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Who looked the foolest: Raven or the Hair broad

I was surfing NB page when my heart stood still in mid beat, and I had to squeeze out a fart just so someone would could come save me….. I don’t really have anymore to say except: Who looked the foolest (this one is a hard one)

The ghetto Rapunzel w/belt set


Raven Damn Simone: looking like they opened the door to the padded room too wide to give her her meds and she escaped, she sort of reminds me of that scene in Ace ventura, I think raven got her outfit idea from that (see video below)


My What a Big Long face you have

These pics are about a week old but I had to post them because this girls face and head structure has always bothered me. She is the actress that plays “Dion” in the hit series The Game. I don’t know how she got casted to play a pretty girl on that show but hey I guess the producers have a better eye for beauty on the inside then I do, because all I’m seeing is ugly on the outside.


Amy Winehouse is TOO FAR GONE

I had high hopes that Amy would clean herself up and get it together but I guess I played myself. Instead she’s out there headbutting people and bumping into lamppost..really who does that???

Crack is the whackest!!!

Amy Winehouse went out on a wild bender last night — and ended the evening headbutting a party goer.

The troubled singer, 24, reportedly partied until 4am, and she completely lost it after arguing with a male outside a London pub, onlookers claim.

Amy “got upset and lashed out, headbutting a guy hard in the face and also punched him,” said the onlooker.

“Her concerned friends rushed outside and dragged her back inside the pub.”

She then headed into a sweet shop and appeared to help herself to a paper, fags and sweets before racing back to a waiting cab.

And then to Amy’s surprise, she smacked her face into a lamppost.

After being dropped back at her London flat, the 24-year-old songstress infuriated one last bystander allegedly short changing the taxi driver $40, telling him his ride “wasn’t worth it”.



That’s Not Hott Princess!

Was spotted damn near topless with a dingy, dirty, see through tank top (period)

and that’s all I wrote

Teyana Taylor: That’s Not Hott!!

Tyana Hosted the 3rd Anniversary Rap Up magazine party looking like a hot foolish mess. I’m just not in love with her. While I do feel like she is a nice girl and very sweet and cute looking her dress code gets on my nerves I can’t deal with people that are extremely EXTRA… just seems like they have to make up for lack of talent ( I’ve heard her she ain’t the ish) with something over the top (dress wear)


Is that Whoopi’s hair?

Giving that Eva is a Top Model and I know she has gigs lined up. I fail to understand what the hell that thing is on top her head, and why she said “yes” when asked to wear it?? and then to my dismay……..Low and behold….Whoopi!!!

Eva is promoting the Whoopi look. I get it I get it….

I sometimes laugh at my own damn self..I made a funny….ROFLMAO!!


Nigga please!! 2.5 STARS???

Nas is a little pissy that so far his controversial album “Nigger” has gotten such a poor review from such a piss more magazine. “Maxim”(the bunz and boob magazine) pre-maturely rated the album as a 2.5 even though it hasn’t even came out yet. “Nigger” is said to hit stores in April. it better be a bomb azz album for all the ish that he is getting for the name choice. I would hate for it to be in the $1.99 section next to Bill Cosby’s LP

February 27, 2008 — RAPPER Nas was shocked when Maxim gave his new album, “N – - – - r,” a 21/2-star review – because it isn’t even finished yet.

“I’m finishing the album now, and it will be out April 22,”
Nas told Page Six.

Maxim has since apologized for the premature review, but Nas doesn’t care.

“I’d prefer [a review from] Playboy,”
the rapper said. “That kind of stuff doesn’t reach my radar or effect anybody around me. I don’t know what a music rating from Maxim is . . . I don’t know what it even means really.”


Quincy Jones?

Why ain’t nobody tell me that Ol’Qunicy had a 5 year old girlfriend? Does this chick even have a her period yet? Is the money worth feeling his flabby moist skin engulf your body?….Ewww (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit)

I hate people who wear Nigger outfits

SPEECHLESS!! on the “nigger” gear
SPEECHLESS!! on The gold spandex
SPEECHLESS!! on the balls these two have

~I will buy her lil black jacket if i find it~

I Blame Bush!!

For the greatest Upset in Sports History!!
America Mourns

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