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Whoopie VS. Liz: The "NIGGER" word

I was watching this on the News last night and I swear i wanted to jump through the screen and slam Liz’s head down on the desk top and gag her with a dirty thong. she is so overly dramatic and emotional. They need to start looking for a replacement for her cause she is quit annoying.

Yesterday on the show a big Malay happened when the “Nigger” word was discussed. Whoopie tried to explain why black people can use it and why white people can’t and Liz got all “I have a black neighbor” and started crying, because “it’s upsetting to her”

You can’t just make a word extinct, bottom line is white people can’t use the word, and if black people do, that’s their business. it’s unrealistic to bury a word. it’s stupid to think that people will just stop saying it because it’s politically incorrect. I wish people would get over the word and stop making such a big deal about it. you don’t like it ignore it. I’m actually bored with the controversy around it. there are other things we need to focus on in the world.

I’m Back!!

But still need to get my ish together…Hope you didn’t miss me too much!!!

Posting will resume soon!!


This is what I feel about Oprah’s feet

I feel that when you are one of the richest people in the world and you can party with Nelson Mandela and you are a BILLIONair, and you have the type of $Guap$ that you could probably build a nation in your backyard, and you wipe your behind with 5 dollar bills because the 1 dollar bills are too cheap then your feet should NEVER and I repeat NEVER look the way that Oprah’s feet look.

She has enough clout that she doesn’t even have to pay a doctor to come to her home and make her two NEW pair of feet but NOOOOOOOO she insist of pissing me off and walking around with feet that look like she has just stomped across the core of the sun….hang my head in shame…. cause at one point that mutated bunion actually looked like an extra toe

Oprah can blame NO body but her self

That’s all she is…Ear Wax

I HATE GABRIELLE UNION, and I wish that big Eddie head would come alive, open its mouth, and crew her into little pieces, and spit her out. Then I would rent a street sweeper and run over her with it….That was a little juvenile and immature but I really can’t stand this chick. She reminds me of dirty earwax is someone else ears. You see it and just want to hit them right in the ear.


Look who I found in Boston: Talib Kweli

I have a story to tell. Sooooo it was my future baby daddy’s birthday and he wanted to go out. So the wonderful girlfriend that I am…I arraigned for a small gathering of friends and family and we ventured out to have a good time. when we go to the club they had the nerve to tell us some Buuuuuuulllll Sh!t about it being $20 to get it (yes i said 20) to some of you that might be a lot but to me and my posse that was WOAAAAAAAAA!! (cause we don’t pay, we get there fore the ladies free before ????) so we payed because they said Talib Kweli was there and the FBD wanted to see him. Talib Kweli you say……(I don’t give a damn,who the hell is he… 20 bones is a lot) so we paid and yeah….we had a good time.

Long story short: At one point, a little on the twisted side the ladies ventured to the bathroom to do absolutely nothing and ended up talking sh!t about Talib because we didn’t see him. Come to find out some chick in there was his friend and she went back and told him we were pissed cause we payed mad money to get in the club because he was there. So he sent her back to tell us that he wanted to meet us and buy us drinks…long story short….i was wasted and got a picture and don’t remember it. THE END!! see pics below. He’s a nice guy and I’m now a fan!

I’m cheesing ridiculously hard!!

I need to Vent: Tattoo edition

I have mentioned this before and i will say it again, Big azz arm and body tattoos on a woman are nasty and out of order. At what time in your life do you think that marking up your body with a big black ridiculous looking mural on your arms are you showcasing “SEXY” I don’t mind the little tats of butterflies or lady bugs or if you want to be daring a Preying Mathis but this big Heart with a knife through it surrounded by the angel of death takes away from your beautiful appearance. it’s not cute to have on an elegant dress and have your arms all marked up….Ive seen a few brides with big arm tats and they just took away from the soft appearance of woman on her wedding day.

Keyshia and Mary would have been so pretty if she didn’t have a picture of the anti Christ marked on her whole entire right arm. Serious, ladies and little fast behind girls… think about what you want to put on your body before you let someone do it with permanent ink.


Happy belated Halloween

I hope you all had a joyous Halloween. I was in church, warding off the evil daemons of hell. It wasn’t until after church that I learned I should have prayed to ward off the evil demons of society, the ones who spent all their drug money on going to the corner store to by eggs to throw at public transportation and anyone else that would breed a good belly laugh.

I realized much to late that to counter act the egg throwing that I witnessed, I should have bought a beebee gun and popped them little nigga’s with pellets in the middle of there foreheads. That’s what wrong with society, we have done away with “It take a village” so no one can intervene. Not me! I rebuke that notion, and take a vow to help to raise the hood rats, losers, and no life’s of the world. One beebee gun pellet at a time

In Celebrity News: Your fav celebs got decked up to celebrate the holiday of the devil

He’s always in costume
Paris Hilton
Rumor Willis- What is she?
Terry Hatcher
One of the damn Olsen twins
Crackhead Spears
Christina Milian
Puff Daddy-Looking like a fool

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