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Sausages: Hott Links

Chili and Nicole Bitchie empower woman: necole bitchie

Rick Ross and foxy Engaged: stylerazzi

Too many woman, not enough time (what to do): blogxilla

You know it’s HOT when…: 2ditzybroads

50 cent vs. baby momma ROUND 87: mz virgo

Tyra is a big man monster: the fury

Dr. Vagina power is pissed: SFTA

J-Lo is a superb!tch: the ebiz

2,000 more “A Mili” freestyles: freshandfab

Amy Wino is a crack pipe away from death: celeb blitz

Rihanna looks a mess: reppin beantown

celebs play pool at pre-BET awards party: quicks catch up
Usher’s mystery baby: mrs grapevine

Sausages: Hott Links

p.s- I can’t stand lil Manma

R-kelly missed out on this young peice of tail: blogxilla

Pharrell channels his inner Akon: Mzvirgo

Shlong has a new video: FSL

The first sign is denial Michelle: Quicks Cathup

If you got big boobies get a butterfly bra: all that’s fab

I ain’t saying Selita is a gold digger but….: the e-biz

Even Monica has a reality show: stylerazzi

Ashanti and her listening parties “YAWN”: str8nyc


Sausages: Hott Links

What in the ghetto hell: freshandfab

What are you doing with your life Chris: Mzvirgo

What the F*ck is up with Amy’s Face: celeb-blitz

Usher just can’t get it right: sfta

50 cents gets a reality show: thefury

One of the Cherish girls gets married: reppin beantown

Shlong it not a poet, writer, or singer but she has a blog: quickscathup


Sausages: Hott Links

Fantasia and her period hair drives a hooptie (flix): SFTA

Target or Walmart? Mind of Marcus

It’s Tina Turner’s turn to STFU: blogxilla

Plies on tour: RBTF

Mel B is a sex expert: stylerazzi

Did Ray-J propose to Whitney: mzvirgo

usher’s wife is the devil: quicks
who’s this boys daddy: lil creole pimp
How to catch a baller: baller alert

Sausages: Hott Links

I know y’all in the mood for some homemade Sausages: EAT UP
I don’t think she even owns a bra: Mzvirgo
Because JoJo is not even old enough to get into the club: SFTA
How to tell when your azz is TOO BIG: twoditzybroads
Money Mayweather wants Kim Hodashian: waymorethenmusic
The buzz around town: theebiz
Everyone loves a beautiful woman: quicks
50 cent getting richer: mrsgrapevine
Are you in need of a baller??: baller alert

Sausages: Hott Links

MADD Sausages w/ some Hotsauce

usher is so DRAMATICAL: reppinbeantown

When Parents don’t beat their kids this is what Happens: smoke signals

Blogxilla is Back with more street cred then Akon: blogxilla

Also how to take a sh!t at your man’s house: blogxilla

Jigga and Bey Party @ 4040: necolebitchie

Lil Wayne touring with Keyshia Cole: allthat’sfab

Quick gives up on Amy Crackhouse: quickscatchup

Chris Brown and Rhianna need to stop the lies: sandra rose

T.I vs. Shawty Lo: straightfromtheA

Mariah and Nick: Real love and sh!t: str8nyc

what your supposed to look like after giving birth: mrsgrapevine

Chris Brown’s body guard is a bully: theEbiz


Sausages: Hott Links

Meat time!!
Shave Much??? All that’s fab

How is the Alicia Keys concert (review): Style Razzi

Beyonce is having a baby (for those that care): necolebitchie

Snoop Dogg working with Lindsay Lohan: a hot mess

The repo man came for Lil Kim: Mz virgo

Who’s on the 100 most beautiful list: The E-biz

Halle’s cup (full of milk) runneth over: The fury

Estelle gets her “Shine: str8nyc (also, read the tidbits good stuff)


Sausages: Hott Links

Get Your Sausages fresh and Juicy Here
Danity Stain Pt 2: Girlicious (the fury)
Chris Tucker is a dead beat (mzvirgo)
T.I speaks to the youth (RBTF)
Like Oprah, Tyra takes a road trip (ahotmess)
Lloyd Banks says Like Nike: Just kill yourself (savvy fatty)
Random black movie news (invisible woman)
He’s just not that into you 5 signs (the fly guy)
Bathing apes store opening (quick’s catchup)
Where’s baby Daniels daddy/Jayonce marriage license (lil Creole pimp)

Sausages: Hott Links

Alicia Keys getting married: SFTA

The Game was Suicidal: str8nyc

Erykah Badu talks more mess LOL: celeb-blitz

Usher has the BEST husband in the world: necolebitchie

Boston missed the tour again YES!!!: pop-junkie

Global day for Darfur: mrsgrapevine

Fiddy and the Country Girl team up: quickscathup

Baby and Weezy “WTF” baby (shooting new vid): stylerazzi

G-unit casting call: allthatsfab

BONUS: (Sausage), HAM, And Cheese On a “WTF” roll: C&D


Sausage TIME!!

Regular posting will resume tomorrow

Ball Park Sausages

Ashanti’s sister is still a mess: saucy’s konfictions

Shut Up Ray-J: msvirgo

Toni Braxton (heart attack)?: celeb-blitz

After the wedding it’s the afterparty: necolebitchie

TI responds to leaked track: stylerazzi

Fiddy talks about eviction: pop-junkie

shlong update (new music): quick’s catch up

G-unit (How’s out next: reppin beantown

Is Beyonce pregnant???: the E-biz

“What about Kelly” (new video): so furious

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