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Something tells me: he’s a girl

I don’t love Llyod, because I think he sounds like a b!tch and a man that can’t put a little base in his voice can’t really be trusted. his music is nice, but when he’s just on air talking.. it really makes me want to punch him in the nuts, maybe it would have the reverse effect and he could actually succeed in sounding like a man instead of a pre-pubescent boy child.

Second of all it’s time to cut the hair, especially if you can’t find anything to do with it other then put it in some big azz ugly plats. do something with your damn hair dude, or loose it.

sounds like a b!tch + long hair = suspect gay

So I’m a little late on all this crap because, I decided to not blog for a day, so now I have a lot of catching up to do. well, lets get this ball on the road. Or lets get this car on the road…whatever saying tickles you the best. Just a couple of days ago the NY post, had an article that said that rumor had it that Lisa Raye wanted to work out her marriage because she didn’t want to leave the lifestyle that she has grown accustomed to living, regardless of her love for him, she just found it hard to have to give up all the perks of being a first lady.

LISARAYE has changed her mind. The “All of Us” actress was planning to divorce Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick, but now she’s moved back into his mansion. “It’s not that she would miss him, she would miss her position,” said our source. “She’s grown accustomed to the lifestyle – the gifts, the cars, the status.” The two have had problems since they wed in 2006. LisaRaye has been linked to former NBA star Gary Payton. In April, Misick was accused of raping one of LisaRaye’s friends, a claim he denied. -source

come to find out her rapiest, cheating azz husband already made the decision for her and has stated that he would like nothing more then to end his marriage with her, continue steal sex and have different woman running in and out of his house. Messed up things about it all is that she probably had to sign one skank of a prenup before she could even say I do…. I hope she can at least keep a summer house and scrub the toilets of his mansion for some extra change

“I am announcing that I am separated from LisaRaye McCoy-Misick,” Premier Misick said in a statement emailed to EUR from his PR rep, Judy Smith. “I am committed to dissolving the marriage amicably. I believe that this is a private matter and will have no further comments. I hope that our privacy will be respected.” -source
I say she out to just take the “L” and continue to get freaky with lil Kim in the clubs….. (yes i posted some of these pics before but nothing says DIVORCE like a lil girl on girl action)

In this pic ^^^ looks like Lisa Raye has a lil Jizzum on her mouth

What is a Fag Hag?

Everyone knows that Raz.B loves the Peen, and that he has overcame his gag reflex’s to accommodate his hobby… so seeing him with this shapeless random just makes me want to LOL… It must be a very tough friendship for her when she has to strap it on every night just to make him feel like his true self, since he’s trying to act like the sugar in his tank was just a rumor.

the question is what is a Fag Hag (for the record i love homosexuals and I’m looking for one to be my best friend) anyways a fag hag is a chick that helps a homosexual with the illusion that he is still straight, the ones that have an image to preserve and who are afraid to come completely out the closet. so the fag hag sticks around and makes people THINK that the person that you suspected of being a Homosexual might actually be straight…

Don’t say i never taught you anything….

Most likely she has to carry his lil azz around in the bedroom


Gal says: I still love my wife and I’m Not GAY

I wonder if all Knows that he will always have a special place in my heart, even is Star doesn’t. Look at that big sour puss could anyone with a Pen15 not love that big gay face. WAIT…is he cross eyed????? Why didn’t anybody tell me???? I still love him though. Anyways Al set out and made some youporn I mean Youtube tapes about his current situation with his divorce and his ex wife. Some key point he wants you all to take note of is that: 1) HE’s NoT Gay 2) he still loves his wife and 3) He is gay (he just doesn’t understand those feeling yet)

Reynolds speaks out for the first time since his divorece from the former View cohost was announced in April, saying the demise of his marriage makes him “very sad” and that his relationship with Jones is currently loitering at “cordial.”

There are days when i’m like, ‘Wow.’ I still wear my ring. It hasn’t settled in yet. I still love her,” he says.

“You can’t be heartbroken. Every lesson that you learn in life is for a reason. Does the heart hurt? Yes it does. Is it gonna heal? Yes it will.”

The increasingly emotional Reynolds also says he and Jones are not currently on speaking terms, but that he believes that could change in the future.

“It saddens me, but we’re not,” he continues. “We’re cordial. This is a difficult time for her and it’s a difficult time for me. Right now, it’s a little tender. Our relationship is a little tender, and hopefully over time we can heal that and we can become friends again.”

Made all the more difficult, at times, by the constant speculation over his sexuality.

“I am not a homosexual,” Reynolds says. “But the thing is, it’s weird to me and really kind of upsetting to me that that’s where people would go as it relates to my sexuality, because this has affected my professional life, this has affected my personal life, and if anyone knew the damage it has caused me, they would understand why I’m very aggressive about this.”

GAL Speaks out: CLICK HERE TO WATCH He actually made his own youtube channel so that he could speak to his audience on a personal gay level. if that’s not professionalism then i don’t know what is.


She’s DEF a Lesbian

There is just something about this girl that cries out ” I need help coming out the closet” I have said it before and I will say it again. I feel like she’s one of those lost young adults that can’t come to grips with their sexuality, in almost every picture that she takes, she’s with a female and in some weird lesbian like position. Now before you start bashing me on how the girl is probably just one of those touchy feeling types. take a look at the rest of the pictures and tell me if you don’t see the lust in her eyes….

She likes to eat box lunches at the Y {sweetest thing circa 200?}

I’m pretty sure she “jokingly” licked it off her face, Chris brown come get your girl

Rhianna dosn’t look as in to it as Teyanna does.

I hate the Lip poke

Al B sure and his Son’s are just GAY (period)

greasy hair, Lip pokes, and sun glasses = GAY


Mr Tally: what you wearing??

Something in the shiny shoes ain’t clean. Because I want to to know where and who the hell made this SatEEN open toe purple glitter slippers in a size giant and gave it to that man along with a sexy clutch and broach pin for his sexy turban.

Ohh and need I forget the pink knee length leather jacket, and silvery pimp shirt. so many things wrong not enough time to laugh. I’ll leave Naynay and her “can’t touch this” pants alone she is in mourning over her hairline.


Told you she Teyana Taylor is a Lesbo

I don’t know where this lil girl came from or what family she belongs to, all i know if that she got some nice hair, and likes to wear stupidness while bouncing her fanny across her stage looking like a circus act, but none the less i always seems to have a raised eyebrow and the WTF look on my face when i see her around the net. Lately i have become suspicious of her more then friendly way of hugging up and touching on other woman. media take out reported a while ago that Teyana was an undercover lesbo and now I’m starting to see it more for myself. I think her and Lil Manma have something going on, and now she’s cheating on lil Manma with that slut Aubry from MTB8

Exhibit A ^^^
Exhibit B ^^^
Tell me aubry ain’t some kind of nasty slut freak

"Call ME Al" to tell all on TV interview

Al better be willing to talk about having sex with a human sized raisin and how she made him call her “skinny dearest” before taping mini cheeseburgers to the mirror, and making herself do shock therapy trough her armpits if he wants 6 figures for his first TV interview. that’s the kind of sh!t people live for and gets you paid in this industry

With his sugar-mama Star Jones out of the picture, Reynolds is shopping his first television interview to the highest bidder.

“He has got to make a buck somehow,” one television producer told us. “He’s been looking for a six-figure deal for an interview where he dishes about being married to Star.”

We hear that some shows are interested in a chat, but only if he is really willing to part with some dirt. No one wants to pay for it, though. -source

This should be Al theme music whenever he walks into a room

Thanks Butta


Why I can’t stand girl children

These two Baby lesbians need to go find a hole somewhere and go live in it. They are the reasons why I hate to watch B.E damn T. Lil Manman’s voice makes me want to take a shot gun and blow my head clean off my body. Both of the stylist that were hired to dress these two should be ran over my Mac trucks filled with cow dung. because that’s what they make them wear cow dung…

I will present my lesbian case (below)


Who needs to rest their lil lesbian hand on someone’s leg in order to take a picture.

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