Thursday, July 09th, 2009

Will they kiss and make up?

Okay, it seems like this thing/feud had been going on since 2005 with many attempts are reconciling but none ever really doing the job. Honestly I never knew nor did I care as to why the two were beefing, because most likely it was childish in the first place. Grown men fighting against each other, doing the same damn thing: dropping tracks, records, and mixed tapes aimed at the humiliation of the other one. Come on guys lets get serious. Both are good rappers… not the best but they have both dropped songs that we all know a least 76% of the words by heart and try to mumble through the rest of them.

If you’re like me, and you’re curious as to why these two have been beefing and making a fool out of themselves you can CLICK HERE it’s very interesting and puts things in perspective, and it’s not long. Just read the headlines of the paragraphs to figure out what you want to read. Still senseless but at least now you can be up to the times.

In the below Video, Game goes on record and apologizes to 50 and everyone else he has offended over the years. He states that’s he’s not apologizing to the artist or the rapper but to the MEN that he offended. He’s crediting this act of kindness and maturity to the late Michael Jackson. He said he got a call from Michael a couple of weeks or months before he died… Michael was telling him that he wanted to assist Game and 50 in squashing there beef and coming back together (you can listen to the rest in the video… smh

Him sayed sawy!!

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Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Last Week Kobe couldn’t do it without "HIM"

Shaw gets a little personal when he decides to freestyle about Kobe losing to the CELTICS and Kobe’s involvement with his losing his wife….I have yet to get into the deepness of Kobe and Shaq’s beef but from the likes of this hear freestyle it seems like someone still has opened wounds that have yet yo heal. Shaq goes on to say that it was just a freestyle and it didn’t really mean anything but you know what they say ” where there is smoke there is fire” well see how this whole thing pans out in the next couple of days.
“I’m a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that’s why I’m getting divorced.”

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

50 vs. Roci (Hoe vs. Garbage)

looks like Fiddy cent has found someone else to beef with. This time it’s that lil skank Roci who let me say for the record i can’t stand because she is Ultra whack. any ways, seems like 50 is pissed because Roci called his album Garbage in the video (below) For someone like Roci to be calling someone else Garbage bring three words to my mind (Pot, Kettle, Black) anyways in the audio CLICK HERE TO LISTEN (scroll down to the little play button) 50 basically calls Roci a hoe and says that the reason her skank azz is so bitter is because he wouldn’t give her the magic stick….and that he knows allot about her hoeish ways with the guest on 106 “and why the hell is this still a show” Park

Every body needs to just STFU because Roci seemed drunk high and stupid in this clip. Rocsi and her gay co-host Terrence have a habit of talking about me. didn’t he tell ray-J that he used be to whack back in the day…..*Pot, kettle, black* except now Terrence is still whack


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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Keep it moving: No Beef Here

I guess there have been rumors and diss tracks, and magazine interviews going around that Young Berg and Little Bowb!tch have been beefing (something like kids fighting over toys) Then comes fiddy cent all up in the mix to add fuel to the fire and instigate the beef by trying to get Ice-berg to go hard on bowb!tch. but……as all of fiddy’s plans go it, ends up blowing up in his face because iceberg and bowb!tch have decided to start having sleep overs and bowling parties….Aww how cute!! PLAYMATES

“First and foremost, 50 told me some smart shit. 50 told me move him [Bow Wow] out the game, period. He told me to crush him. He told me demolish him,” Berg revealed to “He told me do the ‘Do That There’ remix with him on it and then come up with my diss record and totally move him out of music. “But, I don’t wanna do that,” Berg continued. “I can see me and Bow fucking a lot of bitches together{ Hotsauce-let me just hush my mouth}. My whole thing is either you’re going to be an alliance on this [Snoop Dogg] tour this summer, or it’s, ‘Fuck you!’ Period. I don’t need you as a friend. I came in the game by myself.” -source

pics source are obvious

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Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Mariah vs. Leona: Round 1

I don’t even know who Leona Lewis is nor do I think i have ever heard any of her music. So why am I posting this you ask??? Because Mariah Carey is a pumped up B!tch and i think that everything that comes out of her mouth is foolishness and catty. If I was to ever meet her i would trip her.

Mariah Carey says Leona Lewis doesn’t sound like her.

The chart-topping singer insists she: “didn’t really hear any similarity. Honestly, there has been so many, ‘This is the new her,’ and I’m like, ‘OK, show me the new her. Can she come and work for me and be my double?’ and I’m not particular talking about this girl Leona, because I only heard her once and I didn’t really hear a true similarity, particularly in the style of music. It is what it is and critics have compared me to so many people who are not really singers, and they’re certainly not writers.”

She added to the Observer Music Monthly magazine:

“If I was to focus on the comparisons and really dwell on that, it would bring me down so I just try to pray that I lose the sprit of jealousy, it’s not a good one – envy is a really powerful thing.” -source
pic stolen from the ybf

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Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

History Lesson: DMX gets at Mary J. Hard

In one of my daily emails I got this from a friend and immediately i decided to share it with you all. I didn’t even know that Mary and DMX had beef. I guess i know now and it’s filled with all kinds of juicy little secrets. DMX never fails to amaze me with his insight. he must have hated her with all of his life to put something like this down on music and never think that it would actually resurface. What you do in the dark comes out to light. I hope she just brushes it off her shoulders she’s much better person now…..

March 18, 2008. has just learned that an old diss track recorded by rapper DMX nearly 10 years ago is about to be re-released on a new mixtape. In the track, DMX goes hard at Mary J Blige in graphic terms.

Good thing, for Mary’s sake that they’re no longer enemies. Here are the lyrics to the track:

Mary J – what’s on your brain,
Don’t you know you can’t diss where you came – from
The motherf*cking slum,
You remind me of when you was a bum

Crazy dumb – getting hit in the hallway,
Building 5 – I heard you take it all ways
In the as* and especially the mouth,
You get on the radio and now you’re from down south, the Bronx, or Brooklyn
Anywhere but from [inaudible] – you know the place that you left your mom…

I’m from the motherf*cking Y-O,
Where the nigg*s is real and the bitches act like they know
You f*ckin ho, you know I know
Cause my mutherf*cking man Nas told me so

So did Little Jo, Big Coup and Derrick,
Wash from Scoop Street and can’t forget Eric.
Ain’t you tired of getting hit with d*cks
You even f*cked my man Charles Oakley from the Knicks

You shouldn’t use sex to get away from [inaudible]
You got n*ggas trooping to Fordham Road
Just to drop a load
Bitch you shouldn’t have hoe’d

Everybody got your code
The p*ssy is sold – and your a*s and face,
But I asked my man and he said it wasn’t all that

Right about the time you were shopping the demo,
He tore your a*s up in the back of a limo
And you didn’t even care
You left your mom in [inaudible] – on what WELFARE

Bitch you know you ain’t right,
Matter fact what are you doing at about 8 o’clock tonight
You got the boots and I’m coming to get ‘em
Is it true that after you f*ck ‘em, you’ll make a record with him
If so then I’ll be there and it won’t be hard to find me,
Cause like I said before Mary J – You Remind Me!!!

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Friday, March 07th, 2008


ain’t that a B!tch, This clip has been floating around the net like anthrax. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet but it’s about the fly boys of Dru-hill going on a radio station to announce there reunion and less then 7 min into the come-out WOODY (the gayest name ever, no pun intended) hears Jesus in his head telling him that he’s dropping the reunion before it even starts.

Sissy pitches a B!tch fit and the rest after a commercial break we see one of the other tang members trying to fight the MAN OF GOD…….which my default is a NoNo because Jesus is his homeboy

Something about the whole SURPRISE element of it all wasn’t believable and if I’m right i would hate for Woody to have been using the Lord’s name for publicity that’s grounds for an instant train to HELL. I’m going to start praying NOW

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Friday, December 14th, 2007

Irv Ghotti vs. Superhead

(pic jacked from bossip)

Irv discussing Super head with Karen G

If I was a man I would want Superhead to suck my cock too, but I’ll threaten to kill her if she ever put my name in one of her books. and I’ll make sure to walk with a digi cam to tape her swallowing my unborn children

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Wednesday, September 05th, 2007

Who Cares? Half-Dollar vs. Wire Jaw

Half dollar told San Diago 93.3: “Its not possible for Kanye to beat me, I don’t know why I said that. Its like the teddy bear vs. the gorilla. Def Jam [West’s label] is going to buy about 200,000 of Kanye’s records. Kanye sucks, I’m going to be honest, he sounds like a robot, he has a robot record.”

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