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State of the Black Union 08′: Take time out to listen and Learn

Thanks Butta


Usher: "Love in Da club"

This snippet has been floating around the net of Usher’s “love in da club” and it looks promising. I Love this song. The man might be a lil b!tch but her really makes good music.

Some Myspacer went out and made an even better video.
I say he gets the PRIZE


Lil Jon and "The Pu$$y Patch"

The Kinds of off the wall things I get in my email make me wonder why the hell the world still exist. Hell just turned up the fire a notch. Watch as Lil Jon gives grade A advice to the Spitzer, and the rest of his cheating clan.

Someone should really think of creating an FDA approved version of this made up pill. It makes me feel dirty to keep saying the name. I feel like my mom is going to cry reading and watching this post. Yet, I keep watching it over and over again and blushing. he dog at the end had me on my azz.

Tx. to


Baby Tumbles

Look at him…Go baby Go…….Omarian and Chris Brown TAKE THAT!!

Sukas you just got Served!!



sounds like he saying “look-a-nahnee” but the song is called “lookin ass nigga”

hell if i can find someone to rap (Theo) then I got a whole bunch of damn pics that I can make a song about…In my blogging life i run across a whole lot of foolishness. for example

Thanks xilla

Saw this young fella at a lounge on Friday and I found the only thing my brain kept willing my mouth to say was “Please pass the clippers”…on top of that he had on skinny jeans and some big azz shoes….My eyes don’t love to look at foolishness.

p.s- of you happen to know this boy, tell him that the “gumby” went out in the 80′s


Stop shooting at me dammit!!

Oh Damn!!

he got knocked the f*ck out, over and over again. I guess he ain’t eating no rack of deer tonight

flix via MoM thanks Marcus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Body building is a sexy sport

This guy proves it all. After watching I didn’t know weather to laugh of sit silent and awe in bewildered amusement…..

Reading about my buddy Mind of Marcus body building days he posted this video, and after watching it I wondered if it was a complete joke. Come to find out this man was DEAD Serious about his routine….I know how his feels…

I believe once upon a time I have done a routine like this in front of my mirror after greasing my pot bellied self down with Shea butter. I think that was also the day that i slid right through the front door after rolling on my back with all that grease splattered all over myself. I was a sexy b!tch!! I’ll tape it next time…


I want a stripper poll

I still can’t stop laughing.. I don’t even know what these hoes are saying all i know is that I pee’d myself laughing

Thanks QUICK (check out his blog)

If you didn’t laugh your a FOOL!!, why the hell did she un-loose her feet???


Oh No, Oh Dear!!

This is an old blooper but it’s funny/disturbing as hell

The sound she is making after she falls is deeply disturbing….but, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t sit there with your forehead wrinkled while you try to decide weather you should let the chuckle escape or sit there frowning

I must confess: I laughed hysterically…..


Dave Chappelle

Some morning funny

Dying is easy, and comedy is hard. By that calculus, telling jokes for six-plus hours would appear downright impossible—unless you’re Dave Chappelle.

The 34-year-old funnyman returned to his old stomping grounds at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory Sunday and accomplished the feat for second time. Chappelle performed a 6-hour, 12-minute stand-up routine, breaking the record he set last April by five minutes.

“Dave was determined to keep his record because he recently heard that Dane Cook was planning on trying to break [his] record,” club owner Jamie Masada told the Associated Press.


This is some footage of his new material…..I can’t wait til he comes back to BOSTON ( i sure as hell will be there)…I don’t know if I would be able to laugh for 6 hours straight, at some point my muscles start to hurt, my face gets tired of smiling, and then I start to get gas…. sh!t talking is contagious…

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