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Raven Symone PREGNANT and GAVE BIRTH????

Rumors have been flying around about Raven Symone recently giving birth to her child, well it’s TRUE. I was sent the first pics ever seen of Ravens baby via a representative on her staff. Raven gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Lilianna Pearman in an Atlanta Hospital. The father of Lilianna is Jussie Smollet (Jurnee Smollets older brother) Jussie (pics below) and Raven aren’t together but are two proud parents. hmmm

WTF!! now if Raven Symone was pregnant I WOULD KNOW… because I sweat/hate on her at all times. my little cousin makes me sit through hours of “That’s so Raven” and although she is a mammoth sized whale i doubt she has ever been pregnant or worse… given birth. For them to have let the white girl (Britney spear’s sister) go from the Disney channel and keep Raven if she was pregnant is reverse discrimination and RUDE *giggles*

This is the supposedly the baby:

Raven Symone’s Baby – There is a hoax flying on the internet claiming that Raven Symone had a baby boy this week.Symone was not expecting and therefore did not give birth to a baby boy for singer Omarion. -source

^^^^ this is an entirely different story that’s why i know this mess is fake

So I went further and checked around the net and wikianswers said: NO but who knows i wouldn’t put it past there lil fast behind girls. A 24 years old shouldn’t be on a Disney show anyways.. shoot!


Don’t quit your day job Raven

This lil rich girl always looks like some type of character. It’s always some sort of extreme with her. if you have ever been made to watch those damn cheetah girl movies…3LW always has on the cutest little outfits while Raven stay looking like a hobo.
Second of all I hate those damn sticks on wheels, well not really but I hate that in the mall that i frequent the damn security guards with their stupid little helmets are always gliding along on them, sometimes I just wish i had a stick so that i can throw it in the wheels and sit back and watch as he goes soring through the mall and lands on his head.
Raven should be wearing a damn HELMET!!!

Her music vs her show:

Disney Channel star has failed to duplicate successful numbers on her last three solo albums, selling no more than 300,000 copies in all. Her latest debuted at No. 162 on the charts with only about 4,400 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Some may wonder why Raven-Symone continues to make records, rather than focus on her other successful endeavors. Ebony magazine dubbed her the “The $400 Million Woman,” referring to how much money the “That‘s So Raven” franchise has made.

“I have a lot to say,” Raven-Symone said. “I love to perform and touch my audience. When you have a movie or TV show, you are not able to touch them the same way. I don‘t think music will never be apart from my life.”

source via AHM


Close your eyes just a little bit

Raven “Damni’mrich” Simone always looks like a big woman when she’s only like 13 years old. It’s a mess to have such a baby face, but your body is about 40 years old. This outfit only proves that she has the Katie Holmes syndrome of thinking that dressing in your grandma’s modern day best Sunday dress makes you look mature.

Second of all that looks like a 1 dollar bill in her hand, if I made 400 million dollars a damn year I would hope that I would tip someone more then a dollar (but then again that might actually be a 5)


Ohh Hell NO!!

Umm Raven…..You forgot your pants!!

These are the role models for out kids, what more can I say

College Road Trip

Raven has such a big body for such a baby face, I think it’s about time she stop acting in Disney movies and take on more big girl roles. She’s like 30 now and she’s still doing movies like Dr.Doo-little and college road trip

I just don’t feel like she can continue to look like a woman yet be be a teenage icon, that’s what’s wrong with the kids these days. they too damn grown yet oh so young.

she looks like a lioness zebra

Who’s the oldest

“Hey you little girl at the end: They didn’t have no more prom dresses at David’s bridal?”


Little Girls Gone wild

I wish Olivia would go sit her little overly grown behind down somewhere.

Her hair looks like a blooming chea pet, add a little water and it will spring to life

The little girl face that she insist on making with her grown church lady body is disturbing and I often want to throw rocks at her. GRRR!!! have to end this post before I start throwing paper clips at the computer.

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