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Akon and he’s basketball team

Akon is expecting another addition to his family. I think he has like 3 wives already and his new baby momma (not a wife YET) will be birthing baby #6. It’s not confirmed yet but from what akon says it’s pretty much a done deal . Akon is really trying to follow the saying… “Be fruitful and mulitply” The fact that he has a basketball team isn’t really soooo bad, I know a man living right here in Boston that has 17 and he’s only about 42 years old. Akon has some cathing up to do.

Hey says: “I think kids are a blessing, [To set the record straight], I never ran away from my responsibilities and I never plan to. Everything I am doing now is for [my other five kids] anyway, so the more kids I can have, the better. I just love them.” source

Raven Symone PREGNANT and GAVE BIRTH????

Rumors have been flying around about Raven Symone recently giving birth to her child, well it’s TRUE. I was sent the first pics ever seen of Ravens baby via a representative on her staff. Raven gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Lilianna Pearman in an Atlanta Hospital. The father of Lilianna is Jussie Smollet (Jurnee Smollets older brother) Jussie (pics below) and Raven aren’t together but are two proud parents. hmmm

WTF!! now if Raven Symone was pregnant I WOULD KNOW… because I sweat/hate on her at all times. my little cousin makes me sit through hours of “That’s so Raven” and although she is a mammoth sized whale i doubt she has ever been pregnant or worse… given birth. For them to have let the white girl (Britney spear’s sister) go from the Disney channel and keep Raven if she was pregnant is reverse discrimination and RUDE *giggles*

This is the supposedly the baby:

Raven Symone’s Baby – There is a hoax flying on the internet claiming that Raven Symone had a baby boy this week.Symone was not expecting and therefore did not give birth to a baby boy for singer Omarion. -source

^^^^ this is an entirely different story that’s why i know this mess is fake

So I went further and checked around the net and wikianswers said: NO but who knows i wouldn’t put it past there lil fast behind girls. A 24 years old shouldn’t be on a Disney show anyways.. shoot!


Somebodies Daddy

Who ever the lucky broad is that got knocked up with Pharell’s baby is the baddest Biach EVER. You have to be a smooth operator in order to snag billion dollar sperm. Being in the right place at the right time is key to making it big in this world. If it were me… i wouldn’t leave my house until the baby was born so as not to complicate anything. I wouldn’t even move except to bath eat and do some aqua aerobics with 305 life guards on duty…ain’t nothing standing in my way of birthing my ticket out of brokeville.

PHARRELL Williams is about to become a daddy. The lead singer of N.E.R.D. and Neptunes producer has impregnated a model type he met with friends in Miami this year. The unidentified woman “is very pregnant and travels with him. She hangs out with the backstage crew when he performs,” said a friend. “Pharrell is extremely private and won’t release any details.” A rep declined to comment. -source

It’s not right and it’s Not Okay

I don’t really care how pretty you are and how much of a pregnancy glow you have it is never okay to expose your growing baby belly out in public and covered but a sequined negligee top and a black bra ALL underneath a too small jacket (that I know they make in maternity)

I love me some Manley voice Leila but being nakedly sexy while with child is something that i can’t get with, wearing thongs while pregnant and see through shirts or baby Tee’s is uncomfortable when your not pregnant so I know it ain’t comfortable when you are pregnant.

I also have a problem with pregnant woman not embracing maternity clothes not saying that she should go out and buy a whole new pregnant lady wardrobe but wearing the same jeans you were wearing 6 months ago are not cutting it, especially if you are using a rubber band to hold the two sides together, and the only thing they are cutting is your circulation around you upper vagina lower belly. You can be pregnant and sexy with out being ridiculous. Lets get it together pregnant America

I hope her husband requires her to take a paternity test after she has been photographed standing next to this tranny. cause Nicole Murphy is a MAN


Nope Guess Again!!!

Jennifer sweetheart just because your huge doesn’t mean that you should be allowed to rock a satin moomoo out in public….that thing looks like a Puerto Rican window curtain tailored BADLY into a dress.

Did her stylist just about give up? It’s almost over girl….Just hold on or stay in the house. Just don’t make these bad pregnancy fashion moves again…The damn shame is….she was going to a fashion show. So sad, I hang my head and cry.


She looks like Miss Piggy

Now I love to see a glow on a pregnant woman, because I think their big ol’ bellies is fun to rub on but J-Lo…. Not so much those twins are really doing a number on her. She looks like she’s going to pop at any minute. I’m wouldn’t be surprised if one of the babies feet was sticking out of her love box. If that’s the case she ought to see about that.

Damn it looks like it’s hard to breath. I have never been a baby momma so I don’t know what it feels to be pregnant but that ish looks like it hurts. I think i’m going to need for them to put me under and take it out and then wake me up when it’s done and they are clean…ewww!!

Baby mommas UNITE!!


Pregnant is the new sexy

I’m going to Best Buy right now to get the latest version of photoshop, because this is some good ish right here. I’m about to go run out right this minute and get knocked up, then I’m going to get someone to take pictures of me and that I’m going to photoshop the hell out of it and then blog myself. stay tuned


What a stunning little pregnant belly…..and after all the months of denying that fact that she was pregnant in the first place, I’m glad to see she has gotten over it in the best of ways….why not pose naked for Pregnant Playboy…..


I give up:Everything about this is all wrong

Wonderful….another endangered child, this b!tch can’t even take care of the first two ducklings, now she want to go ahead and have another…..They should be mandatory tube tryings for physcho sluts

On November 14, Britney Spears confided to her friends in e-mails that she was four weeks pregnant–and that she was sure the father was J.R. Rotem, a music producer she’s been seeing on and off since she separated from ex-husband Kevin Federline in 2006. When asked about the pregnancy, J.R. confirmed exclusively to In Touch that Britney is carrying his child. “It’s true,” he says. On November 16, she proudly e-mailed a copy of the ultrasound to her inner circle. For all her recent troubles, she seems convinced that having another baby will turn her life around — and she believes that J.R. will make a great father, even though he explicitly talked about their sex life in Blender magazine earlier this year. “Britney’s not looking for another husband,” an insider says. “But she does like having a man in her life.”

On the other hand: ex-hubby is being recognized as one of the most influential men:

To be specific, Federline, 29, is listed in the No. 7 slot as a “Good Father” alongside Larry Birkhead. Federline, a father of four to be exact, tells the magazine that “To be a father is… everything. It shows me how little I am.” -source
Both of these Azzholes need to be but to death by sticks and stones


Three Words….

Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice

Pregant or Not J-Lo?? Pregs or NOT

Is this Broad preggers or not, I’m tired of this, either she needs to lay off the frioles and platanos or she needs to stop fronting like she ain’t pregnant, cause ain’t nobody have that little pouch right in the lower body unless you one of them little beer drinking suburbian teens

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