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It’s crazy how emails travel and land in the hands of a blogger. This story is crazy….

Kay’s Beauty Salon (located on Blue Hill Ave) is on the chopping block, because of a faulty weave job. The victim who eventually lost all of her hair and is now subject to wear wigs for the rest of her life *que dramatic music*, has been awarded $500,000 when her stylist neglected to glue her weave cap unto her head properly. Read the story below

pic: is not actual photo

“A jury award of $500,000 against a Dorchester hair salon over a botched hair weave will stand, the Appellate Division of the District Court has decided – even though the appellate judges found the size of the verdict “slightly startling.”

The case was filed by a Brockton woman who had sought a “sewn weave” from Kay’s Salon on Blue Hill Avenue. The process involves sewing non-growing hair with a needle through a customer’s own hair to thicken it.

Upon arriving, the plaintiff was told that the stylist she was scheduled to see was unavailable and that another stylist would do a “quick weave.” The latter process, for which the salon charged $120, makes use of glue to enhance the hair but requires that precautions be taken to prevent the glue from seeping into the scalp. However, the stylist failed to place a cap over the plaintiff’s head, which allegedly caused the hair and glue to come off together.

Eventually, the plaintiff’s hair had to be shaved so that pieces of stocking glued to her head could be removed. The hair has never grown back, and the plaintiff has had to spend thousands on wigs.” source

This is a shitty way to lose your hair. The document goes on to say that the whole block of business that Kay’s owns has been placed on lien because of this case. Despite Kay’s lawyers fighting to overturn the jury’s verdict by questioning the Nurse Practitioner examination of the victim’s skull, the judge ruled that jury’s verdict stands.

Regardless of the situation, someone botched that lady’s weave. Since Ms.Kay (the owner) has failed to do anything in all years of existence to RENOVATE her disrespectful looking Music Hall (Kay’s Oasis Music Hall) which I would assume generates most of her finances… I would also boldly assume that with all the business she continues to get from promoters in the city of Boston…. that she should be able to afford to pay the woman her money…

I don’t think this baby asked for her hair to be cut like this… she’s a girl got dammit!! anyways pics have surfaced of scary spice’s baby Angel Murphy with a super fresh hair cut. I think scary wanted the baby to follow the the trend of all the other stars like Rihanna, Cassie, Solange, and Carmen Electra. I can’t see her little cute face so I don’t know if she is really rockin it as hard as l i know she could… that’s so cute and so awful at the same time!!!!!!


I’m not in love with the Mohawk


Good boy little chris I’ll be right back (PS. I hate that jacket)

#1) it’s time little Chris Brown stops with the tattoos. Because since when did getting 4 million tattoo’s be the introduction to Man hood. anyways the tattoos are not my beef today with young sexy Chris Brown….I’m not in love with the new do and i feel like he’s getting away from himself with all these fashion statements. I hope Chris doesn’t loose himself in all the hype. He’s very talented and a super duper performer but…as we know these young celebs tend to get caught up in the fame and end up going way left field. Before you know it he’ll be performing naked covered in feathers in the middle of time square

Rhianna looks like a mermaid. the breast part of that dress should have been made out of shells.

So as you know I have launched a TNHOTT World Wide search for Naomi’s hair line and some other missing things that i won’t get into now.

Just today my team has has recieved some compelling leads as to the wear-a-bouts of sed hairline. Looks to me like this search is almost a lost cause. I will keep on pressing on to really dig deeper and uncover the truth, maybe I’ll have to turn this issue over to the TNHOTT crime scene investigation (looks like a murder). read below for the tip I got this morning.

Naomi Campbell is going bald, a friend says.

The fiesty supermodel, 38, started losing her hair 15 years ago, fashion photographer Huggy Ragnarsson told Britain’s The Sun newspaper. And her flowing locks are to blame.

Campbell’s tresses began falling out after years of having hair extensions, Ragnarsson says. She was reportedly warned about the risks, but chose to ignore them.

The model, who was charged last week for alleged assault on an airline, appeared to have a receeding hairline as she left a London police station on May 29.

“That’s been happening for a while,” Ragnarsson said. “The hair stylist Sam McKnight said to me in the ’90s, ‘She’d better be careful with those weaves, she’s going to lose her hair.’” -source

TNHOTT has launched it’s second world wide search (Sound the Hotsauce Alarm and symbol next to the batman one)…This time we are on the look out for Naomi Campbell’s hair line. This is just as important as Usher missing his balls so I urge you to take this seriously and check everywhere….hair salons, nail shops, pizza stores, airplanes, cell phone shops, anger management centers….

Any tips or further information leading up to the safe return of NayNay’s hair line with received an award. (something shiny)



Everyone else seems to be touching on the fact that Eve seems to have her boobies exposed everywhere she goes, but I will tackle another important matter. Eve’s Weave. At this point her life Eve should have enough money to buy a proper hair piece and have it professionally installed…that being said those professionals that she contracts to place in her weave piece should in turn know that you have to straighten out the persons hair FIRST before applying the Straight azz piece of Weave. You must learn the ART of the BLEND IN……the bottom layers should NOT be straighter then the top real hair layer

I never had a weave but I’m just saying…it seems only logical

Will let Jada do stupidness with her hair, and she thought it was a good idea to actually follow through with it…I’m almost angry, and I’m taken it personally

I mean what can I say: I HATE IT

What am I doing wrong

If you can get Vivica fox to host a “who wants to be the next big stylist” show then why the hell can’t i be Hillary Clinton’s vice president. I wonder who the hell her stylist is that insist on slicking down her baby hairs and attaching big azz fluffy pony wigs to her already receding hair line…

No more checks from movie studios don’t stop the show. Oh yes, Viv has copped a new reality show from VH-1 called Glam God. According to the request for cast interviews, VH1 is searching for the next great celebrity stylist. With Vivica A. Fox as host, she will be looking for the stylist who has the vision to pull together a complete look – whether it be for the carpet or an everyday event. GLAM GOD with VIVICA A. FOX, will showcase 20 stylists as they compete head-to-head for $100,000, the chance to style an A-List celebrity, and the title of GLAM GOD. Note to VH-1 & Viv: You will never be Project Runway. Never I say! With that said, congrats to Viv. Casting interviews kick off March 24th in Dallas, TX by the way. -YBF

I’ve had enough of Janet

Okay this will be the last pic post of Janet and her shaggy dog straight bang hair do. Frankly I’m annoyed with her stupid hair and choice of outfits…she either has on MC hammer style pants with a think belt and combat boots, or Lycra Pantie hose dresses such as the one pictured below. So until either she or JD end up pregnant I’m going to leave Janet alone.

In my my life i have always hated the straight bang with the curly rest of hair Look. there is just something about it that says Trailer Park Ghetto trash, I blame Hair spray and mousse. someone should do a drive by hair pulling. ohhh ohhh PICK ME!!

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