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55 Grand a Month: Oh Hell NO

I reported before that Kelis was awarded 44K a month for child support after the birth of her and Nas’ son Knight. Some say she deserves it others say that is just way to much money. Now I don’t know the dynamics of their relationship, or what happened to make things pop off the way that they have been. These two seem to have no problem airing out each others business, and making it public for the world to see. So it’s natural many people have their opinions of the situation and here is mine.

HA! good for them both. He will grow to hate her guts and secretly wish that she would get hit by a bus. She will one day wish she wasn’t such a bitch and had a baby daddy that could actually stand to be next to her in the same room. Personally I feel like 44k is too much money for one child and one person to receive per month… a baby needs diapers food and clothes all of that comes up to about 2k a month maybe not even that much (I’m guessing) WTF do you do with the rest of that 42k???… there are only so many times she can go get her hair dyed blue. BUT then again there is never TOO much money to go shopping with your baby daddy/ex-husband money. Whatever… I will never see that much money so I guess *shuggs shoulder*….. good luck to all.

Method and Red chime in: this is HILARIOUS!!!

According to Ms.Info: Compared to the others like Diddy [who makes way more money] pays $20,000 and 50 Cent $6,700 a month. She also mentions that the fact that Nas and Kelis were married played a huge factor in the outcome. Mogul Russell Simmons’ is also required to pay $40,000 a month in child support (20k per child) to his ex-wife Kimora which is an amount he agreed to pay. source


Weezy WTF baby! news and drama

Lil Wayne is having some more legal problems. A promoter in the Bahamas is suing lil Wayne for being to drunk and passing out in his hotel room to appear at a scheduled concerts. He was paid something near $250,000 up front for a performance that he never mad it to.

A promoter that hired Lil’ Wayne to headline a “Poppin’ Bottles” concert in the Bahamas last year is suing the rapper after he drunkenly snoozed through the show.

The rapper, who sprays bottles of bubbly onto cheerleaders in the video for “Poppin’ Bottles,” is accused of stiffing Red City Entertainment by missing the Sept. 27 show at the Bristol Wine & Spirits Grounds in Nassau.

“This was targeted as a showcase for Lil’ Wayne,” said Glenn Gitomer, a lawyer for the New Jersey promotions company. “Then police found him intoxicated in his hotel room.”

The suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, charges that Lil’ Wayne was passed out and “unwilling to perform” after cops went in search of him at his hotel room.

More than 5,000 fans were sent home at 2:30 a.m. when the rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, pulled his boozy disappearing act, the suit says.

“It was a great expense just to accommodate him,” Gitomer said. -source

In other Lil Wayne News. His Baby momma, and co-star of the “Tiny and Toya show” is appalled at the fiasco that went on at the BET awards (when Lil Wayne had his daughter’s girl group “OMG” <<< (name of group) on stage during the performance of "Every Girl" a sexually explicit song about wanting to sex down every girl in the world). She reached out to with the following statement.

Via Freddyo: I Antonia ” Toya” Carter have been disturbed but silent about the recent performance that took place at the BET awards, which including my only child Reginae Carter and her friends joining her father Lil Wayne on stage while he performed his new single “Every Girl”. I will be the first to admit that the father and daughter relationship should not have been reunited on stage for any particular reason while this song was being performed. Wayne is a very loving, caring, and devoted father and I truly feel that the act was unintentional due to the fact that he was trying to make his little girl happy by letting her be on stage with her father. Once again, I do not of any degree think it was a wise decision and I truly do apologize to all that this may offended and most importantly the children that watched this performance. I feel we all have learned a lot from this situation and pray that the viewers will allow these children to move forward with their lives and not held accountable because they are innocent.

First of all:
she didn’t write that statement herself. watch that show for your proof

Stop the Damn Lying

I understand that as soon as a man releases his soldiers inside of you and you take an EPT test the next day you should not go announcing to the world that you are with child. I don’t even think that you should even announce that your pregnant and start holding your back and making a scene just so that every person walking by can know that your 1.7 months pregnant, before the baby is even clear of the first trimester. But on the other hand, DON’T DENY IT!! After people already start speculating… if you are preggers DON’T try to hide it or say that’s your not, and act all hurt and disgusted that people are calling you fat and round around the middle. People will hate you because you lied and your dumb. Your belly will get bigger, your nose will spread, your face will look extra shiny (glow). So just stop it.

Oh and to those people that don’t believe in wearing maternity clothes… you the fool for being uncomfortable and looking like a stuffed pig, still trying to fit into the junior husky section.

via her twitter: (note: this is supposed to be another one of lil Waynes babies)

“I Know I Denied It A Lot.. But Now I’m Comfortable To Share My Bundle Of Joy To Be With You Guys. Yes Its True.. I’m Going To Be A Mommy! =)”

Sounds like POSTPARTUM Depression

I’m not a doctor but it sounds to me like Jenny for the block is figthing a lil postpartum. If what the “source” is saying is true and Jenny is overly obsessed and stressed out with being a good Mommy then they might need to get her some help or call the Scientology folks to come work their voodoo on her. PPD is not something they want to mess with. having twins is hard enough with out having to worry about a mentally unstable mommy too. Skeletor is really going to need to untuck his balls and help his lady lover.

Jennifer Lopez is seeking constant re-assurance from husband Marc Anthony because she fears she’s failing as a mother.

A source close to the couple tells British magazine Closer, “Jennifer wants to be the perfect mother, but she crumbles if any normal little thing goes wrong. If the twins cry, she thinks it’s because she’s a bad mom, and bursts into tears herself. Marc had to sit her down and make her understand that she’s a good mom and it’s normal for babies to cry.”

The source adds, “Jen is a total perfectionist, and she’s treating motherhood the same way she goes about her career — it’s all or nothing. Marc is concerned that she’s not eating properly or sleeping because she’s obsessed with looking after the twins. If she leaves them with her own mother for a couple of hours to have some time off, she beats herself up about it and feels guilty.
Marc has forced Jen to take some time off and have a massage to unwind, but she even struggled to relax during that. He wants her to stop worrying abut the kind of mother she’s being and just enjoy it.”


That’s what you get!!

Shaniqua Tomkins, baby mama of his 10-year-old son, Marquis Jackson, kept asking him for more money, so he took Tomkins to court to let a judge decide how much he should pay in child support. Tomkins asked for $50,000 a month and was granted $25,000 a month while the court went through her and Marquis’ expenses. A ruling was handed down earlier this week: Tomkins will now receive a paltry $6,700 a month in support from Fitty. The rapper’s lawyer, Brett Kimmel, said, “My client and I are very happy with the ruling. “

That’s what her dumb azz gets. Yes, Fiddy is loaded and you were getting 25k a month to for just you and your child, but that when these skanks get out of hand. They start getting greedy and demanding more and they don’t do anything that warrants them getting more. 25K was a lot of damn money. These Skank behind baby momma’s need to understand that the money ain’t for them to go get her nails and hair done, it’s for their damn kids. If she had just left well enough alone her dumb azz wouldn’t be in this situation now. From 25k to 6k….That’s all on you….

Take That, Take That!!

Rumor has it that Diddy would like to fill his next concert’s first five rows with his own kids, and he’s on the way to doing that. I can’ help but to imagine that every time Diddy thrust his love stick into somebody he’s says “take that, take that” and then nine months later whaaaa whaaa cries his 18th illegitimate child.

But it’s all good as long as punkass Kimberly Porter wears her knee pads. Kimberly, who will never have all of diddy’s love still insist on standing by his side, all the while making a mockery out of herself by talking trash when she grew some balls and left him for the umpteenth time(just to make a scene), yet was spotted with him shopping, smiling, and giggling like a little punkass teen just the other day. Diddy AIN”T got nothing to worry about. GRRRRR!!

Diddy has claimed the child of the other other baby momma:

“The rap mogul tells us exclusively that he’s “committed to being a good father” to his 15-month-old daughter, Chance – even though the little girl was a factor in his break-up with longtime girlfriend, Kim Porter.

Over the past year, Combs’ reps repeatedly denied to us that he’d fathered the child with Atlanta beauty Sarah Chapman. Combs now tells us he’d been holding off on acknowledging Chance as his blood until DNA tests had been completed.

“At first, I wasn’t sure if this was my child,” he said. “Now that it has become clear she is, I will take care of her for the rest of her life.”

Oh Kim you dumb stupid idiot you……I would love to hit her.

If it Walks like a Man and Talks like a Man

Then Tameka Foster IS a MANThat’s got to be the reason why the wedding was cancelled, Usher still wants to stay in the closet and coming out seemed to shock him a little bit…..

Tranny Foster is somewhere trying to buy a gun to shot her pen15 off….but that’s only what I head…..don’t shoot the messenger…..

Foster was furious: “She was marching around, cursing,” said a source.

For weeks, it had been unclear whether there was a wedding hall big enough to hold Patton and Foster, who’ve long been at odds. Last week, sources said, Foster agreed that Patton could come to the wedding – but, by then, Patton had resolved to stay in Atlanta.

“Usher woke up on Saturday and said he couldn’t go through with it,” said a source.“Apparently, he also couldn’t bring himself to call all the people who were invited. He had the wedding planner call everyone in the wedding party.”

Let me stop, this is a sad situation for usher…..(I could care less) cause he really been f’ing up lately

  • he fired his mother soon after MOTHERS DAY
  • he tried to shut down his biggest fan site
  • he’s been taking it in the a$$
  • he fell for the oldest trick in the book “Girl if i ever get with Usher….I’m going to get him to get me pregnant the next day” 18 years ush 18 years
  • he should have known that she would not sign a pre-nup (wants the point now she pregnant)

After some negotiation, Foster had signed a prenuptial agreement, according to people close to the singer. “Usher conceded to some of her terms,” said one source.

  • he hell in love with someone old enough to have changed his diapers once upon a time
  • he’s sending out random letters trying to convince everyone/himself that he’s not a b!tch
  • he let his tranny talk trash to his mother 24/7
  • he forgot to do a background check: if so he would have found out the she is a man and 2, that she has a criminal record and that she won’t buy her mother any teeth to come to the wedding

Court records show that Tameka has been arrested twice. In 1991, she served 20 days in the Los Angeles County Jail for petty theft and was placed on probation for two years. Records indicate she had previously served jail time. An earlier arrest in Alameda County, Calif., involved “some kind of welfare fraud, and she was sentenced to perform community service,” said Valencia.

Tameka told her: ‘You’re not coming to my wedding without teeth,’” Valencia said.”I asked her why she didn’t buy her mother a new set, and she told me: ‘Let her get her own (bleeping) teeth- she didn’t take care of me when I was young.’”Valencia says Tameka’s mom bought the new teeth herself – and she believes one day Usher will discover the truth about his new bride.-her sister Valencia Foster

sidebar- wouldn’t it be funny if her mom had shown up with some vampire teeth…..(LMAO)

  • he’s GAY…….
  • and she has more balls then him CLICK HERE (she’s a cocky little skank hoe)

Just to name a few if you can think of anymore leave them in the comment section. Peace!!

here’s the real story: CLICK HERE when I find out more I’ll let you all know……

excepts taken from all over the place pics from same places

RUMOR GONE WILD UPDATE: seems like Tranny Foster has checked her self into an Atlanta area Hospital…..rumors say it’s a miscarriage…let wait and see……if true, I’m on it like blacks and gossip

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