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facebook/myspace/hi5/black planet/linkdn/twitter blah blah blah is supposed to be one of the places where you go to find old friends and keep up with your new friends… Now a days it seems as if people hate the sounds of a ringing phone or don’t want to be bothered with gathering around an open live forum to discuss problems to make decisions.

I come across status messages that are so filled with sarcasm in anger that it makes me wonder, hey why can’t these two people that are obviously writing to invoke emotions with in each other just call each other up and say… “hey how about we go to lunch and discuss a few things.” it seems like one person is always waiting for the other one to make that move, yet in the mean time they continue to berate and belittle each other… some refer to it as Internet bullying. i think of it as immaturity and an unwillingness to step up the plate and make that power move.
it is often those people who “want to squash it” that start the most problems, it is often the people that have so much to say behind your back that commit the same crimes that they are so against. with that being said it leave the ball in your court to either continue to try your efforts to keep the peace, or say “enough is enough” and walk away from things that would be a detriment to your spirit. so ignore them.

friendships are being destroyed and people are beginning to forget the art of maintaining unbreakable bonds. maybe because facebook and other social medias allow us to interact so casually in each others lives we forget the true meaning of being invited in. instead me make our presence known even without someone wanting us there.

Today i was involved in a conversation via facebook that showed me that all of us really do care about what others think of us, no matter how much you say that you don’t, when someone is constantly complaining or talking about you, it makes you angry inside, makes you want to really lash out and inflict plain in anyway possible, weather it be commenting on an ugly picture or talking with your friends on a wall post knowing that others are watching. I have fallen subject to doing that ones, and it didn’t make me feel better just more angrier knowing that I fed into the bullshit. We put so much effort into bringing attention to our selves and making sure that others know you notice what they are saying instead of just… stepping back and ignoring the foolishness that surrounds you. the best way to piss someone off is to ignore them, don’t pay them any attention don’t allow them to see you sweat. pick your shoulders up and walk tall… and in those occasions where you feel yourself succumbing the the ugly ways of anger, laugh a deep fake laugh and eventually it will turn into a real one. that’s what i do… oh and i have started boring ass yoga classes so that is helping me to let go of the past and focus on my breathing…. *sigh*

I hope this helped someone…. cause I’m not even sure it helped me.

I was fishing around the forums over at blackvoices and I came across this one that says something about Olivia (Raven Symone) being a complete and absolute B!TCH……the chick that wrote it (lady3014) said that it’s only a rumor and she doesn’t know how true it is. but it’s not my job to find the truth it’s my job to raise speculation and bring reasonable doubt. hence why it’s called Hott Juicy Gossip!!

Ms Lady3014 said : Well, this one is strictly ‘gossip’ but I thought I’d post it anyway. Me & my bestfriend have a friend who is a professional personal assistant. Anyway, she never speaks on any celebrities one way or the other…except for the other day. My friend was hanging out with her and there was mention of Raven-Symone on the TV.

Well, Jane Doe said, “Ooh, Raven! Nobody wants to work for her. She’s awful. She has a really, really nasty attitude. I don’t see how it is that everyone talks so bad about Lindsey Lohan when Raven Symone is just as bad. I don’t know how she gets away with it. I know someone who had to work with her and she’s a real bitch. She curses like a sailor and she has a drinking problem… and everybody talks about what a dyke she is. I feel bad for Lindsey. Lindsey has a real problem but when you have people like Raven who are just mean and vicious for no reason and getting away with being nasty to people and abusing themselves… it really makes you wonder.”
I think I’m going to believe this one because I don’t really like Olivia and I think she looks like a Little baby trapped in a whales body… there I said it…..SO WHAT!!


For the Boston Sports Junkies (I’ll try to do more on this) So last night the CELTICS acquired “Mr. He got Game” himself Ray Allen from the Supersonics for Delonte West, Wally Szczerbiak and the right to Celts No. 5 overall pick Georgetown forward Jeff Green. They also get the right to LSU’s Glen not so “Big Baby” Davis. Another sad year of being picked on by the NBA powerhouses. Someone in the Celtics front offices are smoking some really good sh!t. Other than that Oden goes first overall in the 2007 NBA draft.

written by: SirFresh2Def
What’s in that
Kim HOEdashian’s bumpa is a little out of control…..Can someone tell me what R-jay shot up in there
Yessa Massa
This man is getting a little out of control. I guess he figures that since he was looked at as a homophob then he will start using the race card too. If You can’t beat em Join em.. In a statement o news week he says:

“Well, it didn’t help me on the set that I was a black man who wasn’t a mush-mouth Negro walking around with his head in his hands all the time. I didn’t speak like I’d just left the plantation and that can be a problem for people sometime,” he says. “I had a person in human resources tell me after this thing played out that ’some people’ were afraid of me around the studio. I asked her why, because I’m a 6-foot-1, black man with dark skin and who doesn’t go around saying ‘Yessah, massa sir’ and ‘No sir, massa’ to everyone? It’s nuts when your presence alone can just scare people, and that made me a prime candidate to take the heat in a dysfunctional family.’’

Don’t try to play us… Robob!tch
Robob!tch and her crew is trying to play out the stans of Boston… reportedly in the Boston Globe The Beyonce Experience concert’s “best seat” tickets has ended up on a Stubhub, website that auctions of tickets to the highest bidder. ticket are ranging from 100$ to over 1,000$

read the Foolishness HERE

Moday is Funday!! NOT!!

“Fair Use”
Gossip King or Queen rather, Perez Hilton had his site pulled for a couple of hours Friday for stealing pics with out permission. The company that was hosting his site said they were getting tons of complaints about Mario Lavandeira (Perez Hilton’s real name) posting pics that he had no permission using. Queen Hilton says that as a journalist he was using the pics on the ground of “fair use” after lots of back and forth the company hosting Perez’ site dropped him and since then he has now gone to another website hosting company. As for How the Queen feels about everything:

“ stands by its commitment to protect the freedom of people to transform content on the Internet for the purpose of commentary and satire and unquestionably believes that it comports with the fair use exception.”

After returning, explained the outage by telling viewers it was being moved to another computer server and was experiencing “temporary technical difficulties and other roadblocks.”


Sexy Rosario, What say you
In an interview with British GQ set to come out in July Rosario says “I don’t need anyone to think I’m sexy. It’s about being myself. That’s sexy.”



To differ since she has been getting sexy with everything from hub caps to woman. someone caught her getting jiggy with Asia Argento at Diesel’s Live show party in Florence

See why you can’t take Trannies no where,

At the Creations Talent Retreat, Ms J, made sure he packed his little womanish self with all the BET goodies that he could lay his ashy hands on

BET awards rehearsal and parties (among others)

Had my fav top models there. Tocarra

and my name sake Danielle (Dani)

Movie Mongol

almost…Alicia and her partner Jeff Robinson, just bought the rights to the movie “Catfish”

“Written by Charisse Waugh and based on a true story, the film focuses on a strong-willed black woman who stands up to a powerful corporation whose greed devastates her small Mississippi hometown. She spearheads the biggest strike in U.S. history.”
along with producing this film, she will be in another movie called the “Nanny Diaries” Never seen “smoking aces” but i heard it was very good.

Who’s it going to be Weezy “pimp” baby
Beyonce and friends reject Farrah Franklin {SONYC} reportedly she has been seeing Weezy on the low for months now…..
Kerrin Steffans (SUPADUPAHEAD) {YBF} she got a video of her self tapping his and her hotel room in Miami, it’s pretty stupid cause she going around with the dumb a$$ camera showing all his “stuff” calling him “her baby”, and then at the end she says “weezy” all perky and sh!t like dumb a$$ lil girl on her first crush…….umph!!

Weezy seems to have all the ladies all over him. Trina, Supadupahead, and Farrah Franklin {Bossip}. sounds to be like Weezy is getting his pimp swagga on. I’m rooting for Trina, she seems the most stable (that’s funny) No but for real, is a twisted way I like Trina

Ohh to be free
Not that anyone cares anymore (or have we ever) But…..Paris is set to come out of the jail house today around midnight, it’s said that she will most likely give her first post jail interview to Larry King on Wednesday. All who will tune in say “IIII” all who would rather have R-kelly piss on them say “EWWWW” gotcha.LMAO!!

read more

Who kicked Foxy’s A$$ (pimps and hoes i say, pimps and hoes)

Oh fresh foolishness to start out a Monday morning. early today this story was buzzing, and it’s still as funny now as when i fist heard it this morning…..Stupids

Trouble-prone rapper Foxy Brown was attacked yesterday by three of her ex-boyfriend’s gal pals – who pulled out her hearing aid and tore her hair weave at his prompting, police sources said.

The assault occurred after the hip-hop artist dumped her beau at 5:30 a.m. in Brooklyn because she found out he was a pimp, sources said.

The two were in his car in East New York, and she “was giving him the heave-ho,” one source said.
“This ex-boyfriend called some of his women, and they pounced on her,” another police source said. “They beat her bad. They ripped out her hair weave. Her hair was a mess – and that seems to be what she cared about most.”
The women also stole Brown’s handbag and $500, the sources said
.” {source}

Makio (from Diddy’s foolishness 4) This is pebbles {WHACK} (from the radio station) and Makio.

Was on Boston’s Jam’n 94.5 radio show talking about what it’s like to be on Diddy’s making of the band 4. He says that this episodes packs a lot of drama….Something about a sandwich….You’ll have to tune in today @ 10P on MTV. Shoot he kinda cute too!!!

Hott News!!

Girl on Girl action…I mean Girl on “symbol” action


At a concert in Paris, “Symbol” gets attacked/humped by a fan that he brought on stage for his traditional “bring some random females on stage” portion. (poor Akon you have to follow wise ones on how to do this: let them hump you, you don’t hump them).

Full story behind the photo

Speaking of Akon

This is the little Skank hoe toddler slut “Danah Alleyne” that is so distraught by Akon giving her the business on stage. On mypace she is posing as a 18yr old and loving the publicity that her funky a$$ has been receiving. check out her myspace page, (it’s private but add the hoe as a friend). read the story at On her Myspace page she refers to her self as b!tch and says that the night out with Akon was the best night of her life. NOT HOTT!!

story behind the photo

Survivor Winner

Earl Cole Won Survivor:Fiji Last night. it was the first time in survivor history that a unanimous vote was cast for a winner. I guess the Good Guys do win. I have to admit that I’m not a follower of the show and I think they need to stop having them, but I was happy to see that a black man worked hard and got rewarded in the end. That’s Hott!!

see winning footage here

See what You started Imus…

Ohh lawd look at what they done gone and made out of a comment by the infamous Don Imus. This man is so damn A-list now, all just because black people get to riled up for foolishness.

What’s NOT HOTT: So it was the black people that were up in Imus business when he made this comment. What Imus says pales in comparison to the foolishness that is this porno. It pisses me off that all the fuss clogged up my damn news stations for over a week, and then less then a month later a Porno with the title of the controversy is being bought and sold all over the place.

Second of all: The skanks on this Porn all look like men, they all look like they need a bath and could possibly be hosting an infectious disease, some where deep in there creases.

Speaking of Creases…. Osama Bin laden and Bobby Brown Have beef

Funny ish this nicca Bobby Brown has gone and just about lost his damn mind. I mean what in the world does one have to be on to have such a f*d up thought process. Kids: Crack is Whack

Bobby Brown Says:

“He wanted to have me killed because he was in love with Whitney. He wanted to marry Whitney and make her one of his wives. That’s some s**t.

“I feared for my life. I’m still on my guard. The most wanted man in the world wants (me) dead.”

ohh jokes are so in order but he did them all himself. What a dag on shame!!! I wish him well, if you think that was bad check him out on This UK interview show“24 hours with…”

I have absolutely no comment.

New York New York!!

You cast it sneak peak on repeat for the millionth time is On .The sneak peak of the casting videos that new york as received for her upcoming show I love New York2. You got to love it. It’s still not to late to enter. go to VH1 and upload your casting tape

Speaking of Tango

She looks like she’s ready to puff the magic Tango stick

“Look at me:I have on a turtle next mini dress and i look like a fool, and wish my girl wasn’t in this picture so i can pose Tangolicious off as my man”

What in the hell is the one on the Left wearing, and are they still making jean short cat suits, and if we do wear the Jean short cat suits do you accessorise with a Mr T started kit around the waist?

He was spotted hosting a party at some night club. Honestly I just took these pics off of YBF because I have a fascination for foolishness. Like why this dude is taking a hard core picture with freaking Tango, and why all the Groupie skanks look so freaking privileged to be taking a pic wit Donatello…. and I’m mad because they all are wearing a$$hole gear.

Stay tuned later for the Charm School Hottcap


Hottsip + News

American Idol…

Jordan is one of the most massive girls I have ever seen. Either the other three are all midgets or Jordan is just humongous. How tall is she……..???? (what the hell are they feeding her) Good thing she pretty and can sing, other wise i would enter her into the circus. (but Hell! she doing better then me, she go girl)

Lakisha Jones got the pink slip the other night on idol. People say that he voice was nothing new. I agree!! I wish her luck in the future. She made it to the top Ten, so she’s basically all set. All she needs to do in look to J-Hud for guidance…and oscar it is…

P.S- can some one go snatch them white boots off her feet and burn them!!!

Caption this…..

Naomi Campbell

Is there a reason why Naomi Campbell looks like Xena warrior princess (she better be in a movie)
Eddy’s Baby Momma (Mel B) – come on guys lets do better then this
Now you see it
Now you don’t

Rev Sharpy

It’s been said that after all the Imus crap. Al has some racial slurs up his sleeves too. Reports say that Sharpy made an inappropriate comment concerning Nick Romney’s fight for office, and his Mormon beliefs. read story here for my interpretation his basically said that because Romney is a Mormon and they doesn’t believe in God, he won’t get anywhere in life (Bad move in politic world)

Maybe Sharpy should attack DL Hugely for this.

That way he can get the fire from out under his balls. On the real. everything DL said is ohh so true. the girls should not have been called hoes but they damn sure are Nappy and _____ ….. I’ll let DL be the bearer of that news. LMAO. HOTT!!


I’m a little late…but here goes…

Heroes Hottcap!! This show angers me so I’ll just give you the part that my brain was able to decipher….Nathan is about to be crowned King of New York ( okay president) and is really considering blowing up New York to bring about world peace….(huh!!)

His Mother encourages him to do what ever he has to do to become president and to not think about human rights and killing millions of people. “DO what you HAVE to DO son”

These two find out the the head honcho as basically been watching every more they make since they were born, and now he has there son Micca in captivity with the b!tch that turns into any and everything

Peter tries to convince Clair that she needs to stay in New York, and shoot him in the back of the head if he starts to blows up

Sylar Kills his mother “by accident” all because she thinks that her son is freak of nature. Which ends up turning his already nutty self more over the edge.

Hiro tries to be a Hero and can’t find his balls. so Sylar calls him a punk, and now he feels like a failure.

the show ends with Peter meeting the radio active man, and starts getting all Hot and urges Clair to shoot him.

My GirrrrrrrlllllFriends!!

A fellow blogger said that her sources said that Monday’s episode was the the Girlfriends Series Finally, but others are saying it was just the season fianlly and that it will be back next season. I’m guilty that I haven’t been watching the show that much, but i do try to catch it every chance i can. I’m hoping that it’s not over and it’s only a rumor….. Maybe next season Maya (Golden Brooks) would do something with her self she stay lookinh a HOTT MESS!!

speaking of rumors…according to they say that: because after “Toni” left the show, the show has dramatically dropped in ratings. Because of that the produces and the writers are thinking about adding a new “White” girlfriend to the dynamic trio. I’m not sure how that will work… (the Jury is still out on how i feel). would they have put a “black” Sex vixen on “sex in the city” if Miranda or Samantha left? (I don’t know) maybe they should put the show on cable and put in some soft porn scenes. I bet everyone would love that.

If the words on the top of this post are off. It’s not my fault it’s blogspot’s


Friend don’t let Friends Drive Drunk!!!

Sign up for Driving under the influence class:

Teacher: Paris Hilton

Date and Time: Sunday – Saturday
Cost: Jail or Fine up to 5,000
Already signed up: Busta Rhymes, Eve, Ty, and….. of course Paris Hilton herself

Teacher Paris Hilton
I see London I see France I see Paris under Pants (get it!?!)
Busta Ryhmes
Should have been arrested for wearing this Mr. T starter Kit
Busta: “damn they caught me”

Ty Pennington

shame shame shame

Move that Jail Ty (you can still decorate me house any day, drunk and all)

Eve Jeffers


Cuff her officer

I’ll update you on others who enroll. I’m pretty sure this class will fill up quickly

Friends also don’t let friends sing for crack: Crack Kills!!! Look at this poor lost cause…..Maia Campbell from “In the House”

Damn shame what these lil fools go out and do to themselves. Damn Shame. according to media Maia is MIA with someone car. If you have any information as to where she is WARNABROTHER!!!! LMAO



Hott News!!

Oprah and Tommy Hilfiger

Hottcap: Rumor had it that Tommy H, went on the Oprah show and told her and her audience that he did not want blacks and minorities wearing his clothes because they were made and designed for upscale white people. Which turned out to be a BFR (Big Fat Rumor) because #1 he was never on the Oprah show before yesterday #2 He “Hearts” black people (LMAO, he didn’t say that)

He also said that he hired investigators, FBI, and some other random informers to find the source of the rumor, they traced it back to a college campus and got lost from there. LOL. read the whole story here

Thanks for the link CUZ!

MAY 15

Pee Pee Kelly the Musical Genius is going to be dropping a special single called “Rise Up” in honor of the Virginia Tech massacre, the single will be available on May 15th. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund (a charity fund set up for the families or the students killed in the shooting


Since his up at the awards show, Isiah Washington is still trying to prove him self. This time it’s not with a sorry apology,but now he will appear in a public service announcement on behalf of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network
I guess rehab wasn’t enough. Well Isaiah keep on doing what you have to do to make your self sleep better at night. that whole story was a BFJ (big fat joke) in the first place. Too bad all the Gays of America took it so personally maybe him and Imus should join forces and see who could make the biggest headlines out of nothing. story here
Speaking of IMUS….

People don’t listen to me when i say that firing him was a bad, bad Idea. Now homie Imus is suing CBS for a breach of his 40 million dollar contract. He said he was hired to be rude, obnoxious, and out of order (my own words) from CBS, and it says so right in his contract. Somebody is in trouble now. read the whole story here

Good looks BUNNY

Mel B says that she is taking Eddy to court because he is a dog a$$ lier and he needs to pay for making her look like a slut hoe in front of the world (my own words too). She says that NOW after all his ish talking about Angel Iris not being his, he all of a sudden is refusing to take a paternity test, so she has decided will haul his a$$ in court and make him do it. GO ON GIRL

Jigga Man is a cheap a$$ and only giving his alleged baby momma a couple of G’s a month. The Jury is still out on weather or not he is the boys actually baby daddy. I’m leaning towards a HELL YEA!! Rumors are the best: Evrybody is everybody daddy these days…. read what Jay-Z has to say

Da’ Brat embraces her Masculine Side and “Comes out the closet”

OHHHH BOOOOYYYYYY- THAT’s NOT HOTT or is it?????? regardless of what this child is she fell off long time ago, so who cares.

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