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I hope he’s GAY!!

Because where I come from Cocky means Dick (yes that’s not the only meaning BUT…), and if you have cocky tattooed on your arm that mean you must love Dick, and if your a man that Loves Pen15 they you are Gay, and ain’t nothing wrong with being gay if that’s who you are, BUT for the sake of a straight man that has “cocky” on his arm I hope he got enough long sleeved shirts to cover that ish up.

That’s why i tell you people to Please think about your tattoo before you get it permanently placed on your body.

Ohh yes, this is the lil boy that played Miles on Moesha who so willing got the word “cocky” tattooed on his lil pre-pubescent body (a very nice body) but pre-pubescent non- the- less

pics via necolebitchie


I’m laughing really hard

TI is so hard core and gangsta yet he so skinny and petite, I don’t know why I was laughing so hard but it was just so funny to me. Look at the passion on his face in the second picture. LMAO…he could still catch the business in every which way but i thought i would share with you all my thoughts on little scrawny men and why they always feel the need to take off there clothes and get jiggy with it, but then I noticed i don’t have any thoughts about it, I just think it’s funny.


Marche Taylor’s Slutty Prom Dress

I agree with the Principal, that chile should not have been allowed anywhere near the prom or out the house with a hanky covering her pre-pubescent titties and a hand towel over her butt. What ever happened to the princess style dresses with the ruffles and the glitter lip gloss and the waterfall up do’s. Now it seems like the sluttier you look the better the prom memories.

That’s the problem with the youth of America they don’t have any one that loves them enough to tell them that they should wear some damn clothes or put their foot up the azzes of the children that don’t want to listen. Who the hell paid for that damn material to be fixed into something wearable. lets get it together or eliminate the prom all together….Foolishness.

I Blame Oprah for this Mess!!

Marche Taylor’s prom night experience wasn’t what you would call “the norm.”

That’s because instead of a night of dancing and hanging out with friends, the Madison High School senior ended up in a confrontation with school officials and escorted out in handcuffs. Officials said her dress was inappropriate for the prom.

“I actually like the dress. Everybody else likes my dress,” Taylor said.

Madison High’s prom took place at the Sugar Land Marriott, but Taylor only got as far as the lobby. When she tried to enter the ballroom, an official stopped her.

She was told her custom-made dress violated the school dress code. -source

News Story Clip

What do you think (would run a poll but i don’t feel like it)

This Ain’t Flo-rida

What sense does it makeFlo-rida to have on all dem clothes and then in the middle of his performance he starts to strip. I do understand that while performing your adrenaline starts to pump extra hard and you get hot and amped and jumpy but really is it that hott that one feels the need to start taking off their clothes. I want the person who sent out the memo to all the entertainers that the only way you can really get the crowd going it so undress held accountable for there actions and fired immediately.

No Doubt Mr. Rida can catch it in the worst way with his finely chiseled tatted up body. All I need in ONE NIGHT…hell get me the back seat of a jeep…..

That Tattoo is massive.


Naked for Allure

Gaby Union and Jilly from Philly bare all for this month’s issue of Allure magazine. I’m not sure why (neither do I care) but they both look beautiful despite the fact that i can’t stand Gabzy Union.

Jill Scott told Cara Litke of “Allure” that “nobody ever celebrates women whose bodies are bigger than a size 8. But here I am, naked in a magazine at size 16. I hope that I can be an inspiration to all women. We’re all beautiful, each and every one of us.”

read full interview @ Urban Hoopla


*Passes Out*

*and then there was darkness*

My Grandpa is HOTTER then yours

I don’t know when it was that i posted the pictures of Steve Harvey with his new hair cut and sexy old man body. But here are some more curtosy of thafeedback via necole bitchie. I’m sure many of you all will have to leave the computer to go take an ice cold shower or wash your face, but if you did go do that then you might have a small problem cause Steve is about 67 years old, and it’s just nasty to lust over Mr Hightower.

Second of all I’ll give $12 e-dollars to the person who can tell me that the hell foundation he is wearing because clearly his face up to the his ear is a completely different shade then the rest of his whole entire body. I’m wondering if he went out and bought the entire Ebony collection of little Kim’s birthday cake makeup kit.


Ohh Hell NO!!

Umm Raven…..You forgot your pants!!

These are the role models for out kids, what more can I say

RUMOR Alert: Kelly to do playboy

I saw it on theYBF first and when i googled it, a couple of other people have mentioned it, but so far there is no real hard core facts to back it up. so since I’m in the business of spreading rumors and providing gossip and reporting facts that are sometimes not true. I will pass this on to my wonderful readers.

i think that Kelly should do a little nudeness she has such beautiful skin, and that’s what playboy is all about, showing off beautiful skin with no inhibitions….hmmmm maybe not!

“It is being reported that Kelly Rowland will pose completely naked for an upcoming cover shoot for PLAYBOY magazine.Rowland should be receiving around $500,000 – $1 Million dollars to pose in the nude. ” one of the sources

Burn baby Burn

Tyra had a Buring of the Bra’s session on her show the other day

I don’t know why Tyra gets to wear a coat while all the other audience members are standing out there in there bra’s and mom jeans, in the cold air of NY. I guess that’s not the point. I have no idea why all of these women were burning their bra’s prob some type of female empowerment mambo jumbo, but regardless it’s freaking cold outside. I’m going to burn one of my training bra’s that I need to stop wearing. It’s time I graduate to big girl bra’s from Target (they got some nice bra’s aaaannnndddd they cheap)

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