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It warms my heart to see my dear home town Celtics players out with their beautiful black wives, all freshly permed and smelling good. You don’t know the joy I’m feeling to be a part of such a great team… I’m their manager.
anyways the Celtics along with other athletes walked the red carpet at the 2008 ESPY awards looking all tall and fabulous. as I don’t really care who won what I’m conclude this post NOW!!

New Edition re-united to receive the ASCAP Golden Note Award YAWN!! because really what have they done and what difference have they made. One of them Ronny, Bobby, Ricky’s have on a damn purple shiny suit jacket. they should have gotten the award revoked for that crime alone. Only good thing that came out of it was Bobbay Brown and his wet lipped face. He’s always makes a stupid situation better

Crack is WHACKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! ya’ll know Bobby just went in the bathroom and sniffed two lines so that he can get his mind right.

I would like to know why nobody told me that when i missed watching the BET awards last night I actually missed two of the best performances of sessy time on daytime television. usher know very well that husband Tameka is going to snatch his azz up and string him to a pole and pistol whip him until he cries “mama” that chick that got her leg up over ushers head looks like she just laid a fart in his face.

And then Chris brown and Cici’s performance was sexy but it was a little stiff and two short (sounds like a quickie) Cici looked like she was out of her element with those high azz hooker boots on. She should have had on some waist high sneaker boots, so that she could loosen up and really give Chris brown the business. For the two of them to come together to pop off on stage they should have really shut the show down but instead I was left wanting more and feeling let down…Something like blue balls. I demand a do over.

If you missed the performances last night. Check out my girl over at The E-biz she has the whole run down

Every years these two buffoons do the same buffoonery and embarrass Black America more then it has been all night, and it hurts my feelings and makes me want to cry…. Lil Kim could possibly be the scariest thing i have ever seen in my life.

Keyshia and Kimberly need to give it the hell up because they sounded like two clucking chicken heads in the hood that got a chance to perform at there high school talent show and went out to buy new outfits to run around stage making noise and trying to be sexy…… GO SAT DOWN….. Your time is UP

Kobe Bryant finally gets MVP after carrying his whole team all the damn time in every damn game. I don’t really care too much about sports except when when BF is watching but this picture made me giggle today. Looks like they went straight to Sears and purchased the $107.99 package. close relatives and Friends should look for this picture on a Christmas card come December, but for all of my lovely readers Here is a early Christmas present picture from TNHOTT.

About time

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who ever the airbrush manager on set of this shoot was should be awarded an award at the Oscars this year, cause they did a BANG UP job of getting Mimi body to look right. But since i can’t guarantee that happens. I will award the

That’s Not Hott Award for: Photo Shoot Airbrusher of the Year

WTF!! I had my speakers on low because I can only stand hearing her screech on the radio when I have no other choice. But her high octave yelling is not what pisses me off it’s the fact the Nick Cannon is the main dude in the video and at one point (when they are boarding the plan) he has on some tight azz jeans with big ol’ timbs…That style is dumb and if need to be worn it should be done so by a GIRL. I guess I’m pretty vain cause i could care less about what the song is about and care more about the fact that any minute Mariah’s stupid body is going to cave out on her and she will fall on her big head like that doll “baby tumbles”

The 1st Annual Fiercee Awards honoring the women of America’s Next Top Model should have been called the 1st annual WTF loser awards because WTF is wrong with these people. Lets start off with Ms. Bianca

Who first of all looks like a little Boy dressed in girls clothing. I would have thought that after they butchered off her hair that she would have gone and bought herself a nice little lace front wig and glued that bad boy right to her dome. I’m all for the cute bald look, but for someone that has absolutely no body and doesn’t seem to like to wear earrings….she should have went right down to beauty supply and had them Asians hook her up.

Jade needs to STOP cause if Bianca looks like a little boy in a dress then Jade looks like a grown azz man in a dress. and I will stop there cause it’s face is bothering me.

Stop sucking it in Kienya(or how ever the hell you smell her name), just lay off the damn donuts and fried food. and I know Tyra did not teach you to pose all stuck up and stupid like that.

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Can I please say something???
I am afraid!!

What in the F*cking F*ck is going on here…..

No WORDS!!! I’m fired

On the upside Dennis Rodman gets:

The TNHOTT Award for “Scariest Tranny in the world



Golden Brooks has just received the
TNHOTT ” I Always look a damn mess” Award

I often have visions of punching her in her ugly face…At this point I think she does this sh!t on purpose, for there is not reason why someone in Hollywood that is not Britney Spears should always look like someone drunken Auntie Mabel

Let me say something….I refuse to sit down in front of my big screened TV with my hot dog and can of Pepsi and watch black folk make a mockery or me and my African decedents. Therefore I vow to only watch the performances and steal pictures from other bloggers of the before, afters and inbetweens….I just have the feeling that someone will come dressed in a complete orange jumpsuit from the sheriffs county jail, riding a bike, all the while balancing a boom box on his shoulders. who will prove me right

BET Hip Hop Awards 2007 will premiere on the network Wednesday, October 17 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT).

CLICK HERE to see a full list of the nominees…I don’t even know why I’m posting this I could care all the way less

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