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I can’t…

I interrupt your regular scheduled day to bring you some of the most outlandish piece of blasphemy I have ever heard in all my days as an American. Again, I must remind you of the intense dislike that I have for the child they call LIL’MANma. My dislike is so strong that it’s hard for me to even watch America’s Best Dance Crew without having to fast forward through her “critique” of a dance performance, or covering my ears with my hands and singing a little diddly in order not to hear her. Anyways she was asked about her feelings towards the death of Michael Jackson, and this DUMBASS has the nerve to compare Michael to JESUS (The Great Almighty Jesus Christ)

Please after you watch this clip, bow your heads and close your eyes as we ask God for forgiveness. Forgive her Father for SHE KNOW NOT WHAT SHE SAYS!!

*SIGH* these are our youth… someone needs to read the Great Book

Note: because of the severity of the offense that has already come out of her mouth i will not touch on the skunked hair ensemble that she has upon her head


Lil Manma and her glitter world

Shawty get Loose and let your balls hang low and wobble to the floor. Something about Lil Manma makes me want to fight her in the street…but i can almost be certain that she would tear my Lil ass up…When a transvestite feels threatened them things turn very cross and go directly for your throat…so maybe I’ll just be nice to her if i ever see her…That is right after i trip her by accidentpurpose.

Rub- a- dub- dub…two tranny’s in some glitter.


Little BoPoop

Really what can i say…I can’t even begin to get into the concept behind lil Manma’s outfits anymore. I feel like i have already invested too much energy and free mind space to continue to allow her to piss me off. So with that being said i will leave the scrutiny up to you

p.s- It’s about that time that she leave her little sister at home. That’s sweet and all but I’m sure that little girl has some coloring homework or numbers to write.


Why I can’t stand girl children

These two Baby lesbians need to go find a hole somewhere and go live in it. They are the reasons why I hate to watch B.E damn T. Lil Manman’s voice makes me want to take a shot gun and blow my head clean off my body. Both of the stylist that were hired to dress these two should be ran over my Mac trucks filled with cow dung. because that’s what they make them wear cow dung…

I will present my lesbian case (below)


Who needs to rest their lil lesbian hand on someone’s leg in order to take a picture.

Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape: Yummy!!

Even the dead can make a sex tape and make all the headlines. For some reason (maybe cause it’s just damn nasty) I’m not the slightest bit interested in seeing this here 11 min porn of a dead guys going at it with two ditsy broads. After all it might not even be him.

I think i’m going to go in my cellar and see if I can find a porno of Elvis and Lil Manma (Fresh is convinced it is that old) and i’m selling off to the highest bidder. Place your bids here.

The 11 minutes of footage, reportedly shot in a hotel room about 40 years ago, features Hendrix — or someone who looks like him — engaged in various sexual acts with two women.

The company said they consulted with experts to authenticate the footage. But Charles R. Cross, author of the Hendrix biography “Room Full of Mirrors,” has seen the film and doubts the man is Hendrix.

Cross said the face and nostrils of the man depicted in the video don’t match Hendrix. He also said the man in the tape is wearing more rings that Hendrix was known to wear.

“This is somebody that looks like Jimi or is pretending to look like him, but it certainly didn’t look like a dead-on match to me,” Cross told The Associated Press during a telephone interview Tuesday. -source


I’m taking it personal

When things like this appear on my damn screen it makes me livid. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on this girl that she had it out for me. I honestly believe that Lil Manma wakes up every morning and says….”What can I wear to piss off Hotsauce today” then she goes through the hamper on her floor and says “I think I will put on this, this, this, and this”… smells the arm pits to make sure they are clean and proceeds to make a mockery out of my life.

And Jebus Wept



Finally a Concert that will be freaking awesome and GREAT, and wonderful……. Really WTF….I wouldn’t even allow my teenage monkey to go to this sh!t. Who the hell wants to sit there and listen to lil mama speak and Soulja boy crank that pre-mature skeet skeet all over stage. Not I said the bottle of Hotsauce.

Soulja Boy will hit the road this spring with his “21 & Under Tour,” with help from Lil’ Mama and rapper V.I.C., can exclusively reveal. The trek begins April 11 in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and runs through early May.

“It’s been an incredible journey and I can’t thank everybody enough for all the love and support they’ve shown me,” Soulja Boy tells “I want to continue to give my fans what they want, a tour with the hottest young stars in music.” -source

pic via hiphopcrunch
I think Not!! but for those of you that would: eat your hearts out

April 11: Myrtle Beach, S.C. (House of Blues)
April 12: Charlotte, N.C. (Neighborhood Theatre)
April 14: New York (Nokia Theatre)
April 16: Baltimore (Rams Head Live)
April 17: Philadelphia (Electric Factory)
April 18: Niagara Falls, N.Y. (The Conference Center for Niagra Falls)
April 19: Agawam, Mass. (Six Flags New England)
April 20: Toronto (Kool Haus)
April 22: Chicago (House of Blues)
April 24: Cleveland (House of Blues)
April 25: Indianapolis (Egyptian Room)
April 29: Denver (Ogden Theater)
April 30: Anaheim, Calif. (The Grove in Anaheim)
May 1: Los Angeles (House of Blues)
May 2: Alpine, Calif. (Viejas- Concert in the Park)
May 4: Las Vegas (House of Blues)
May 7: Dallas (House of Blues)
May 9: Houston (Verizon Wireless Theater)
May 11: Atlanta (Tabernacle)

For the first time i’m over joyed that Boston was left out

Nope Guess Again!!! Lil Man’Ma

Pic via C+D

So she is finally getting her CD up and out of the way and you trying to tell me that THIS is the best they could come up with for a damn CD cover. I know she had complete creative authorization over this sh!t and she thought it was the BOMB….If you have tuned into America’s Best Dance Crew you will see that she is all for the glitter and shine and foolishness. To tell you the truth I would rather swallow a large bottle of nails then to sit up and listen to this girl rap, sing, talk, or breath. Voice of the Young people my azz, rather voice of the “grow the hell up”

WAIT……………Does she have on overalls….. *deep long sigh from the lungs*

let me Upgrade You…I think

Lil Mama went from This
With the help of this
To this

What say you my people?

Lil’Mama AKA Lil Ugly

I ain’t one to just outright call people kids ugly with out putting a little twist on it like oh she “is not pretty” but lil’Mama is one of them people I would have to stay seriously disturbs my corneas…

Because her biggest hit and only really hit is “Lip Gloss be poppin” why is it that every picture she take…she has to give the little ‘lip poke out” with that ugly a$$ lip gloss. No seriously look at the pics…notice the lip pout/poke. I HATE IT!! makes me want spit!!

Lip Poke while rapping the ABC’s of lip gloss
Lip Poke
Lip Poke
pigment problems with a touch of lip poke
exaggerated Lip POKE!!

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