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New Edition re-united to receive the ASCAP Golden Note Award YAWN!! because really what have they done and what difference have they made. One of them Ronny, Bobby, Ricky’s have on a damn purple shiny suit jacket. they should have gotten the award revoked for that crime alone. Only good thing that came out of it was Bobbay Brown and his wet lipped face. He’s always makes a stupid situation better

Crack is WHACKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! ya’ll know Bobby just went in the bathroom and sniffed two lines so that he can get his mind right.
I bet y’all didn’t know that Bobby Brown was not only the King of R&B but he’s Also the Kang of the stage. WOWZERS…and for a Bonus tip Usher learned everything her knows from good old Master Bobby….who would have ever thunk it??? In his tell all book Being Bobby Brown: The truth and Nothing but… he speaks about his mini me AKA Usher. I think Bobby really believes it… CUTE

“I’ve always considered myself ‘The King of Stage.’ To this very day, I still don’t think anyone can get with me on the stage. I own the stage,”

“I watched one of Usher’s shows and he basically did my whole show,” the ‘My Prerogartive’ crooner writes. “It was as if it was me on stage. The thing about it is, I love seeing that. It’s a compliment to me as a performer.”

“I think you take parts of whoever is the hottest act of that era and you incorporate that into your own style,” Brown explained. “It’s just like taking buttermilk, eggs and corn meal, you whip it up bake it and you have cornbread.”

It’s quite obvious he gave that same advice to a young Usher, who he said he once personally trained. -source

Bobby and his lady love at the airport.

You would have to be a fool to not know that something like this would happen. The National enquirer reported the news which i can’t take to seriously but it’s not a far fetched story. This girls is under a lot of stress. her dad is trying to right a tell all book about his life as a crack head and her mother is dating a 5 year old. This girl has no other choice but to lash out and try to stab somebody…Hell I would have been locked up in the white coat of restraint in the padded walls of glory if i was her

Whitney Houston’s 15 year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina tried to stab her mom during an argument – and then attempted to kill herself by slashing her wrists! The shocking suicide attempt landed Bobbi Kristina in a psychiatric ward in Atlanta, sources said. Ann Davis, a family member said that a few days before Bobbi’s 15th birthday party that Kristina “tried to stab Whitney” before turning the razor on herself. Davis confided that part of Kristina’s problem is that she doesn’t want to live with Whitney.” {national Enquirer}

The Last time I posted pictures of little Bobby Christina I stated that she was on the rocky path of becoming a crack head like her daddy, Seems like now she has cleaned up her act to become a look-a-like, lesbian version of her mother. When you think about it…this girl really has no choice but to end up like her parents. I mean really what would you do it your step daddy was the same age as you. I’m sure Ray-J plays hide and go get it with Bobby and friends.

Ohh and before I forget the other little Whore in training (the one playing lesbian lover with Bobby Krris) is her sister La Princia (dumb ass name) one of Bobby’s other 17 illegitimate children

Stop hating Whitney….DAMN

BOBBY BROWN is fuming with his ex-wife WHITNEY HOUSTON because she won’t sign off on a DVD release of the fallen R+B star’s BEING BOBBY BROWN reality TV show.

Houston, who appeared heavily in the series, and wasn’t always portrayed in a good light, is refusing to give Brown the OK to cash in on DVD sales, and he insists that’s eating heavily into his potential income.

He tells In Touch magazine, “Whitney blames the show for ruining her career and she won’t sign off on the contract to release the DVD.”There’s a lot of money to be made, but, because she won’t cooperate, we’ll never see it.”I have a serious problem with that because it affects my income.”


I say he get the hell over it and focus on his Son’s “bound to go NO WHERE” career: check him out performing on the show “Rock the Cradle” (or what ever the hell the name is) He need to take it from his daddy and put his damn shit back on, with his chiseled ass chest.

pics via YBF

Reports from the co-writer of Bobby Brown’s book (Derrick Handspike) lends some insight as to why Bobby has put out this book and a little sneak peak at what really happened in the picture of Bobby lying in a hospital room looking like a drugged out male prostitute.

I find myself very fascinated with this Bobby Brown fella cause he is PURE unadulterated entertainment. I wasn’t going to buy his book because I didn’t want to put my hard earned change in his pocket but according to this report…he’s already rich so…I’m buying it. The question is….WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO TO???

When asked the motive behind dishing dirt on ex-wife Whitney Houston, Handspike answered: “We are very wealthy from this already.” Handspike intimated that there are “investors,” adding, “It’s a joint-venture kind of thing.”

In addition to chapters about his cocaine use, which were excerpted in New York newspapers last week, Handspike says that Brown has also overdosed on heroin.

“No one knows that,” he told Friedman. “He had a stroke. They said he had a heart attack but he had a stroke.”

In the book, Brown says his heart stopped three times and he had to be revived with shock paddles.

According to Handspike, Brown also admits to hitting Houston. “He considered it horse play,” he said. “The reason Whitney called the police was that he laughed at her and then left. She said, ‘You think you’re going to just walk away from this?’ Then she called the police.”

Brown’s publicists are said to have adopted an aggressive game plan to promote the book.

“Brown’s press reps are approaching all the shows and made an inquiry to Oprah,” Friedman wrote in Sunday’s column. “The angle is gong to be that this is Brown’s way of telling his story, and that there’s very little about Whitney — at least not enough for which to sue him.”


Look at what I found….Ol’ BOBBAY done released his book cover. If I wasn’t excited yesterday about the book I am definitely excited now. Just look at the fierce look in his eyes. Already he has captivated his audience and is pulling us into the intoxicating (no pun intended) world of Bobby Brown. If the reality show didn’t make you am instant FAN then I’m sure this lovely book will win you over.

For your reading pleasure, I have include some more content from the book below:

He said, “By the time I reached my third single on the Don’t Be Cruel album, I was one of the biggest stars in the world. You know what that means. With success comes the women! A wise man once told me that. At this time, I probably had dated half of the industry including Madonna.”

“I met Madonna early in my career. She used to open up shows for New Edition in New York at the beginning of her career,” he continued, “so running back into her and getting to know her better at the height of my success was like a reunion. The list goes on from the who’s who to the flavor of the month.”-source

Bobby wrote a book!! Whoooo chile, I’m going to be camping outside Barns and Nobles two days before the book goes on sale so I can make sure I get me a fresh copy. In his autobiography “Bobby Brown: The Truth, The whole Truth, and Nothing but.” he blames Whitney for his drug abuse and failed marriage. He even goes as far as throwing a jab at his beloved Superhead.

“I never used cocaine until after I met Whitney. Before then, I had experimented with other drugs, but marijuana was my drug of choice,” Brown writes in “Bobby Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But,” out next month. “At one point in my life, I used drugs uncontrollably. I was using everything I could get my hands on, from cocaine to heroin, weed and cooked cocaine.”

As far as his 15-year marriage to Houston is concerned, it “was doomed from the very beginning. Within the first year we separated, with several more to follow,” Brown writes. “I think we got married for all the wrong reasons. Now, I realize Whitney had a different agenda than I did when we got married . . . I believe her agenda was to clean up her image, while mine was to be loved and have children.”

Whitney, he alleges, had been under “a lot of pressure. The media was accusing her of having a bisexual relationship with her assistant, Robin Crawford. Since she was the American Sweetheart and all, that didn’t go too well with her image . . . In Whitney’s situation, the only solution was to get married and have kids. That would kill all speculation, whether it was true or not. In the short, I think I got caught up in the politics and ended up marrying one of the biggest stars in the world.”

One of his most public indiscretions was an affair with former exotic dancer Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. “Yes, I’ve slept with her,” he confesses. “Yes, I’ve spent several nights at her house. But she was only good for what her nickname stood for.” -source

Bobby Brown was praying a prayer that the Lord looked fondly upon, when he was speared Jail time for his recent arrest for possession of COCAINE!!they should have let him little cracked self sit in that jail cell and detox a little bit, maybe a little detox foam around the mouth would have helped him calm his self down. Boston don’t give up now…….

BROCKTON, Mass. — Singer Bobby Brown will not face any criminal charges after police said they found a small amount of cocaine in his possession, but has agreed to a year’s community service.

Brown’s attorney said Tuesday a Brockton District Court clerk magistrate found no probable cause to issue a criminal complaint, but recommended that Brown volunteer to mentor young people, which Brown wanted to do anyway.

Attorney Jeff Denner said if no other issues arise over the next year, the matter will be struck from the docket.

Police responding to a disturbance at a Brockton hotel on Dec. 1 said they found Brown, 39, sitting in an SUV in the parking lot, with cocaine in his possession.-source

Yes this is Bobby Brown “Sleep walking” about to take a piss on someone…..

You tell me how I should feel about this… because i’m appalled and disgusted. But to be honest that i’m interested in Bobby but I was actually trying to see if I could see him Pen15. Yes I know i’m nasty. To hell I go….

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