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"It" Runs for City Counsil

KWAME SMALLS also know as “IT” from VH1 Reality Shows I Love Money 2 and I Love New York 2) has been put on the Democratic ballot for City Council member in the 26th District of Queens. (Which includes; Maspeth, Long Island City, Sunnyside, Woodside)

“I’m running to represent those with disabilities and also to show minorities in my community that we can run for political office and make a difference instead of being on the street” Says Kwame Smalls who suffers from Retinitis pigmentosa.

Smalls, his Campaign Manager, I Love New York 2 winner and I Love Money 2 runner up George “Tailor Made” Weisgerber and a team of volunteers canvassed the district for 5 weeks in June and July. They were able to obtain signatures in excess of the number required by Election Law demonstrating that the community supports Smalls’ candidacy. -source

I’m all for equal opportunity but COME ON!!!!


Tyra IS… Michelle Obama

If I were Michelle I would actually kick her ass, because this looks like a photshoot off the set of MADD tv. Why she had to find the two nappyest headed kids to play the chirren. Tyra always has to go the extra mile, it’s like she sees the line and says ” i know that if i cross people will hate me, but I’m Tyra, and i’m annoying so i’ll do it anyway” Everything about Tyra is a super force. their is just no realness about her, she’s a big fraud, and i really want to pound her in the head with a office phone.

But for the record besides that nest of a wig, she actually makes a good Michelle.

TYRA Banks – the mastermind of gimmicks – is at it again. Banks – who once had her breasts examined on TV to show everybody they were “real” – is now dressing up as Michelle Obama for the September cover of Harper’s Bazaar. “It’s a full makeover,” said one spy. “You know how Tyra likes to do that stuff. And she’ll get a lot of press off it.” A rep for Banks didn’t return calls.



Ashanti: "That Good Good"

I doubt it, I’m sure the only good good she has is what she can do with her mouth. I heard her say something about her good good at the BET awards and I wanted to jump through the TV and punch her in the face because nobody knew what the hell she was talking about. Now this broad has a video and i hate it, and i hate the song. The best things that came from this is seeing Nelly and imagining that he was coming home to me for some good good….What the hell is a good good anyway?? I hate it. I going to send Ashanti one of her own death-o-grams…


You too Old for this Sh!t Luenell

Because the question is: When woman have those long azz nails, how do they wipe they azz without getting a little bit of caca in them??

I kid you not I refuse to eat from someone who has nails that long. and Lunell really needs to go sit her old behind down somewhere out of the sun. You know old people and children get heat stroke real quick and start to fall out.

I’ll send a dollar to the person who can answer my question

pics vis YBF

B!tch Please guess again

I just don’t understand prisoners anymore.

Rapper Foxy Brown is calling on her fans to give her a rapturous greeting when she leaves New York’s Riker’s Island Prison on Friday.

The star, whose real name is Inga Marchand, has served eight months of a 12-month sentence for violating her probation by manhandling two manicurists.

She will be set free this week and wants fans waving banners and wearing Foxy Brown T-shirts to be waiting for her in the parking lot of the notorious correctional facility.

Marchand plans to capture the scenes on film, to use in her forthcoming reality VH1 TV show, which will show her adjusting to life as a free woman. -source

Update: The prison people said the parking lot if to small to have a bunch of black people out side shouting and screaming for a chick that goes upside peoples heads with cell phones. Why should she be rewarded for being a belligerent a-hole

Why doesn’t Ray J STFU?

Lil ignent Mofo, sitting there talking about his sex tape, and his “Man Goods”. Despite the fact that Ray-J sounds like a FAGGOT (yes, that word) he also sounds very young and stupid. It’s crazy that he’s saying that he didn’t leak the tape and it could have been her but she claims up and down that it was him. Both of them need to go sit down on the timeout mat and think about how dumb they are. I wonder if I make a sexy tape will that be my claim to fame…hmmmm?

spotted @ ybf


Those shoes are for strippers

I would have more respect for Mariah if she just took heed to her true calling and took the world of stripping by storm. Those shoes alone point out her never ending desire to be naked and free to the sound of her own screeching. I mean i think she would make it rain on the other strippers if she stripped to her own music. i would pay $2.50 for her to swing from a pole and sing the first three tracks of her last album

Here is the “Touch my body” video:


What a dirty Jimmy

Jim Jones seems to get dirtier every time i see him? No for real because it looks like Ciarra’s face is saying “damn why the hell does this nigga smell like my garbage”

sad thins is, he probably thought it got real dressed up to except his hip hop honor. hip hop encourages this sort of un-bathing behavior

LALA does SI

LaLa is featured in the athlete’s wives spread of Sports Illustrated magazine, but for some reason I failed to obtain proof or even rumors that Carmelo and Lala actually got married. I don’t see why you should be able to be in a wife edition if you ain’t a wife. This time I don’t think i’m hating I think i’m keeping it real. Fiancé does not = wife in the world of celebs. it just means that they have nice expensive rings on their fingers. Hell getting married doesn’t = wife in the celeb world. it just means that now when you have sex with someone else it’s not cheating it’s adultery…. You say tomato I say thomato.

But her boobs are nice…that’s all she wrote


Nope Guess Again!!!

Jennifer sweetheart just because your huge doesn’t mean that you should be allowed to rock a satin moomoo out in public….that thing looks like a Puerto Rican window curtain tailored BADLY into a dress.

Did her stylist just about give up? It’s almost over girl….Just hold on or stay in the house. Just don’t make these bad pregnancy fashion moves again…The damn shame is….she was going to a fashion show. So sad, I hang my head and cry.

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