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I didn’t know this child had 400 tattoo’s upon her body surface. I thought she had that one constellation down her back bone and that was it. she really is a good girl gone bad. By now you all should know my stance with females and tattoo, and I’m happy to report that Rhi has not fallen into the ridiculous tattoo category where she looks like a convicted fool from rikers *ahem keyshia cole and MJB*

Me and my Homie Bologna Mz Virgo was just chatting about tattoo’s and she informed me that she has 1 million of them but none of her arms after breathing a sigh of relief I inducted her into my friendship of fame. So if you want to remaine be my friend lets think about the places we will put our tattoos and think about what we actually want to be permanently placed on our bodies.

Okay???…. Okay
The tattoo behind your ear is a Pisces symbol–two fish swimming head to tail in a circle–which represents life after death. If possible, what would you be reincarnated as?

“If I had to come back in another form, it would be as my dog, DJ. He gets the best treatment, all the attention in the world, and he’s so adorable. Plus, he goes everywhere I can take him.”

Not a bad answer, dumb but not a bad answer (them damn dogs do get treated like royalty). I think i would come back as a gun, so that i can kill people….(yes I’m crazy) what would you come back as??? and if you have tattoos what and where are they (and why)

Jackie-O Hell No!!

No for real…What in the hell do people think when they tattoo up there bodies..not only is that not the worst, un-classy, and trashy thing but there is something else that needs to be addressed. seriously there comes a point in a young woman’s life that she needs to grow the hell up, lets get rid of the gray contacts….Nobody wears those anymore, and I’m positive that EVERYONE knows that they are not yours. To tell you the truth is actually hurts my feeling when i see a woman that looks like she has enough problems and she doesn’t need the extra attention of people looking into her fake cat eyes and thinking “damn this b!tch is stupid”

Jackie-O needs to stop the mess, Can someone tell me WHO the hell she is and what does she do. I’m not even in the mood to wikipedia her because I really don’t care, but i wouldn’t mind one of you doing it and dropping her profession down in the comment section along with your words of advice.

This broad really has a full sleeve of tattoo


I hope he’s GAY!!

Because where I come from Cocky means Dick (yes that’s not the only meaning BUT…), and if you have cocky tattooed on your arm that mean you must love Dick, and if your a man that Loves Pen15 they you are Gay, and ain’t nothing wrong with being gay if that’s who you are, BUT for the sake of a straight man that has “cocky” on his arm I hope he got enough long sleeved shirts to cover that ish up.

That’s why i tell you people to Please think about your tattoo before you get it permanently placed on your body.

Ohh yes, this is the lil boy that played Miles on Moesha who so willing got the word “cocky” tattooed on his lil pre-pubescent body (a very nice body) but pre-pubescent non- the- less

pics via necolebitchie


This Ain’t Flo-rida

What sense does it makeFlo-rida to have on all dem clothes and then in the middle of his performance he starts to strip. I do understand that while performing your adrenaline starts to pump extra hard and you get hot and amped and jumpy but really is it that hott that one feels the need to start taking off their clothes. I want the person who sent out the memo to all the entertainers that the only way you can really get the crowd going it so undress held accountable for there actions and fired immediately.

No Doubt Mr. Rida can catch it in the worst way with his finely chiseled tatted up body. All I need in ONE NIGHT…hell get me the back seat of a jeep…..

That Tattoo is massive.

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