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If I were her I would def kill myself , or go under a rock and cry til my eyes bleed

see her video and my post (story behind the music) HERE


Okay okay i’ll be nice, Just THIS TIME!

Mariah wanted to apologise to all her fans and everyone that tuned in to watch the Michael Jackson Memorial for her aweful singing on tuesday. Because I know that she was mourning for the lost of her freind I will let her awefulness slide this one time. BUT for the record I do feel like if she would have put that damn hand down from fluttering in her face she could of concentrated more. She has been sounding like crap lately but like I said she GET’S A PASS… JUST THIS ONE TIME!!!!

Via her twitter:

“Trying to sing today was basically impossible for me. I could barely keep myself from crying”.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to pull it together and really do it right, but I was literally choked up when I saw him there in front of me….One thing I know is, we will never really have to say goodbye to MJ. His legacy lives on through his
music and the millions of people he inspired with his timeless music. He will be forever in our hearts.”

What Say You?


No one was Interested..DUUHHH!!

I couldn’t have said it better myself. No Body cares about a fake wedding between Mariah and Nick Cannon, if she wanted such a big wedding in the first place why didn’t she just stay her bobbled headed self here and have the ceremony here in the first place. of course nobody wants to buy them photos they already have them. So now all these two have left to do is sit the hell down and starting putting together their publicity stunt for there divorce.

Mariah Carey’s Big Apple wedding might be off, according to sources close to Carey. The pop diva and her husband, Nick Cannon, hoped to have a lavish celebration that would involve millions of dollars and dozens of bridesmaids.

“The small wedding in the Bahamas was nice, but it was not Mariah’s style. The lady loves a spectacle,” said a source familiar with Mariah’s plans. What went wrong? The issue of who was picking up the tab.

“Mariah was willing to pay for the wedding, but the way she hoped to pay for the wedding was through the sale of photos. No one was interested,” the source revealed.



And Your Out of here.

You ever wish that real life was a cartoon. In this cartoon as soon as Mimi released the ball a big gush of wind would come by and the ball would turn around and *SMASH* Hit her in the head and her head would split right open and her brain would spill out on the floor.

I love that cartoon I just made up….

Can someone tell me: WHAT THE HELL SHE HAS ON HER BODY????? this is not a game i want to know how someone SO rich has nothing but hooker whore clothing to wear. I have never once seen this girl look semi decent (except when she was little innocent mimi back in the day) since her return to the world of bimbo she has been a complete horror to look at. I know a lot of you are wondering wear Nicky boy is…you can hind him locked away in his dungeon waiting for Mimi to come home so he can paint her toenails and cry into her bosom.

I just don’t understand


That’s the sound of the whip that Mariah runs across Nick’s back every time he shows her a little resistance. he probably gets raped by her and and then made to sit in her Hello Kitty closet so he can think about his actions. Just when he thought he could get a night out with the boys…..Cell phones blow up, Amber alerts are sounded, and an all points bulletin is executed to get the boy back to his Motherwife so that he can feed her little hot dogs on a papaya leaf.

Poor Nick he’s in it to FAIL…

NICK Cannon learned the meaning of “If you don’t pay, you got no say” this weekend. Mariah Carey’s new husband was trying to have a boys’ weekend at Saturday’s opening of the MGM Grand at Foxwoods with pals Sean Combs and Quincy Jones when he got a call from Carey. “He was summoned home by her at 1 in the morning,” a source said. “He didn’t look happy about it.” A rep for Carey didn’t return calls. -source

Hello Kitty (she make him call her that)

When Nick walks into the house the first thing he must do is take off his shoes and holler out “Hello Kitty I’m Home” or else Mariah burst out of her spandex mini dress and rapes him with a pair of platform stilettos. So to make sure he never forgets she sends him to the Hello Kitty store to become one with his inner punk and forever think of her as his kitty.

The End….

I think he just went to buy her one of those devil pink cats as a present. I like to imagine bad if i was mis-leading….


Damn them are some sexy RANGS

Son of a mother’s dog….those are some of this biggest rings i have ever seen in my life. They say hers is 13 carets…Now dig deep into your soul and tell me what the hell do you do with a 13 caret diamond ring? I “wishaniggawould” by me a ring that big…please understand me when I tell you that if it were me… I would pawn it for a smaller ring and use the money to feed a small nation. I mean a ring that big only makes me a target for predators and purse snatchers, next thing i know some man got my ring (finger and all) in his pocket racing down the street) I think not.

Nicholas didn’t make out to bad himself.


More Gifts!! from Mariah and Nick

This really is only for you people that care. I won’t even encourage you to comment on this because words will not be enough to express your careingness of this issue. I’ll pretend that I don’t even know what I’m posting about. This is only for those that are board at work and need a little extra something to keep your mind off of strangling your boss. Ohh yea you can pick up the mag when it hits newsstands on Friday…. if you can wait just wait for the scans to pop up on the net. I promise I’ll link to a site that post them.

Sidebar: I’m going to whisper this….I’m a little more interested in this wedding then I was in Yawnce and Jay’s. To me these two idiots are a lot more entertaining it’s almost like watching a bad mini series on BET.

Yep, they did it! If there was any doubt Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s wedding was the real deal, they answer the question once and for all in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, speaking for the first time about their surprise nuptials – and showing off exclusive photos from their April 30 ceremony.

“We really do feel we are soulmates,” Carey tells PEOPLE, following their sunset ceremony at the pop star’s Bahamian estate. “I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me.”

Cannon adds: “She is beautiful on the outside and 10 times as beautiful on the inside.” -source

who ever the airbrush manager on set of this shoot was should be awarded an award at the Oscars this year, cause they did a BANG UP job of getting Mimi body to look right. But since i can’t guarantee that happens. I will award the

That’s Not Hott Award for: Photo Shoot Airbrusher of the Year

WTF!! I had my speakers on low because I can only stand hearing her screech on the radio when I have no other choice. But her high octave yelling is not what pisses me off it’s the fact the Nick Cannon is the main dude in the video and at one point (when they are boarding the plan) he has on some tight azz jeans with big ol’ timbs…That style is dumb and if need to be worn it should be done so by a GIRL. I guess I’m pretty vain cause i could care less about what the song is about and care more about the fact that any minute Mariah’s stupid body is going to cave out on her and she will fall on her big head like that doll “baby tumbles”


Mariah and Nick Cannon Married YAWN!!

This just in (blah blah blah): Another mockery of God’s Holy union. I’m going to church tonight to pray for the lost world.

A source close to Nick Cannon has confirmed exclusively to that Cannon and Mariah Carey are married! The couple wed yesterday in a small ceremony on an island and it was “very implusive,” according to our source. The wedding was attended by a few close friends of the couple, including Da Brat.

pic via dotspotter

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