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I can’t…

I interrupt your regular scheduled day to bring you some of the most outlandish piece of blasphemy I have ever heard in all my days as an American. Again, I must remind you of the intense dislike that I have for the child they call LIL’MANma. My dislike is so strong that it’s hard for me to even watch America’s Best Dance Crew without having to fast forward through her “critique” of a dance performance, or covering my ears with my hands and singing a little diddly in order not to hear her. Anyways she was asked about her feelings towards the death of Michael Jackson, and this DUMBASS has the nerve to compare Michael to JESUS (The Great Almighty Jesus Christ)

Please after you watch this clip, bow your heads and close your eyes as we ask God for forgiveness. Forgive her Father for SHE KNOW NOT WHAT SHE SAYS!!

*SIGH* these are our youth… someone needs to read the Great Book

Note: because of the severity of the offense that has already come out of her mouth i will not touch on the skunked hair ensemble that she has upon her head


Smile for Jebus

Now Vogue…..

That braid looks like she’s auditioning for the part of Rapunzel, sans the extreme baby hair

Who am I to judge….But this seems all too much like a convenience for the photogs

Mr T…is a healer

If I ever go into a coma (God forbid) Please call Mr T so that he can pray for me. The power of the 50million gold chains is a special omen for the Lord himself. AMEN!

Former The A-Team star Mr. T once stunned a sick child’s family by bringing him out of a coma – after doctors begged the actor for help.

The poorly kid fell unconscious in Detroit, Michigan in the mid-1980s – and the only physical movement he made was in response to hearing Mr. T’s name.

And when the mohawked star was in town, he stopped by the hospital to visit the ill boy – with miraculous results.

He tells Empire magazine, “His family put toys around him and one of them was a Mr. T doll. And whenever my name came up, the boy moved his arm.

“Somebody told the doctors I was in town, so they called me down there. I closed the curtains and prayed. Then, as I was walking down the hall, the kid suddenly came out of the coma and hollered out.

“That was my supernatural moment.” -source


Crack is whack: Erykah Badu

That’s it!! I’m sick of the foolishness, some might say that’s just who she is..I say Stop.

enough is enough, looking like a broke down 70′s school teacher, struck down by a 1958 pinto in a dark ally on the corner of buckhead, and steamsville.


Super Mangina

Superskank drop to your knees and give Ray J 5, or just roll over and bark like a cow (work it out) anyways, Brandy’s baby Brother is in his final stages of releasing his tell all book called “Look mommy I have a pen15″

BV Newswire: has exclusively learned that Ray-J is in the final stages of completing his memoir, tentatively titled ‘Sex Machine.’

The book, due out next spring via Karen Hunter Publishing/Pocket Books, will detail the hip-hop soul crooner’s rise to fame (as a chart-topping recording artist) and infamy (as the co-star of a no-holds-barred, hard-core adult video with alleged Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian).

Tales of having sex with more than 1,100 women will definitely raise eyebrows for the 26-year-old heart-throb who has been romantically linked to Whitney Houston, Lil’ Kim and fellow author Karrine Steffans (a.k.a. Superhead).

His mother must be so frigging proud, her baby is a complete LOSER in every sense of the word

Dammit the world is slowly starting to Burn….When psycho crack headed TP trash make a youtube video advocating for the Queen on TP trash, and get rich off of the foolishness, you really have to sit there and question your purpose here in life. Can anybody get rich for being cleaver, what ever to the days of hard labor and creative construction of a properly formed idea. Now all you have to do is get a digital camera tape your self taking a crap and BAM!! you made it….F**K blogging I’m about to do a bunch of random trash on youtube and get rich quick. SEE YA!!

Variety is reporting that a television production company, 44 Blue Productions, has inked a deal with him for a potential TV show. It’s not totally serendipitous, as the entertainment site explained that Crocker has actually had a sizable Myspace following for some time now, and that he’s been on 44 Blue’s radar for almost a year.
“(The show is) going to pretty much be the ‘Chris Crocker experience,’” 44 Blue co-founder Rasha Drachkovitch told Variety. “We consider him a rebel character that people will find interesting. He’s going to be a TV star.” In other words, they’re catering to the Perez Hilton demopgraphic.- source
let’s Pray

Do I sniff a Crack is Whack Candidate

Let us pray!!

Erykah Badu has……fallen for the peer pressures that is around her and has been suspected to have once or twice taken a couple of inhalations of crack cocaine. I’m afraid for her safety and will release a press release on dooms day, stating the course of action that i will take to insure her safety. It has been said that her and Lauryn Hill have been spotted in ally ways as of late and are thinking about selling their first Born’s as a peace offering to the God of Crack


My Heart goes out to MINNEAPOLIS

Here are some pictures on the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis yesterday right now they are reporting that a least 7 are dead and 30 still missing…..So tragic

“All indications are that it was a collapse, not an act of someone doing it,” Stanek said. He said at least a dozen submerged vehicles were visible in the water.

“We have a number of vehicles that are underneath big pieces of concrete, and we do know we have some people in those vehicles,” Dolan said Thursday morning. “We know we do have more casualties at the scene.”
Prez Bushy offered his condolences: (I guess)
“We in the federal government must respond, and respond robustly, to help the people there not only recover, but to make sure that lifeline of activity — that bridge — gets rebuilt as quickly as possible,” Bush said Thursday in the Rose Garden following a Cabinet meeting.

maybe he should bring our damn troops back and make them build back the bridge. That’s how they can really serve their country
To see an exclusive video on the Bridge collapsing CLICK HERE

I bet the kids there will never sing “London bridge is falling down” ever again……( I digress)

Say Goodbye

lauryn Hill has flown right INTO a coocoo’s nest full of crack….and i’m afraid because the circus called and said that they want their outfit back that she stole from one of the clowns, (I wonder what she did with the big red nose) …..let’s pray….

now all we have to do is wait for God to do his thing…….:(


Hot Ghetto Mess gets name changed to….

“We Got to Do better” Will a name change really make a difference???…..Well BET thinks so, regardless of what the damn name is I’m going to watch it, and Tivo it, and hope that You tube makes clips of the show so that I can post them on “That’s Not Hott” so everybody that doesn’t have time to watch it at home can watch it at work and LOL, until their boss looks at them side ways and they have to click off their screen real quick…..This won’t be on the show (I think) but I thought it was HIGHlarious and wanted to share.

Who ever are the parents of this boy……Please go get your man child!!! (it might be to late)

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