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Usher and Tameka: Stupid idiots!

I friggen told you so!

As you all must already know. Usher and his Husband Tameka are in the middle of a divorce. If you are surprised by this then you are a fool, and should be spanked with a rusty dust pan. From the time he choose that half man half ox to be his bride I knew they wouldn’t last. Usher was on TV jumping on couches and threatening to sue Jesus if anyone mean mouthed his manly wife. Then his fool ass went and got the Thing pregnant and had the nerve to go and “have another one” with that said. Usher and his pansy ass now is said to believe that the second boy is not his. oh PLEASE! can someone settle this and get Maury on the next plane to where ever these two are located.

The divorce is nasty because Usher is playing dirty. he is saying that him and his husband have been separated for more then a year before the divorce and were not intimate that much in that time. she is saying that she never really thought they were splitting up she wasn’t aware that he hated her. WHAT THE HELL EVER! they are both lying.. Usher knows he was still taken it in the booty from her, and Tameka knows she was born a man. LIES!!!!!!

The first thing Usher said was, ‘How did that happen?’ — because he was gone a lot, and their sex life was very, very limited,” a friend of the star reveals. “He’s determined to get truthful answers.”
When Naviyd was born last December, Usher and Tameka, 38, were already separated. The “Confessions” star became concerned that Tameka had been unfaithful to him after friends confessed that the former celebrity stylist had “got with another man” in the early stages of her rough patch with Usher.
It is a claim Tameka vehemently denies. In fact, the soon-to-be two-time divorcee insists her younger hubby is the father of her infant son and she’s ready to take the star to the cleaners for even suggesting otherwise.
“She says that although they weren’t spending that much time together, they did get together for one night of passion. And that’s when she got pregnant,” the snitch whispers, adding that Tameka is “going to fight for what she thinks she should have. source

Has anybody seen Usher’s Balls??

Tameka had them and left them some where by accident and now he is doomed to STAY a Biaach for the rest of his days. This is a very sad situation and I hope that you all will lend a helping hand and help the TNHOTT Search Team in it’s World Wide search to find the balls of Usher Raymond.

Apparently his missing balls are making him lash out at the public more often now. His latest attack was on the set of TRL when he did a personal PSA about his wife not being forty(40 LMAO), and her being a beautiful black MAN, and to leave her alone, and WHOMP WHOMP WHOP!! so much explaining…poor thing.

LMAO!!! see his sad break down around the 2:30 mark

flix via NB


Usher acting like a lil B!tch (what’s new)

Usher’s pre-taped, edited performance for tonight’s Dancing with the Stars finale may look seamless, but what happened behind the scenes at the singer’s May 13 taping left host Tom Bergeron and company scratching their heads–and scrambling to set up for the live show.

First, the 29-year-old singer arrived late, throwing the entire production behind schedule. Then, while appearing to lip-synch two songs—”Yeah!” and “Love in This Club”—he fell out of step with his choreography, turning the wrong way once and losing his mic a second time. With each mistake he walked offstage.

The performance then went further off-course when the singer took a long break to get a drink. “He was ridiculous,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Such a diva.” -source

They should have called him Biaach

I Blame Ushers husband for this… She was supposed to let him have his balls back for the performance but left them home on the night table. So usher had no choice but to act like a lil diva b!tch…how you posed to be a man with no balls.


Open Letter to Usher

I will write a letter to usher in response to this:

Usher upset by rumors he was trying to sell photos of his infant son, Usher Raymond V,

“I am livid that people talk about my child,” Usher told us. In fact, he has posed – for free – with his son for an “incredible” Father’s Day cover for Essence magazine.

“What makes you a man more than being a father to your child? I recognize I gave anonymity away when I became an artist, but to have people try to paint a horrible picture of what’s so beautiful – it’s obvious someone is trying to stop something so beautiful.”

As for his ball holder:

“I stand by her as a man loving my wife and being there for my child . . . Opinions are like [bleep]holes. Everybody’s got one. What I will say is, this is my wife and I would hope that [people] would respect my wife and my marriage and who I have chosen to spend my life with.” -source

Dear Usher,

No one really cares. When your not looking we laugh at you. Some of us get really sad and sometimes wish that your husband Tameka would let your balls out of her death grip so that you can still pretend that your not gay. So don’t lose sleep over what the media says just have fun and live your life because when you look at the big picture….NO ONE REALLY GIVES A DAMN!!

With all my love,


p.s- you did a good thing by not selling the baby’s pics…You wouldn’t make very much anyway, your just not that important


Somebody needs to be slapped

Cause it ain’t NEVER that serious. Usher was on set of TRL and some little over zealous fan damn near gave birth. I wish my interest in someone made me hyperventilate in the presence of a STAR…

She should have been having a fit because she didn’t wear a damn belt which i might say is a very important yet understated accessory that people (mostly woman) underestimate. A belt can really do a lot for your outfit. it adds a certain flare and pizazz to your ensemble. but i digress

This is just out right ridiculous I would like to know why someone, her friend, usher, Tameka, didn’t give a damn enough about this lil girl to slap that Sh!t out of her.

But then again i would do the same thing is I saw………(Got it) Flavor Flav at KFC. I’d wipe my finger on my jeans and just start screaming and hollering…Start struck at it’s best.



Just because she had an invisible baby doesn’t mean that she’s not going to still be a Royal B!tch. I guess Usher’s Husband doesn’t want no PYT (pretty young thang) all up on her man cause she sure was at his video shoot playa hating on that sweet little Kerri Hilson. I wish she would just fight someone and get all her angry issues out in the open. Usher likes a little back bone and Adams apple in his woman. All Tameka is doing is standing by her wife. *smh*

Foster was “domineering” and displayed her trademark “Tameka wrath” during a video shoot for Usher’s new song, “Love in the Club,” the weekend of March 15 in LA.

Our on-set source said Foster was upset when she found out stunning singer/songwriter Keri Hilson was personally picked by Usher to play his love interest in the video.

“It was supposed to be a sexy video shoot,” our spy said. “And Tameka was there the entire time guarding like a watchdog. It was ridiculous – she knows Keri and knows she’s no video ho or Karrine Steffans.” Steffans, nicknamed “Superhead,” wrote the book, “Video Vixen,” about her alleged flings with Usher and several other artists.

“Tameka is very insecure,” our source said. “Even in rehearsals she was weird and clearly not happy that Keri is so gorgeous. Tameka threw a lot of attitude. The day of the shoot, Tameka dressed Keri very badly – she looked like an extra. Tameka wouldn’t let Keri have her hairdresser there – she had to use the hairdresser who was doing the extras.” -source


No B!tch you just ugly

Tameka Foster Raymond (Usher’s husband) lashes out on black woman for not accepting her and always talking trash about her ugly manly a$$

“We (black women) don’t like ourselves. If I were Hispanic, Usher would have the sexiest wife alive. If I were mixed, he’d have the sexiest wife alive. But he has a black girl, and it’s like, ‘She’s horrible and she’s ugly!’

“OK, maybe I don’t fit the cookie-cutter standard – 25 and a size two – but this is who he loves.”

“There are women getting raped in Darfur, young girls being turned out every single day right here in Atlanta. We have bigger issues to worry about than two people in love with each other”.

WRONG!! people don’t like you NOT because you are black and your not a size two and your not 25. They don’t like you because your a B!tch, and your mean, and your UGLY on the inside and the out. usher don’t love you…maybe if you take his dick and balls out of your pockets he can find away to get rid of your skank a$$. Actually maybe I’m wrong…..Some women(usher) need strong men (you) to run their lives.

Both of y’all need to come out the closet!!!

TNHOTT: Boycotts Essence

Obviously Essence magazine has a problem with promoting foolishness.

Diddy and Dim Porter (she ain’t bright) were the last two people in the celebrity world that should have been photographed to be the face of “Real Love” the problem with America is that we have misconstrued Idea’s of what true love really is (as evident in Diddy and Dim’s Cover) I’m not saying that in order to be really in love a man must want to marry you, but that would be the ultimate act of true love. Diddy outright told the world that he just didn’t want to Marry Kim………

and then have the audacity to put her back on the cover talking about the love that was lost but still is because they are friends even though he got a little girl the same age as her twins. Hott damn!

Now this Sh!t, Usher and his husband posing like they are the happiest thing since the circus came to Boston last week. I hate the fact with all the negative media and blogia attention these two homosexuals have receiving, Essence still has the nerve to run them on the damn cover.

next we’ll have an Essence exclusive with Tameka on the cover talking about she never thought that usher would find out that she has an Adams apple.

and Exclusive my ass “Usher and Tameka speak” they speak to every magazine and blog that cares enough to let them….. what the hell is wrong with Black America???


Who wears the balls in this outfit

Usher is too busy playing dress up with his husband Tameka, that is long awaited album (loving a transvestite) has been pushed back until he can get Tameka’s shlong out his a$$

“it’s not happening anymore” due to “issues in his personal life” relating to new wife Tameka Foster. According to the source, “Usher only listens to Tameka now, and she wants all Usher’s focus to be on her and the baby.” The couple, who wed in August, are expecting later this year. Bailing on the album may not have been a wise decision on his part, however, especially because other money-making ventures – like the launch of his new fragrances – were scheduled to coincide with the new disc. “The album had been in the works for over a year,” the insider dished. “He put it on the back burner when Tameka got pregnant . . . now it looks like it’s never going to happen.” -source

If I had a Pen15 I would slap both of them across the mouth.

Diddy Move the Hell Over

Usher is grabbing the world on “smell good” by the balls and telling Diddy step aside. Here is the promo ad for his new fragrance

I guess sex selling is out and porn making is it. When my perfume “toad piss” comes out, my ad is going to be a full fledged on cut video, pu$$y popping on a hand stand included. then for the finale the person is going to spray themselves down with some “toad piss” fragrance for men, woman, and dogs…..Ushers’ husband will be the lead pu$$y popper. I’ll start selling Toad piss” on this blog, starting off at 14 euros per spray.

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