Thursday, January 08th, 2009

To Have a best Male Friend: BFF

One day long ago I met a man that I thought I liked, I ended up not liking him like THAT because he was more valuable as a best friend rather then a boyfriend. I don’t think he quiet understands that yet, but he has proven to be more of a blessing then the curse that I so often call him.

Some of you may know what I’m talking about. We are not the kind of best friends that Rhianna and Chris Brown claimed to be. We don’t make nasty monkey sex behind closed doors, although sometimes when I’m feeling a certain “way” I look at his 6″3 240lbs frame and for a fleeting moment i have a guilty fantasy that is quickly replaced by a nauseous feeling of EWWWWW. LOL!! after reading this he will blush and i will be forced to kick him straight in the nuts.

He tells me about his sexcapades and I look forward to them because they come straight out of “whores of our lives” I’m sure that one day he’ll tell me that he had a scare and thinks he may have the AIDS, yea he’s nasty like that j/k he is selective with the chicken heads that he runs up in. Maybe if i were a guy i would live the same life that he lives. actually that brings me to another point. if i had a penis i would def BANG everything with a hole, animals and humans alike (stay tuned for the post “If i had a penis”) ladies he is single and I’m looking for a nice woman to replace the dumb hoes that call him at all hours of the night, and bang down his door looking for some good loving.

back to my BFF which is one of the only men that doesn’t try intentionally to make me cry. I credit him for keeping me sane after i venture out on dates of hell. When I’m down and depressed he says things like…”do you want me to take you on a proper date” all the while he stares at the waiters ass and we talk about what he would do to her if he had her in his mini apartment. that he keeps immaculately clean.

The only reason I’m writing about him is because he’s sitting right here next to me while I’m typing this telling me how sexy he is and why he’ll play a video game while i tell the world just that… How sexy he is… ( i often chuckle to myself) he’s a funny guy. his head is gassed right now because he thinks that I’m writing something wonderful about him… if only he knew… LOL!


Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

He wasn’t there

This is so sad…in the upcoming issue of XXL (or maybe it’s already out) Who Cares, but in whatever issue of XXL that Foxy brown is own, she opens up in the magazine (no not her legs) but her heart to tell the story of friendship gone sour between her and Jay-Z. She says how when she needed him Jay-Z just wasn’t there. it’s a tear-jerker and it actually makes you feel like sending her a build-a-bear and telling her that you care…..

It’s often been speculated that Foxy’s heart belonged to a former partner in rhyme who went on to become her boss. She remembers when Brooklyn producer Clark Kent rolled up to her block in a white Lexus and introduced her to a tall, skinny guy with a cane. “He was so smooth. His swagger was just incredible,” Foxy says. “From that moment on, Jay and I became Bonnie and Clyde,” she says. Fifteen years later, on Broken Silence’s “Fallin’,” she raps, “If I was to die, be too many cowards alive/Fox Brown, Bonnie minus the Clyde.”


“A lot of things have happened over the years between Jay and I,” she says of the man who signed her to a multimillion-dollar deal at Def Jam in 2005, nine years after their classic duet “Ain’t No N*gga” gave him his first radio hit. “But there’s an unbreakable bond that will never die. 50 wanted me to be part of his team so bad. He was like, ‘Look, I’ll do it with Jay, half and half.’ And, of course, Jay said no. At one point, 50 asked, ‘Why do you have so much loyalty to this N*gga?’ Jay and I have history. There are things that he could have done better, as far as his loyalty to me, and I’m sure I’ve made mistakes that he felt he could’ve prevented.” Foxy chokes up. “When I lost my hearing, Jay gave me the respect to go heal myself. He stuck with me along the way. But there are times when I just really needed him, and it wasn’t even about Foxy Brown and Jay-Z. It was just like, ‘I need you to help me save my life,’ and he just wasn’t there.”

The tears are streaming down her cheeks. “I would never denounce him in public. That’s just how I feel. But I’ve been incarcerated for eight months, and Jay’s been everywhere, and he hasn’t mentioned one thing about, ‘Tell her I love her. Tell her to be strong.’ That broke my heart more than anything. When they sent me to jail, I just knew he would be there-everyone came. But he never showed up… My mother always says,jay also said this,in the tru life freestyle ‘Inga, when a person shows you who they are, believe them. Been showing me all through the years and you just don’t wanna believe it.’” -source

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Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Finally Some Answers

See it wasn’t such a big deal to say that we are together but would like to keep our relationship private, rather then denying that you are even in a relationship in the first place. It’s really annoying when we see celebs bucking and sucking in public yet everytime they get interviewed they give the same dry response “we just cool, we just chillen” WHAT-THE-HELL-EVER. I give Nelly props for stepping up and saying what it is, and at the same time letting it be known that it’s his business and when he wants the world to know something they will.

So now that that’s settled lets move on.

Terrell: …You and Ashanti seem to have chosen to keep the details of your relationship on the low. What made you guys decide to keep things to yourselves, as opposed to some other couples in the industry?

Nelly: Well, it’s just one of those things where you wanna have something to yourself, you know? It’s really not a matter of….I mean, we know people ain’t dumb. (laughs) But, it’s almost like people can build you up, only to take you down. So, if you don’t want people to know certain shit, then why would you even tell them? But as far as the relationship, we enjoy each other’s company and enjoy kickin’ it and having fun, and that’s pretty much it. So, I guess if there’s something else that comes from it, when we’re ready to say it, I guess we’ll say it. But for right now, we just chillin’ man.

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

They JUST look like old friends

He’s not hitting that just like how Rihanna and Chris Brown only cuddle in the nude, Jay and Bey are just business partners, Ashanti and Nelly have matching belly button tattoos, and Gal and Star Jones didn’t use strap-ons in bed…Nothing to see here people…MOVE ON!!

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Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

The Rob and Big of Hip Hop

Looks like either jay had one to many drinks or…he had one to many drinks. My nigga is LIT. I just want to know why the littlest man in the club is helping it him get himself situated. well YBF reports that:

Richie Akiva comes from a billionaire rich family and his father is the technical owner of Butter–who also owns both that club and Socialista with none other than Dame Dash. She says Richie is raising all kinds of eyebrows thanks to how close he’s become with Jay.-source

sounds like a classic case of D!*K riding to me. The lil man just wants to belong. i think Richie and JD should become friends they can go on play dates and i can pick them up and help them put on there footsie pajamas


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