Monday, May 11th, 2009

In a month, we can laugh about it

I’ve been going through a small state of depression, but with prayer and a little convincing from friends and family to LET GO of whatever it is that is bringing me to this small purgatory, I think i’m managing pretty well.

Sometimes in life we are faced with situations that we have problems letting go of, we find ourselves dwelling on the past, unable to focus on our future for fear of losing the memories of yesteryear. That’s the problem; people often don’t want to look at the future because it would mean moving on. It would mean picking up the pieces and walking away, and despite the fact that we want to be rid of the hurt and pains we find a small comfort in our hurting, because it keeps up hoping that our situation will get better. In reality and with an extra dose of common sense we somehow figure out that feeling of being hurt free is a much better experience then pining over a past fail.

Today on someone status msg we were talking about how to accept a lost and keep going, and I think we all came to the conclusion that in order to get over hurt is to let it go, keep going, never turn back, and never keep hoping for the impossible. What’s for you, is for you… so you have two options you can live your life and always remember that if what you had was right for you it will either come back bigger and better or it wasn’t for you in the first place and in that case you should feel lucky that it is out of your system. In this healing time, one should try to focus that negative hurting energy on a goal. like losing some extra weight, working out for an extra 30 min, going back to school, learning how to cook a new meal… hell, read a damn book… focus on any and everything that will help you turn your attention from the loss and focus on a future win.

in about a month when your wounds have started to heel and your heart is beating a faster more vibrant song then you can look back at this time and laugh at it… have a good old belly twisting, knee slapping laugh. Then promise yourself that you’ll be more careful with your feeling next time.


Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Gambling with…

The other day me and one of my bestest friends decided to play hooky from work and do something fun. The following week I would be traveling to Las Vegas, so we decided to go to Foxwoods Resort and Casino. There he could teach me how to play some table games and help me prepare for hitting it big and no longer yearning to get fired (see blog) but I could QUIT my job and move to Guam.

Needless to say, we spent four hours on the Texas hold em’ tables where I learned the art of reading cards and betting. I watched him play a few times and then I took a $20 dollar bill and handed my hard earned money to the deal that quickly replaced it with 4 chips (wowzers!!) It was on… from that $20 I worked my way up to 60 dollars, lost all but 5 dollars at one point. Depressed and heart broken, with one 5 dollar chip in my hand, I pulled out one last $20 put more money up and ended up winning it all back, minus 10 dollars… My friend then had to pry me away from the table and from that point on… he and I both realized that I had a problem with walking away… my mind set was that I wanted to at least win all my money back and that wasn’t a guarantee.

So, with that a lesson was learned for all or some of us. You don’t always win, you don’t always break even. Sometimes the time and effort and money you invest are not going to be returned to you. In some cases you might break even, and in other wonderful situations you are blessed 10 fold by your investment, and you’re happy and everything is wonderful. With one must learn to humble themselves and always remember that it could have gone the opposite way.

Gambling is something I have been hearing a lot about lately. I wouldn’t consider myself a gambler, I see me as an investor ( I like that guarantee, I need to feel that win before I invest. some people gamble because they don’t care weather or not they win or lose. But when it’s something you care about like your mother’s antique ring or your father’s pocket watch, you think twice, because that is something you care about. Maybe your gambling with something as simple as love (which is not simple at all) should you gamble with two lives, a friendship that is bonded by love when you know that it could go either way… you have two options GO HARD or GO HOME… what do you do then? What do you do when it’s not all black and white? where the coin can either land of heads or tails its a 50/50 chance. with any type of gambling it’s all about taking chances. Do you want to risk it, or do you want to do what I seem to not be able to do… walk away.

Give up now and take the “L” for the team (spare your feelings and your bank account) or risk it and take the “L” when you’ve just about lost everything and maybe even your self respect. Who knows you could just end up breaking even, or hitting it big.


Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Tranny in a pink dress THE DRINK

Landy Cognac calls itself the new generation Cognac and so they have found a spokesperson to attract the younger crowd. Snoop Dogg becomes the latest rapper to have a liquor endorsement deal joining Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and P.Diddy among others. Landy Cognac comes from some of the Cognac area’s most famous vineyards. It is aged in oak barrels for many years. Sounds like a traditional cognac but it does come in some untraditional packages: the Desire is shaped like a woman’s torso and comes draped in a little fabric strapless dress and the expensive Landy Great Ship comes with a blown glass ship inside the bottle. Prices start at around $20 and head up to over $300 for the more limited versions. -source
personally I like the bottle. I’m not really into dark liquors but then again I’m not really a big drinker. But I’m here to say that if Snoop Dogg is endorsing a liquor then it has to be the Truth. Next time I go to the bar I’m going to ask for the little chick in the pink dress. although it kinda looks like a man in a dress maybe the drink is for tranny’s I don’t know I’m reaching cause i’m confused.

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Tuesday, March 04th, 2008

Little Jonathan Winery


rapper, hype man, and producer, Lil Jon can now add wine maker into his ever-growing career resume. Sources tell exclusively that the star, best known as one of The Eastside Boyz, has just released a collection of wine.

The wine, called Little Jonathan Winery, reportedly includes a merlot, chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. The wine is already being distributed in California and will hit shelves within the next two months. -source

YUMMY I love elegant Crunk Juice, I’m mad that he sold out and didn’t make a brand of Boxed wine instead of wine in a bottle. I wonder if, when you buy a bottle does it come with a nifty PIMP cup….Now that’s what you would call and elegant wine.

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Friday, February 29th, 2008

So that’s what’s in the cup….

Weezy be sippin on some Sizzzzzzuuuuuurrrrpppp!!! and he’s what he has to say

On Sunday night, during a concert in Newark, New Jersey, Wayne explained to the audience that sipping syrup — a combination made up chiefly of promethazine and codeine, which is supposed to be prescribed by doctors for severe colds and pneumonia — is a part of the culture in the South (although Philadelphia is also notorious for syrup). He also talked about how he gets flak for it.

Weezy said he can’t just quit cold turkey.

“Do your history, do your research,” he vented. “It ain’t that easy — feels like death in your stomach when you stop doing that sh–. You gotta learn how to stop, you gotta go through detox. You gotta do all kinds of stuff. Like I said, I’m a selfish-ass n—a. I feel like everything I do is successful and productive. It’s gonna be hard to tell me I’m slipping. It’s hard to sit and tell a n—a ‘Stop.’ ‘F—, how can we tell this n—a to stop when every f—ing thing he do is successful? This n—a is making progress. He just went and talked to kids and that sh– was amazing.’ Feel me? So what am I doing wrong?

“Let me do me. Everybody’s got their thing,” he continued with frustration. “Why focus on me? Don’t compare me to no one. Don’t compare me to no one who has passed, and why they passed. I can walk out this b—h right now and get hit by a bus. Don’t judge me. You wanna judge me, put on a black gown and get a gavel. Get in line with the rest of them that’s about to judge me. I got court dates every other month. It’s me against the world — that’s how I feel.” -source

damn give that man his vice….he ain’t hurting nobody, and kids shouldn’t be looking up to his crazy azz in the first place.

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Thursday, January 03rd, 2008

Lindsay is back to step 2

Get him girl!! Wait….do you even know his name???????

Lindsay is a complete screw up, watch her drunk self break her clean and take a swig of the drinkdrink

Her lawyer had this to say: “The good news was that Lindsay stopped herself that night, called her sponsor, and got herself immediately back on track. There is no magic cure here. The most unfortunate part of this is that Lindsay has to share her ‘one day at a time’ with the entire world.”
LIES!!!! she didn’t call nobody but her MADAM to get her a room at the brothel

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Monday, December 17th, 2007

Jamie Is a Fox (I guess)

Jamie celebrated his 50th (okay 40th) Birthday In Miami

With as little clothes on as possible, i mad he didn’t wear no draws. I guess cocks need to breath too…. *shrugging my shoulders*

I guess he lives my the saying:

“If their old enough to pee, their old enough for me”

Skeet skeet skeet skeet

That’s not the only thing she’s swallow tonight

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Friday, November 30th, 2007

Rodney King Shot

After his 1991 videotaped beating by four white Los Angeles police officers whose acquittal touched off the 1992 riots, Rodney G. King became an overnight celebrity who symbolized for many the perception of unfair treatment of young black men by police.But, since then, the spotlight has shifted to King’s long series of run-ins with police and domestic disputes.

Television cameras swarmed his house once again Thursday after an incident Wednesday night in which he told authorities that he was riding his bicycle after 11 p.m. in a dicey area near the border of San Bernardino and Rialto and was sprayed with pellets from a shotgun.

He reportedly pedaled his bike for roughly a mile to his Jackson Street home in Rialto before calling police and heading to the hospital in an ambulance.Rialto police, who were the first to respond, said King was intoxicated when they arrived and that it was difficult to decipher what had happened.”We sent a couple of officers out to his address here in Rialto, but he didn’t really tell us a whole lot other than he’d been shot,” said Rialto Police Sgt. Don Lewis. “It looked like birdshot, looked like a long-distance shot.” -source

Those police are proabaly holding there jelly filled bellies and laughing at this poor man…..

Can’t we all just get along?!?

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Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Underage drinking

When did 13 and half become the legal age for drinking….The similac on this boys top lip ain’t in dried yet

I thought you had to be 21 to drink…..I have a lot of reporting to the authorities to do today. Call me President Snitch….this is what happens when mother let there 13 year old children act like MEN.

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Thursday, August 09th, 2007

Toni was better off Naked

Ever been in the store buying something you have no business buying because you know you don’t have no money and pray that it goes through, while the b!tch behind the counter is looking at you like “I hate my Job” and ” I know this heffa don’t got no money” well that’s probably how Toni Braxton felt when she was waiting for her check to clear. LMAOL (only cause i been there)Toni Braxton has been sued by a wardrobe and costume designer who alleges the Grammy-winning singer wrote him a bad check and still owes him $15,000 for work on a Las Vegas show.

Anthony Franco filed the lawsuit Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming the sultry R&B singer had agreed to pay him $35,000 to design the entire wardrobe for the “Toni Braxton: Revealed” show.
Franco says he received a check, but it was returned for insufficient funds. He alleges Braxton and co-defendant Liberty Entertainment Inc. put a stop-payment on the check.
Franco claims he was eventually paid $20,000, leaving an outstanding balance of $15,000.

She deserves a drink…something strong with no ice

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