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A gold medal in Sexy time

Puffy get real and talks about sport, and the Olympics. When asked what he thinks that he might be able to win a gold medal in he said:

“Who could have sex the longest, I think that’s an event I can do well in. And probably who could stay up the longest. Just so you know, that’s supposed to be funny. Even though I am serious.”

But who would be his competitors?

“Whoever’s up for the challenge.” -source


sorry your disqualified….

And so it begins….

Ohh now this is what i call the first stages of a brilliantly devised plan…As you know by now i have a personal vendetta out for Oprah and it over joys my nerve endings to see that someone else is trying to bring down her empire with absurd and ridiculous gossip. The National Enquirer has it that her and and her long time bottom b!tch Steadman is having it out because he suspects that Oprah is strapping on for someone else..that someone else being Tyler Perry.

Tyler perry you say…it is also suspected that Tyler is a little on the “grass is greener side” so it would be hard to make the him and Oprah story hold any weight unless they are all caught in a sexy love square: Tyler, Oprah, Gayle, and Stedman…Now that’s a sex tape that would blind my eyes right out of my head. I’ll keep you posted with any other obnoxious gossip details i come across.

I blame Oprah for this mess…… she likes to have too many different hoes in too many area codes.

Lil Kim knows how to Work the middle

Kerrin Steffans has made a whole army of little book writing sluts. Power after hours DJ Golden Girl has just released her tell all book which happened to include a whole sexy porno story of her and Lil Kim getting there sensual seduction on.

Golden Girl says:

Anyway, there I was, in a position I had never been in, laying in bed with the Queen Bee, ready to eat her p*ssy. We were in some exquisitely designed bedroom, where she was dressed in a thong…period. We were drinking Cristal, and I couldn’t believe I was about to have sex with a chick. I felt a little weird, although I do chix with chix parties, and have a series of chix with chix DVD’s. I have seen it in person at clubs, and have been asked by chicks to have it done, but I have never done it, or had it done to me by a chick.

But all that shit aside, Lil Kim and I were touching, rubbing, and before I knew it, we were playing in each other’s p*ssy with our fingers. Her a*s was so soft, I kept touching and grabbing it. I’d never felt anybody’s a*s as soft as mine, and her t*tties were huge and pretty. Her nipples got hard instantly as I licked all over them. She was rubbing my cl*t and grabbing my a*s.

Read More at {C+D}

Update:see Nicolebitchie for the story behind this excerpt and how lil Kim responds

Who touched my Boob???

To much Sex in the champagne room.

Police released the following statement to ET: “On Wednesday, August 6th, Los Angeles Police Department detectives began an investigation related to a report of a possible sexual assault at the Playboy Mansion in West L.A. For reasons of law and confidentiality that are critical in such investigations of this type, no additional information will be released at this time.”

All Fun and No work, causes sexual harassment cases…….you can only take so much nakedness in one house, before someone starts to get dehydrated (wink)


Tisk, Tisk, Tisk

Girlfriends… (season finally May 7, maybe the finally of the show)
First of all…is there a reason whey this Chick always looks like she just can’t get it right? Not once have I seen her look “Fab” it’s a damn shame. She’s always just WRONG

Maya (Golden Brooks) fears that Jabari (Kendre Berry) is growing up too fast after she and Darnell (Khalil Kain) witness an interaction between him and a young girl.

Last nights episode was a repeat but, i never saw it so I’ll talk about it. I guess my question is one we all should be thinking about…..

When should you start talking to your kids about sex?

Now a days kids are growing up way faster then they did just a few years ago. The girls are spreading like eagles. The boys are 6’3 at the age of 5 and it just seems like their minds and bodies are sending hidden messages to each other. I’m not an expert so i don’t know what to say about it, all i know is that Now is the time that parents have to start being as honest with their kids as possible, don’t be afraid to talk to your kids about sex. and if it’s to hard ask someone that you care about to talk to your kids. like an older cousin or aunt, or family friend, especially for the girls….it’s time to be real.

Are we serious about this… this what the world has come down too. My prayers are with the families of the victims of this terrible ordeal

Virginia Tech

VirginiaTech attacks that claimed 33 lives to become the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history.

Students gather to mourn classmates gunned down in the deadliest rampage in modern U.S. history.

Updates: according to Fox News the shooter has been identified as Cho Seung-Hui(senior English major), 23, a student and native of South Korea. Police are almost certain that he was the shooter of both shooting.

Cho Seung-Hui

  1. The first round of shots were heard at 7:15A yesterday morning

  2. the second round happened around 9:05.

  3. Students are angry that school officials did not lock down school after the first shooting.

  4. V-Tech president defends his decision to not inform students of what was happening until hours later
  5. student victim tells his story about the gunman entering his class room and shooting his classmates and his teacher

6. note found in shooters belonging

Follow the story on Fox News

I was trying to be very journalistic about this entry but i get very upset, when i continue to read the facts of the story and watch video after video of what they have uncovered. My heart is heavy thinking about all the people that have lost there lives to this tragedy. If it’s not bad enough that this world is full of crap now, but to know that you can’t send your kids to college with out fear that you will never see them again…..(TOO ANGRY to finish)

What’s Hott to watch tonight

  • The News
  • College Hill 4 (10/9PM)
  • Boston Legal (10/9PM)
  • Bad Girls Club (10/9PM)

Yes they all come on at the same time, tape on watch two.

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