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Octo-Mom Signs Reality TV Deal

*rolling my eyes*

I have a serious dislike border line hatred for this woman. something that i will no doubt have to pray about. i feel she whored out herself and those 14 human lives for a get rich quick scam. I can only wish that all of the kids get put up for adoption and given to families that actually care about kids and raise them properly with the love and affection that they need. Kids are not supposed to be meal tickets, and this skank just got a meal, a house, cars, money, vacations, and cell phones really WTF???. I’m disgusted and appalled that a network would actually entertain and agree on giving her a reality show. Shame on them.

“Suleman signed agreements for each of her 14 children to earn $250 a day to star in a reality show, according to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Friday.

The contracts — which still require a judge’s approval — guarantee the kids will collectively earn nearly $250,000 over the next three years. They’ll receive $125,000 for 36 days of shooting in the first year, $75,000 for 21 days in the second year and $50,000 for 14 days in the third year.” source

she said she doesn’t want the show to be very intrusive, and that she is only doing it to gain extra income. Betch PLEASE! the show is her ONLY income.


Time to take out the trash!!

Whenever I don’t feel people should get their own post I just save it for trash day….today happens to be that day…Until my next episode of Trash day….ENJOY!!
Is that THE outfit?
I hate when grown people wear baby clothes
Is this a joke?
What’s the number to the child protection services, it should be a crime to dress your kids like this…I don’t care how rich you are


Looks like foolishness to me!!
Would somebody put Puffy’s momma in a home, she has obviously lost her mind
Lil Mo??? seriously WTF????? SMH!!! ain’t you a parent?


Ed Hardy needs to stop

Weezy and his stuntin daddy pose for Ed hardy….(looks more like Ed Dirty)

Those amazing techi-colored panties are cute, weezy Not so much

This whole picture looks like a a bucket of water and soap should be somewhere near by.


Chocolate Rain for Dr Peper

I hate everything

Call me lame, but i don’t get the hype around this Tayzonday boy….I’ve seen more interesting things on the discovery channel

What say you?

Ciarra need to Stop!!

No for real I’m not even playing anymore!!! what is the madness that is taken place in her mind when she says ” Now THIS…is a nice a$$ costume to where is front of thousands of people”

First of all the Mr. T starter Kit has got to go….he called and said that he doesn’t appreciate the treachery…hand it over to the authorities and beg for forgiveness

Does her momma know that she has on lace up, ass out, painted on spandex pants, and frigging 8 ball jacket (I remember when people were getting shot over them jackets) and the hair…Ummm ERROR!!

and don’t her titties hurt all squeezed in, like two little melon screaming to get free, in her turtle neck, baby-t, halter sports, spandex bra shirt????

Vick is f*cked

Micky your fingers are the wrong way sweet heart…..

After his two homies covered their own a$$ and sniched out vick….he really had no other choice. EVERY MAN for HIMSELF!!!!

“After consulting with his family this weekend Michael Vick asked that I announce today that he has reached and agreement with federal prosecutors regarding the charges pending against him,” lead Vick attorney Billy Martin said in a written statement.

“Mr. Vick has agreed to enter a plea of guilty to the charges and accept full responsibility for his actions and the mistakes he has made. Michael wishes to apologize everyone who has been hurt by this matter,” Martin’s statement concluded.

The charges could bring a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each defendant. Sources tell ABC News it might not be possible for Vick to avoid prison time.

Well when you do dumb sh!t like this to living things you should very well, find your a$$ bent over in some jail cell with a cellmate named bubba. Instead of investing his money in a food shelter or to fund some sick child’s kidney operation, dumb a-hole people like Vick are killing dogs for because it’s cool (NOT!!). I’m not even a dog lover and find something like this deeply repulsing and worthy of a kick in the balls. TO JAIL YOU GO!!!!


I don’t even have a dog, but I’m going to buy one of THESE damn chew toys just so i can kick it around and piss on it!!! GRRRRR!!!


Since when are cell phones….

Lethal Weapons, I guess a lot of these celebs never got the play nice talk about hitting your friends with toys and not to shoot your friends with Guns, and not to throw your chair at others….I feel like a mother scolding a CHILD. Play nice and DO SOMETHING TO YOUR HAIR says: Channeling her inner Naomi, rapper Foxy Brown has been arrested for smacking her neighbor upside the head with her Blackberry.

The 27-year-old, whose real name is Inga Marchand, turned herself in to NYPD yesterday afternoon to be booked on felony assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon. She was arraigned and released on $5,000 bail.

Cops say the “Ill Na Na” rapper, who is currently on probation, smacked her 25-year-old neighbor on July 30 with her Blackberry during an argument. According to police, the victim nearly lost some teeth, and her lip and eye swelled up. Nasty! A police report was filed and Foxy agreed to turn herself in.She’s due back in court on September 26th.

Somone please pass me my belt, i’m about to lay down the house rule one more time

Superman that Hoe

I don’t even know what they are saying in this video….All i know is that it’s another dance that i can’t freaking do, and it’s a song that makes me want to make up a dance and name it the “shut the hell up” I think there might already be one, let me Google it. in the mean time ENJOY!!

Soulja Boy – Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)
Uploaded by yardie4life

Nope, no dance/song called “shut the hell up” so I’ll be in the studio/pantry recording, so posting might be a little slow.


Biggest Shock of the year: Star Jones

Brace your self……..Star Jones admits that she had…………(cue the horror music)

Gastric Bypass Surgery or as my people call it THE SURGERY……(GASP)
She says: in a new interview that her dramatic weight-loss was due to gastric-bypass surgery, and that she dodged questions about it for years because she was “scared of what people might think of me.”
Reynolds, 45, says she was “intentionally evasive” when people asked how she’d dropped 160 pounds in three years. The former “View” co-host opens up about her weight loss and self-esteem issues in a story featured in the September issue of Glamour magazine, on newsstands Aug. 7.
“Everything about me was already so public (mostly my own doing talk about dumb!), so of course everyone wanted to know what I had done,” she writes. “I was also terrified someone would have a tragic result after emulating me without making an informed decision with her doctor.”

If she thinks that she was keeping a secret by revealing that she was put under the knife then she’s dumber then she IS…..losing over 130lbs in 3 months by magic as she would have loved us all to believe was the dumbest thing that i have ever heard. I think she should have stayed the weight she was…i would rather be fat and juicy then skinny and dry….

You all have to admit that Star’s head looks like a big dry pumpkin that’s been left out in the sun for way to long….and not to mention she has a pair of the worlds saggiest driest titties i have ever seen and they should nominate her to be in the Guinness book of world records for the driest malnourished body in the world….to be honest some of the little kids on the commercials in Africa look better then her….. I would have gave her more credit if she kept on lying and just said that she lost the weight doing crack…..but don’t try pretend that you did it all by yourself. (FOOL)


Did i mention i don’t like her…….


Fools and more Fools

Okay after these pics I’m done with this….for lack of better worlds FOOLISHNESS!!



Fool (bootsey)


Mercy Me….When fools unite

Who invited Sharpy…hell, he wouldn’t miss it for the world…..FOOLS

What the hell can I possibly say……FOOL

I’m tired, really tired…my brain just froze…..F*cking FOOLS, Fools , fools

Lip gloss be popping my a$$………….some one should make her fool a$$ hair do pop!

Did i miss when someone said that she is actually in the movie transformers and did they give her permission to wear the costumes of set…..or is this just part of the HOUSE OF DEAD WRONG evening collection

Go take off that damn wig right now, and i mean now

Eve it’s summer time go put them knee high boots in your winter box, and hang your shirt/dress/tablecloth up in the attic for some other time.

More reasons why i’m mad…

As I reported before Diddy, Keyshia Cole, and Lil Kim did what they call a performance, and it sucked sweaty a$$


thought that this performance was going to help her sell CD’s, just because of this performance. I’m going to burn the hell out of it, she ain’t getting my money. I love her she’s a nice girl but she will not get my lil 10 dollars even when it goes on sale at target for the first day, she said it drops on July 3rd

Cracked out Half Dollar

The piss off of the night was Half Dollar being a NIGGER and yes people don’t front and say he wasn’t being a NIGGER….Rehab my a$$ call it like it is…..Listen how this fool uses his first 3 min just walk around like he took to many pulls be for he went on and forgot all his own damn lyrics …FOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL

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