. Read the story below

pic: is not actual photo

“A jury award of $500,000 against a Dorchester hair salon over a botched hair weave will stand, the Appellate Division of the District Court has decided – even though the appellate judges found the size of the verdict “slightly startling.”

The case was filed by a Brockton woman who had sought a “sewn weave” from Kay’s Salon on Blue Hill Avenue. The process involves sewing non-growing hair with a needle through a customer’s own hair to thicken it.

Upon arriving, the plaintiff was told that the stylist she was scheduled to see was unavailable and that another stylist would do a “quick weave.” The latter process, for which the salon charged $120, makes use of glue to enhance the hair but requires that precautions be taken to prevent the glue from seeping into the scalp. However, the stylist failed to place a cap over the plaintiff’s head, which allegedly caused the hair and glue to come off together.

Eventually, the plaintiff’s hair had to be shaved so that pieces of stocking glued to her head could be removed. The hair has never grown back, and the plaintiff has had to spend thousands on wigs.” source

This is a shitty way to lose your hair. The document goes on to say that the whole block of business that Kay’s owns has been placed on lien because of this case. Despite Kay’s lawyers fighting to overturn the jury’s verdict by questioning the Nurse Practitioner examination of the victim’s skull, the judge ruled that jury’s verdict stands.

Regardless of the situation, someone botched that lady’s weave. Since Ms.Kay (the owner) has failed to do anything in all years of existence to RENOVATE her disrespectful looking Music Hall (Kay’s Oasis Music Hall) which I would assume generates most of her finances… I would also boldly assume that with all the business she continues to get from promoters in the city of Boston…. that she should be able to afford to pay the woman her money…


Thursday, July 09th, 2009

I can’t…

I interrupt your regular scheduled day to bring you some of the most outlandish piece of blasphemy I have ever heard in all my days as an American. Again, I must remind you of the intense dislike that I have for the child they call LIL’MANma. My dislike is so strong that it’s hard for me to even watch America’s Best Dance Crew without having to fast forward through her “critique” of a dance performance, or covering my ears with my hands and singing a little diddly in order not to hear her. Anyways she was asked about her feelings towards the death of Michael Jackson, and this DUMBASS has the nerve to compare Michael to JESUS (The Great Almighty Jesus Christ)

Please after you watch this clip, bow your heads and close your eyes as we ask God for forgiveness. Forgive her Father for SHE KNOW NOT WHAT SHE SAYS!!

*SIGH* these are our youth… someone needs to read the Great Book

Note: because of the severity of the offense that has already come out of her mouth i will not touch on the skunked hair ensemble that she has upon her head


Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Unsure….maybe use some powder

Jim Jones and his nasty funky azz attended a party (bbq) for Julz Santana and was NOT Zest fully clean or any fully clean for that matter. This is not a surprise to anyone, but it hurts all the same every single time. When those nose hairs start to singe off, you get angry. it dosn’t make a lick of sense… Why, because i don’t doubt that if Jim Jones tried to take a shower he would clean up pretty nicely. Granted it might have been hot out there but I’m positive Jimmy used that as the excuse in the first place for not having to groom himself.

while standing next to Jim Jones, Juelz is thinking “Who ordered an Italian, curry, garlic, and onion sub???”


Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Rockin Knockin da boots

Good day my little pretties (yes this post is about pretty Ricky) Like I said I’ve been on vacation with Rihanna in Barbados and Now I’m back and ready to talk that old sticky truth, or foolishness… it’s all the same. I have been trying to catch up to all the bull sh!t on the net and right now i’m knee deep in it, so until i can flush it all down bare with me as i gather my tools to go through life.

pretty Ricky icky icky… HA.. What a joke. I come back to find out that they done gone and made a re-make to “knockin the boots”

But why those boots??? watch the video and you’ll see what I mean

Those are the ugliest boots in the world….With all the sexy F me boots in the world that’s the one they picked to be the “sexy boot”.
I have to give these hott messes props for continuing to look, act, and sing like fools, although the lead singer one didn’t do such a bad job. All the air humping and grinding had me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off (yes i had to spell it out). it’s good to be back and surrounded by so much ignorance. Let the games begin.


Tuesday, July 01st, 2008

Little BoPoop

Really what can i say…I can’t even begin to get into the concept behind lil Manma’s outfits anymore. I feel like i have already invested too much energy and free mind space to continue to allow her to piss me off. So with that being said i will leave the scrutiny up to you

p.s- It’s about that time that she leave her little sister at home. That’s sweet and all but I’m sure that little girl has some coloring homework or numbers to write.


Monday, June 30th, 2008

When did they look the Foolest??

I know the BET awards are just as stale now as they were when they actually aired on television but i happened to be going through some old pictures and came across Pretty Ricky icky icky’s BET pictures from last year, and then I happened to come across their picture for this year. So I need your help on deciding when they looked the damn foolest. I can’t decide because they STAY looking the fool to me….

BET awards 08′


BET awards 07

I think they have a thing for Gold polyester


Friday, June 27th, 2008

This is what I feel about Oprah’s feet

I feel that when you are one of the richest people in the world and you can party with Nelson Mandela and you are a BILLIONair, and you have the type of $Guap$ that you could probably build a nation in your backyard, and you wipe your behind with 5 dollar bills because the 1 dollar bills are too cheap then your feet should NEVER and I repeat NEVER look the way that Oprah’s feet look.

She has enough clout that she doesn’t even have to pay a doctor to come to her home and make her two NEW pair of feet but NOOOOOOOO she insist of pissing me off and walking around with feet that look like she has just stomped across the core of the sun….hang my head in shame…. cause at one point that mutated bunion actually looked like an extra toe

Oprah can blame NO body but her self


Wednesday, June 04th, 2008

Pass me my bag of Belts

OHH HELL NAW!!! Someone hold me back….

I don’t know if any white people read my blog but there is something remarkable different about the cultures of the white and the black. If my child… (LAWD help me do this) If my child were to EVER talk to me the way this Lil fat boy was talking to his mother and then hauled off and slapped me like i was his b!tch….. then I would recommend the police to be there when I watch my child take his last breath so that they can have accurate documentation as to what happened. Too often we see parents taken the friendship role with there kids and allowing their children to have opinions and make their own decisions which lead to the blatant disrespect of the above clip. That video went on to long with out her reaching into the depth of HIS soul and snatching out his last heart beat. I’m too worked up right now so I’m going to end this…

If you watch this video and don’t have feelings of anger and thought of child abuse then you got a damn problem….Heaven help us.

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Monday, May 19th, 2008

BAM!!! WTF!!

I’m sorry that i had to do this…but I was not about to sit here and suffer while you all go on your merry way and sleep like babies tonight. Since I’m blind for the next 30 min (Yes i can’t type with out looking) You all will have to be disgusted and blinded for a bit to….You know how I love to post pictures of Dry Jones because something on her is always dry, well this time it’s her armpits. That wrinkly saggy armpit skin….seriously WTF….and she needs a Venus to get a closer cut.

SAFE for now

I’m sure that damn Oprah told her she looks fierce

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Friday, May 16th, 2008

Brace Face

Estelle looks like the sexy wife of big bird…. Okay that’s enough out of me. I’m leaving. I fire myself from my own blog….

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