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She’s DEF a Lesbian

There is just something about this girl that cries out ” I need help coming out the closet” I have said it before and I will say it again. I feel like she’s one of those lost young adults that can’t come to grips with their sexuality, in almost every picture that she takes, she’s with a female and in some weird lesbian like position. Now before you start bashing me on how the girl is probably just one of those touchy feeling types. take a look at the rest of the pictures and tell me if you don’t see the lust in her eyes….

She likes to eat box lunches at the Y {sweetest thing circa 200?}

I’m pretty sure she “jokingly” licked it off her face, Chris brown come get your girl

Rhianna dosn’t look as in to it as Teyanna does.

If the Mole don’t fit you must aquit

Damn why didn’t they just say that in the first place….. No need to waste all the tax payers money. If the man on the tape doesn’t have a mole then IT’S OVER. The defense rest.

Six years after R&B singer R. Kelly’s indictment on child pornography charges, his lawyers revealed the linchpin of their defense: A mole.

On Tuesday, the first day of testimony, jurors saw police photos that revealed a dark, caterpillar-shaped mole in the middle of Kelly’s lower back. But defense lawyer Sam Adam Jr. told jurors the sex videotape at the center of the case shows a man without a mole. -source


New Witness in R-Kelly Trial

This shirt is quit fitting. If those prosecutors keep bringing witnesses that will admit to having sex with a minor to bring R-kelly down then they are really trying to do some damage to this case. I heard that in jail those hard core prisoners don’t really take to kindly to pedophiles. it’s sad that someone named Rick James will probably end up making kellz his b!tch. hopefully the saying “what goes around comes around” doesn’t apply to him and nobody uses him a urinal.

woman is set to testify at R. Kelly’s upcoming child pornography trial that she had a three-way sexual encounter with Kelly and the allegedly underage girl shown in the video at the heart of the case.

The 41-year-old R&B superstar is accused of videotaping himself having sex with a girl estimated to be 13 or 14. He has pleaded not guilty. Jury selection is set to begin Friday.

A witness in the trial claims she had a threesome with Kelly and the alleged victim in the case.

As part of the case, prosecutors claim to have identified the girl in the videotape. This alleged victim is now in her 20s. Kelly’s lawyers plan to argue — and the alleged victim will reportedly testify — that she is not the girl in the tape.

But the prosecution’s new witness could undermine that defense, since she will identify the girl, sources with knowledge of the matter told the Chicago Sun-Times. In addition, the witness is expected to say the girl was underage at the time of their encounter.

“She was involved in a threesome with [the girl] and R. Kelly,” one source said.

Prosecutors and defense lawyers declined to comment, citing a gag order in the case.

The witness’ testimony was among the evidence discussed in secret hearings last month before Judge Vincent Gaughan. The judge, citing concerns about pretrial publicity, closed the hearings to the public and put multiple court filings under seal. -source


WTF PT 15: The Golden Boy

What in the Good Mother F*CK???


The Pressure is on R-Kelly

TMZ has confirmed that a judge issued a bench warrant for singer R. Kelly — because he did not show for a court hearing today in Chicago.We’re told Kelly’s tour bus was delayed in Utah, so he was a no show.

The judge in his child pornography case issued the warrant but won’t enforce it just yet. But if R. Kelly doesn’t show up tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM, the judge will tell the fuzz to arrest his butt.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Cook County prosecutors pressed the judge, noting he had already shown considerable leeway in letting Kelly travel outside Illinois. “This is just an abuse of the process. It’s disrespectful of your honor,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Shauna Bolicker.
The Judge said a trial date will be set on Thursday. YEAHHH right… we’ll see about that. In the mean time r-Kelly will continue to make rounds pissing on children while singing them precious lullaby’s

TI/TIP Gets Attacked

At the Screamfest Concert R-Kelly and TI surprised concerts goers with there unexpected performances. TI/TIP was brutally attacked and dry humped on stage (okay i made that up) but you can see that one of his Fans with a seriously big forehead went all crazy and tried to touch him….It ain’t never that deep

and Ciarra needs to stop with the damn spandex, with a friggen lace up on the the side
Yes I do understand, that with all the back bends and downward dog yoga moves that she does, she needs something that will keep her bones in place but lets just STOP with the spandex, maybe let’s do a baggy wind pant or a sexy sweat pant. maybe some stretch jeans…..

The Foolishness Continues

I have yet to see the first musical foolishness and I CAN wait to see this one. The trailor and sneak peaks of parts 13-1 million of floating around the net.

To be a part of the in crowd and see it first CLICK HERE

Thanks battle ax

Did anyone see it a few years ago on some awards show when R-kelly performed it all by his lonesome… let me go to my friend Youtube…well my friend youtube can’t find it and i’m tired of looking, instead i found this MadTV spoof….ENJOY!!!

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