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I sit and Wonder

Often times I sit and wonder what it is that gives off that off the wall sex appeal. Is it the FASHION or is it that fancy word the kids use these days “Swagga” Undeniably so, Rhianna has the Swagga… she drips it from her thighs and it scream loud and clear from her protruding forehead. BUT, I find that something is wrong. Under that modern star trek get up and remarkably applied makeup Rhianna’s inner boy child is screaming out for some love and attention.

I think she went down hill when she forgot about her roots and culture and not to mention her TKO by Chris Brown. Both tragic events has forced her to try to make a come back by ONE (1) getting in touch with her inner whore: dating around and doing countless interviews and crap about how much sex she wants and where she wants a man to put it, and TWO (2) trying to reach out to her culture by putting out the Fuckery infested video “rudeboy“(click link to see) I choose not to embed the video cause I think it sucks THAT MUCH shame on her… and shame on this horrible one piece costume. Beam me up Scottie!

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Never ceases to amaze me

Erykah Badu is just one of those people that can do what ever she wants to do and still just be a great talent to music. This pics are a HOTT damn mess, but… she is who she is. I’m giving away an outfit just like this to the first person that request it. hmmmm soon as i get famous I’m wearing it by damn self, cause I’ll be so friggen amazing that i can just do stupid ish and get away with it.

This are pics are from a recent show she did in_____?? ( I forgot *smirks*)


The New: Sasha BeAfraid clothing line

Who supposed to be wearing these outfits to school????

The Los Angeles Times reports: Sasha Fierce, the clothing line. “Woman’s Wear Daily” is reporting that Beyoncé and her mother, Tina Knowles, plan to launch a new junior apparel label, Sasha Fierce for Deréon….just in time for… back to school

Mothers of teenage girls will undoubtedly be more than thrilled to see tight (fake) leather jackets, bodysuits and “destructed jeans with mesh and lace details lining the ripped material.”
The collection, Women’s Wear reported, was “inspired by Beyoncé’s stage presence” and includes sportswear, outwear, handbags, footwear, eyewear and jewelry. And did we mention lingerie?

Now you know I have something to say about this because everybody knows that I can’t and i mean I CAN…NOT stand Beyonce and that i think that her FIRST clothing like with her momma is hands down the worst clothing line i have ever had to walk by in the department stores. I often have fantasies of going in those stores and burning down every article of clothing… but those fantasies are short lived when I see the security guard watching me out of the side of his eye.

But I digress, (as you read above) “Ms. Sasha Fierce” (Beyonce’s random imaginary personality) has come out with a clothing line catered to school aged children. Any parents that buy these clothes for there little girls need to have them removed from there homes and placed in state custody because all you’ll be doing is creating a generation of tiny prostitutes.

I think that it’s weird that it’s a juniors clothing line and they are making lingerie… little girls should be wearing packs of Haynes drawers and sports bra’s, that’s why they so fast now because people like Beyonce who’s obviously bored and has way too much money to waste is promoting this crap. I wish they would set up scholarship funds instead of clothing lines. help kids go to school to be better humans in life instead of dressing them up as streetwalkers. I guess that’s just how I think…. woa is me.


I hate the tights

Because ain’t it the summer time. I’m all with the latest trends and fashions but my damn legs sweat so i know her skin must have been melting off. I don’t know about these celeb people in their style. I hope promoting wearing opaque tights is not the kind of clothes and fashion trends she wants to start on her line for Steve and Barry’s because I’m not to sure how it will do…

besides all that i think she is a really sexy chick and I’m glad that she’s getting into all the modeling and stuff she has a good things going for her…

Now go put that damn dog down!!


Do we love them??

Do we love these unique boats. I don’t know what to think..No doubt they are Hott but they are really a bit much. I can’t really take the boats that are too out of control. But i guess if anyone can do it it would be Rihanna. She seems to be able to get away with Just about anything she wears. which actually annoys me in a weird way. Did i ever tell y’all that for a week I actually wanted to be her until I got ridiculously bored and had to give it up. But really do you all love them.

Men, you can answer to although I already know that you’ll say you would love them if it was the only thing that she had on…IN THE BEDROOM….LOL

Visit Stylerazzi to get more info on these confusing boots


I Can’t stand Gabby Union

and the wee little man that one the fashion show thing….(damn what is the name of it) can’t remember but anyways he scares the crap out of me. I wonder how much it will cost for me to get him to make me a pair of rubber, nylon, camouflage, panties with a matching tutu, and rain jacket.

I think they want y’all to go out and vote. Be a good American and vote or DIE!!


Shar needs to hide out for a while

Cause I’m tired of seeing her face.

At Boom Boom Room’s gifting suites Shar Stupidass racked up on all the free gifts. I can’t stand hot ghetto trashy mess people with small teeth, big heads, and stupid outfits. I have NO tolerance, my corneas can only take so much.

House of Dogonwrong Exclusive

She has the body of a small boy
I love the feel of satin trash bags around my body

The shoes of a pre-teen

She looks looks like a bobble head doll (supersize) I have never noticed the extremity of her dome piece. Rhianna and Tyra please step aside, there is a new HEAD honcho with a bad outfit in charge.


Sean John Woman

Spokespeople RULE!!

Besides the fact that Cassie looks like a Roman warrior princess, there is not much I can say here… these two have a get out of jail free card…oh and I love Lauren London…her so cute!!


Cassie is Skinny as hell

I’m about to go make some two hot dogs, puree them and force her to eat it, through a feeding tube…this can not go on.

and me no likey this fashion statement, ad, or what ever the hell you want to call it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I give it to big Thumbs DOWN!!! she looks like the things from X-men, you know…the blue broad that turns into people… she’s not finished turning into an alien….Blue behind a$$ tights……Cha!

pics from C&IC

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