BOSTON, MA: Born Danielle Johnson but World known (soon,soon) as “Hotsauce” I was born and raised right here in Boston,MA. Coming from a mixed background, My mom is from Honduras and my Dad is from Trinidad, I know all to well about how to adapt in different cultures. I consider myself a HonduTriniMerican s/o to Tiger Woods

I graduated from Andrews University with a Bachelors degree in Communication and a Minor in Allied Health. From the ripe age of three I knew that one day I would become the besets Nurse in the world. There was nothing else that I could see myself doing. After getting kicked out of the nursing program, a brother figure encouraged me to go into Communications. From there I have excelled in everything that was put before me concerning forming relationships with crowds, individuals, and Myself. My nursing dream is still there, and i’ll reach that, BUT for right now, in this moment in time Hotsauce is going to burn up the scenery.

I have always been an entertainer, acknowledging my special gift for making people feel better, making them laugh, and making them look forward to something brighter. I credit my people skills to my love of God, and my super energized personality. Im that FORCE, that girl that is always MOVING, Im naturally high of life. Don’t underestimate the DIVA attitude in me, I often turn the smallest issues into the biggest of deals. Growing up listening to my dad who is a DJ go from playing the latest and greatest Soca to now being a well known Gospel DJ in the East coast, one can say that entertaining and being a dick jockey is in my blood. Being a DJ is not just my initials.

One day sitting at my corporate job complaining about how much I hated it due to the lack of interpersonal relationships that I was making sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours. A friend of mines happened to send me something about an internet radio show and i went for it, i passed the audition and i was on air for about 3 months. At the same time I got the opportunity to intern for a Dj on an reinvented radio station. I started out interning for DJ Al Gee on the Midnight Take Ova from 12-2am while working full time. About a month later, Al Gee’s show got switched to the Prime Time Take Ova from 10-12AM, 6 months after after passing my on air test I was afforded the opportunity to Co-Host the Prime Time Take Ova and thus the transformation to Radio Personality. For 2 years I have built up my fan base, and made my mark on the airwaves of Boston. Coining myself and Known to many as the “Red Pump Bandit” for always rocking a pair of red Pumps at events around town.

I look up to any and every radio host and DJ on the radio, from LA to Boston. I always feel like there is room for improvement. I take what works, pour some hotsauce on it and fire it up some more. Wendy Williams, Free, Angie Martinez and Many more are people that motivate me to continue to strive towards the highest level of success.

My unique voice puts me in a position to do many things, it’s childlike yet sexy enough to do any genre of music and radio. I plan to one day do voice over for animated films. I consider myself a cartoon so why not be the voice of one. I also strive to host red carpet events, TV shows, and anything that would continue to build up the name of Ms.Hotsauce. Look out world because once I pour some Hotsauce on it, all you will see is smoke, so make sure you have a glass of water near by.

I would like to work with everybody, from local street music to Big moguls like Diddy and Oprah, have a lunch date with Cocoa Channel and have Willow smith teach me how to whip my hair back and forth, if i have time i’ll go shoe shopping with Kim Kardashian.

Listen to me LIVE on HOT97BOSTON 87.7FM

PrimeTime TakeOver Mon-Thurs 10pm-12am BobbyShakesShow Tuesday Nights 12am-2am Block Star Radio Sundays 12pm-1pm

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