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Better Black Televison (BBTV)

P. Miller the artist formally known as Master P, has bought his own network to showcase positive black television which happenes to be straight up competition for BET….and I couldn’t be happier. I’m going to venture off a little bit and say that: I HATE BET… last night i was up watching that dumb azz show HELL Date which used to be funny until someone got creative and switched it up to foolishness. but that’s not the worst part… the little devil man in annoying and every time he comes out i just wish someone would side kick him and send him flying to the other side of the room. maybe that’s just me…

Anyways like i was saying P. Miller will start up the BBTV channel which has already started streaming in places like NY and California. he is currently shopping around to expand in the smaller states.

Him and his son make me proud to be black. Although I’m confident that it will be a ghetto production, at least someone is trying something instead of complaining about it.

“Better Black Television has been a vision of mine for some years,” said Miller, BBTV’s Chairman & CEO. “I’ve done a lot to promote and change the way messages are relayed to our children and our families over the last few years. Promoting positive content and positive messages is so important to educate and preserve the next generation. Being exposed to positive content is what changed my life. I believe that there is a market in our community for a new diverse network that provides a new brand of superior programming that caters to all aspects of television from reality to original programming. In addition, I’m excited to be able to expose the urban community to a vast array of jobs in the entertainment community that they might not otherwise be privy to. I have a great relationship with BET and MTV and my son and I will continue to do work with them and support their networks. With BBTV, we’re spearheading the initiative to meet consumer demand for family friendly hip-hop content.” -source


Lil Romeo is a real life celeb

Rapper Lil Romeo has passed up a starring role in new movie “Sweetwater,” so he doesn’t lose his college basketball eligibility. The son of music mogul Percy “Master P” Miller, Romeo Miller, this year begins playing for the University of Southern California, where he’ll have to abide by strict college athlete rules.

The school’s directives require that the 18-year-old has to be a full-time student and can not accept hand-outs or cash favours from potential sponsors, agents or professionals. In “Sweetwater” Miller was set to portray the first African American player signed by America’s National Basketball Association, according the WENN News.

“Romeo has agreed to abide by all NCAA regulations, but I think a lot of their rules will need to be updated to take into account a person of his magnitude and his past accomplishments,” the rapper’s father said.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my son’s decision to choose education and athletics over money. Being a student athlete takes a lot of hard work and discipline.”

Lil’ Romeo says that Master P – his dad – always insisting that he learn as well as play in school: “Being raised in poverty-stricken New Orleans, I know first hand what it’s like to have nothing, and to see what my dad has done with his education, goals, and opportunities has really opened my eyes.

“Now I’m grown up and I’m setting my own goals and with the right education, I know there’s no limit.”


This is the reason WHY i will fill my gas tank with gas and drive 3 days to USC so that i can be his college sweetheart, have his baby, and live happily ever after as a Miller. I commend him as a celebrity and Man because he’s not all into the hoopla of just making money and buying dumb sh!t and sleeping with video hoes just to look like “he got it like that”. This young man understands the importance of a education and working hard for what he has. Maybe if little Bow Wow had done something other then running his mouth all the time he wouldn’t be always getting accused of being a lil fag, but than again not everyone is that bright. I’m really proud of Romeo for thinking with his head and taking time to be a young adult first…he has time and I’m confident that he will make it very far in this world and go on to do great things.


Jackie-O was Smashing for Tracks

Jackie-O and all her stupid disrespectful to a woman’s body tattoo’s has gone on record and revealed to the world that she is indeed the poster child of smashing for tracks or in this case a record deal with “Poe Boy Records”. She tells Hip Hop weekly that she had to do what she had to do to make it…even though years later she still ain’t sh!t, but with madd tattoo’s i guess she feels it was worth it…I guess *shruggs shoulders*

“Everybody that signed [to Poe Boy] had gotten their advance money, but when it came time for me to get my advance, I had to f*ck for my advance. It was ten stacks and I had to f*ck for it. So naturally it wasn’t something that I’m proud of doing. And I don’t advise any female to get into no business – be it music or whatever – and get exploited like that. [E Class] told me I had to have sex with him to get the ten stacks. That’s how me and him got into a relationship. But that was a situation I had to face, and I made the wrong turn. But I’m from the hood and if somebody offers you ten thousand dollars at one time to get out of the hood, and lets you go for your dream of doing music, you’re gonna run to that.”

I Hope she realizes now that spreading your legs to climb to the top is something that whores do… but hey everyone makes mistakes and some people feel like prostituting in the only way to make it where you think you need to be. If someone can’t see your potential from your talent then maybe… just maybe you don’t really have the talent. but there should never be a reason to F*ck your way to the top…and if it is what you did…DENY! DENY! DENY!….hell Cassie does it.


Khia: "Be Your Lady"

I think i would bump it in my car…don’t you? Khia’s video has finally hit the TV screen with her new maybe hit “be your lady” it’s a pretty catchy song and I’m sure that when her album drops just to support one of my all time favorite hott messes of the world, I will go spend my $10 at target to by it…that’s even if it makes it to the damn store. the other day i posted pictures of Khia in an apron, in the kitchen, with what looks like cookies, they were stills from this here video. It saddens me that they only gave Khia a $4 budget to make her video..i think she deserves a whole lot more then that. Hell, i think i could have done a better job filming it myself with my digi cam and a free download of “windows video editor” (does that even exist???)


Something doesn’t belong

Seems like Denzel is having a hard time smiling…maybe it’s the fact that Pauletta has on those Hott azz green sandals that didn’t quit grasp the fact of making the dress POP. It looks like she couldn’t find anything else to put on her feet and really loved those green sandals and was like.. “ohhh What the Hell, f*it I’m wearing em”

Needless to say those shoes are Hott like FIRE!!

They were attending the Elton John ___???____ for Aids


Two things you can always expect from Ashanti

Here are some of Ashanti’s promo shots for…… Oh i think she got a new album or something, but any who. The two things you can always count of from Ashanti are

1) A cute outfit (the girl can dress)

2) That stupid red lipstick that she insist on wearing with any and everything

3) (for good measure) a very dramatic performance

and that’s all I got cause you sure as hell can’t expect good singing, acting or talent.



I just send one of these to my sister and the BF and I have to say that “I LOVE IT” it’s funny and it actually really promotes her song and her album, but i guess everyone is not as easily amused as i am because she is facing lots of kick back from people about the violent images and connotation that the SNL like parody has. I don’t agree, although Ashanti sucks her promotion team did the damn thing with this little prank of a telegram. if you don’t believe me click on the link below and send to someone (friend ex-lover who you still cool with), after that if you feel like actually killing someone with a stiletto then you might need to seek help because it’s obviously a joke.

Less than 30 seconds after the site loads, a large knife, dripping with blood, carves out a box at the top of the page, and a menu pops up that lets users send a “Gotchagram” e-card/video to a friend or enemy. After putting in your name, the name of your friend and their “crime,” a menu titled “Your Victim’s Crime” drops down with such options as “sleeping around,” “suspected sleeping around,” “playing you like a fool” and “breaking your heart.” The next drop-down menu, for “Weapon of Choice,” features options such as “boot,” “knife,” “can,” “sledgehammer,” “rolling pin” and “guillotine.” A glamorous shot of Ashanti in a tight gold mini-dress accompanies the “Gotchagram” box.

Once the information is input, users can click on a box to the left that launches a customized UCN news report featuring their information, including the victim’s name splattered in blood on a wall, the weapon of choice, the sender’s name in a fake newspaper headline and a reference to their home state. The clip ends with a plug for the album and a cartoonish voice reading the caveat, “Ashanti and Universal Music Group do not encourage or condone violence of any kind. This is for parody purposes only.” -source


Something is Wrong here…

I have gone bra shopping with enough big breasted woman to know that comfort is not the only thing they are looking for in a bra. My sister is a size 40 DDDDDDDDDDDD (butta gotcha) so I know that the butterfly bra is not going to fly well with the under 40 crowd.

For the record I would like to congratulate Jill Scott (one of my favorite artist in the whole world) on her new venture to help curvy woman find comfort, but the one thing she forget… the one thing she didn’t pay attention to, is that woman with big breast want to look sexy too, and I’m afraid to say that the butterfly bra or at least the ones depicted below are not sexy. they look like upper body harness to go rock climbing with. the cut of the bra is so high it’s almost crew neck and don’t let me get to the two layers of support and all the bungee fabric in the back part.

I have no doubt that they will be comfortable but hey have completely missed the mark on sexy and sex appeal…. *sigh*

Big girls if you want a nice sexy bra go to Lane Bryant they have the sexiest support bras ever. I try to wear them but my barely B’s arn’t cutting it.


Ohh to be a razor

Sometimes I’m sad. I get sad when I see foolish un-necessary things that could and should be prevented at all times. I feel like I’m lucky because for some wonderful reason the woman in my family were blessed with not growing hair on our legs, so I don’t know what it’s like to have to shave my legs all the time. BUT one thing I do know is that no matter what you have going on with your body…hairy underarms and hairy legs are unacceptable and gross.

Monique should know better then this, Maybe she should take some classes on proper American (I’m culture sensitive, sometimes) grooming for ladies. cause this ish is just ridiculous.

Second of all, why does she looks so greasy and tired. usually she tries to stay up the fashion beat and always looks well groomed and classy but she has really dropped the ball with this look. SHAME!!


That’s Ms. Foxy Brown to You

Since when did a rapper surviving jail mean that they have crossed a big hurtle in their life. I thought going to jail as a rapper was the ultimate form of street credibility. I mean that’s what Akon had to make up in order to seem hard core…I guess. But i commend foxy for putting on her best power suit sans a shirt or bra to look all business savvy and sh!t. I do feel used and betrayed because she didn’t do something with the gel’d down wet and weavy, greasy wig on top of her head.

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