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First of all this is not a picture from that night… Second I just want you to focus on the video.

While in the middle of what seems like a hell of a performance, A fight breaks out in the crowd. It doesn’t seem to stop Waka Flocka from bouncing around and talking his special language. Apparently someones wig gets snatched off and Waka Flocka gets a hold of it and decides that he will just wear it… Who cares right a wig is wig and good wigs are hard to find.

What struck me is NOT, the fact that he put on someone’s nasty ass sweaty wig, but the actual sweat that was pouring from the bodies of him and his people on stage is what had me in shock and horror. I can’t imagine the stench and stickiness of that whole party situation. His body is literally wet with sweat and that club looks like it’s a fire hazard to life. Call me uppity but I hate the feeling of someones wet body rubbing up against me in a dingy ass club. UNLESS it’s a soca party (small disclaimer)

But, OOOHHH LE DOOOO IT *shrugs*


Who’s BAD! Kanye the King of POP????

I wish someone would kick Kanye off his high horse. There is no aspect of humbleness (is that a word) in this man… he just keeps talking and talking and talking… Kanye go sit down and take a nap, cause your over cooked. Tell me what you think about Kanye being the “New” King of pop.

A little over a month has passed since the death of Michael Jackson and we already have a new “King Of Pop”–at least according to Kanye West.

“You know everyone loves and respects Michael but times change. It’s so sad to see Michael gone but it makes a path for a new King of Pop and I’m willing to take that on.” Kanye is quoted as saying.

“There’s nobody who can match me in sales and in Kanye West respect so it only makes sense for me to take over Michael’s crown and become the new King,” he continued.

“First there was Elvis, then there was Michael, now in the 21st century its Kanye’s time to rule.

I have nothing but respect for Michael but someone needs to pick up where he left off and there’s nobody better than me to do that. I am the new King of Pop.”

Though Kanye has received an enormous amount of success since his 2004 mainstream debut, many argue his clout is not nearly as large as Michael Jackson’s career span. -source


Rockin Knockin da boots

Good day my little pretties (yes this post is about pretty Ricky) Like I said I’ve been on vacation with Rihanna in Barbados and Now I’m back and ready to talk that old sticky truth, or foolishness… it’s all the same. I have been trying to catch up to all the bull sh!t on the net and right now i’m knee deep in it, so until i can flush it all down bare with me as i gather my tools to go through life.

pretty Ricky icky icky… HA.. What a joke. I come back to find out that they done gone and made a re-make to “knockin the boots”

But why those boots??? watch the video and you’ll see what I mean

Those are the ugliest boots in the world….With all the sexy F me boots in the world that’s the one they picked to be the “sexy boot”.
I have to give these hott messes props for continuing to look, act, and sing like fools, although the lead singer one didn’t do such a bad job. All the air humping and grinding had me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off (yes i had to spell it out). it’s good to be back and surrounded by so much ignorance. Let the games begin.

Congratulations Celtics!!!


But BOOOO!!! to Paul Peirce in this picture. I know that ain’t his baby momma looking the got damn fool, so I will not condole the messtivity that is taking place in this here photo. I also don’t know when this picture was taken but past or present it is a complete stupid mess.

I’m actually surprised that this hussy ain’t on all fours crawling around the club making cat noises and licking her leather bustier


Thanks Lauren

No wedding for you

Papoose and Remy’s wedding got called off because papoose had a bright idea..bring in the handcuff keys…Because really…Who does that??? I think one should go to jail for getting high right before you visit someone in jail. You should be held accountable for the foolishness that happens when your under the influence…What in the world made him think that it would be okay, or a gesture of true love to come into the jail house with a handcuff key.

Only a complete Moron does that…but then again what the hell did i expect we are talking about a man who dubbed himself Papoose (an indian infant) and a convict that shot her friend in the belly and called it an accident

Remy Ma’s jailhouse nuptials were abruptly called off Monday when her rapper groom, Papoose, showed up with a most curious wedding present: a handcuff key.

“A wedding was scheduled today and a visitor to that wedding service was found to be in possession of jail contraband so the wedding was canceled,” a correction official told the Daily News.

“The key that was found today easily opened handcuffs that we and other law enforcement officials use,” the official said.

Now the 29-year-old Brooklyn-born Papoose – real name Shamele Mackie – won’t be able to see his fiancée until November.

“The visitor was sanctioned by not being able to visit Rikers Island again for six months,” the official said. “He was asked to leave.”

He was quickly ushered out of the jail and never got to enter the prison island’s Rose M. Singer chapel in which the two were set to say their “I do’s.” -source



NOOOOO!!! really I can’t stop laughing, my stomach hurts and I think I farted out loud twice. I just want to be dead right now…I’m finished I can’t go on….It hurts Lord it hurts….*LMAO all the way to the promise land LMAO*

FORT WORTH, Texas — Police in Texas said a 21-year-old man was arrested and accused of trying to cash a check for $360 billion.

Police in Fort Worth said they arrested Charles Fuller last week when bank tellers noticed the ridiculously large amount and called the woman whose name was on the check.
The woman said Fuller is her daughter’s boyfriend, but she had not given him a check — and certainly not one for billions of dollars.
Fuller has been charged with fraud, police said.
Police said they found 2 ounces of marijuana and a gun in his pockets when they arrested him, so he also faces charges for unlawfully carrying a weapon and possession of marijuana. -source

Seen over at
Crunk and Disorderly

Teyana Taylor: That’s Not Hott!!

Tyana Hosted the 3rd Anniversary Rap Up magazine party looking like a hot foolish mess. I’m just not in love with her. While I do feel like she is a nice girl and very sweet and cute looking her dress code gets on my nerves I can’t deal with people that are extremely EXTRA… just seems like they have to make up for lack of talent ( I’ve heard her she ain’t the ish) with something over the top (dress wear)


Get Rich Quick Schemes: Target = Oprah

Even Oprah’s trying not to laugh at this one…..

An “Oprah Winfrey Show” audience member is suing Harpo Studios Wednesday after some overzealous guests allegedly caused her to fall down a flight of stairs.

On Dec. 5, 2006, Orit Greenberg went to Harpo Studios to be an audience member for the Oprah show, according to a lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court Wednesday.

Greenberg, along with an “excess number of patrons,” gathered in a waiting area before filing into the studio to be seated, the suit said. When the audience members were instructed to enter the studio and sit “where they wanted,” Greenberg claims she was pushed down stairs as the patrons “rushed the gate” while pushing and shoving one another.

The suit said Harpo management failed to properly control the crowd and was careless by allowing guests to seat themselves.

Greenberg allegedly suffered “severe and permanent injuries” from the fall, and is asking for more than $50,000 for medical care and other damages, the suit said. -source
Are you Kidding me….If that’s the case I would like to sue Oprah for spraining my finger calling her studio trying to get a seat on her gift give away show.This is the most blatant act of ignorance on a rich person that i have ever heard of. WAIT, who am i fooling, I will gladly be an eye witness if the lady promises to give me one of her thousands. (no, i wasn’t there but still if that lady can sue i can be a witness)


Jacki-O: I hate your tattoo

I thought only white woman and the chick from Girlfriends tatted up their boodies like this. the sad thing about it is that the damn girl is semi pretty, so all that ink on her body is not called for. when i loose my mind i’m going to get my face tattood. I’m going to get a picture of my face on my face. and then a full sleeve picture of my arm on my arm….Now that would be a cool tattoo…

Now, what if she cut her nipples off with them swords. That would suck!

She should tattoo her butt.

Dirty Panties for Sale

I’ve lost count of all the emails saying ‘I would pay any amount of money for the g-string right off your butt’. Well, here’s your chance. I will wear each pair of panties long enough to transfer my ‘natural’ scent, but these are limited, not mass-produced. So order them now. I might not be offering that many of them!

I blame HIP HOP…no sah, I kid I kid. I blame everybody for this plum foolery. There are too many nasty people in this world. The types of people that allow themselves to look like nasty slut, hoe, and prostitutes. Those people are not to blame; all they are doing is supplying the need to the demand. The people that go on the site and purchase her vagina sauce panties are the ones to blame. It’s the same thing as a mini skirt size 26 it’s not the makers that are to blame it’s the people that buy them. So I point the finger at America, And to myself for actually advertising this mess. I Blame ME!!

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